Jeff Jarrett


Jeff Jarrett and the Jarrett family will go down in history as some of the greatest wresting promoters of all time.

The Jarrett's are also two of the finest professional wrestlers in history.

Not always liked by the fans, and other promoters, but their results speak for themselves.

As we approach 2004, the Jarrett's will continue to make news in the wrestling world.

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The Great Yankee Promoters



Jerry and Jeff Jarrett officially announced details for their first pay per view scheduled June 19th. The group will be using the NWA name with the show being called NWA:Total Non-Stop Action. The shows will air Wednesday nights as expected for two hours from 8 to 10.

The initial roster that has been made available will have Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, AJ Styles, WWA Hardcore midget Pupet, Apolo from the IWA Puerto Rico, Dory Funk Jr and Harley Race. Several others are rumored to be part of the group but have not officially been signed on.

For the premiere broadcast they are bringing in Country Singer Toby Keith and Nascar driver Sterling Martin.

Shows will likely come mostly from the Southeast to keep costs lower as the Jarrett family lives in the Mid-South region of Tennessee.



Jeff defeated Tony Faulk in his pro debut.

On November 17, 1986, Jeff and Billy Travis conquered the Sheepherders to capture the CWA Southern Tag Team title.

Travis and Jeff also teamed up to beat the RPM's for the CWA Tag Team title on January 11, 1987.

Jeff and Pat Tanaka won the CWA Tag Team title on February 3, 1987, again defeating the RPM's.

Jeff won his first singles title on May 11, 1987, capturing the NWA Mid-American title, defeating Moondog Spot in the process.

On November 9, 1987, Jeff pinned Jimmy Jack Funk to regain the NWA Mid-American title.

In 1988, Jeff arrived in the now defunct World Class promotion in Texas. He defeated Eric Embry for the World Class Light-Heavyweight title on October 15th of that year.

Jeff pinned "Dirty" Dutch Mantel for the CWA title on March 11, 1989.

The next day, Jeff teamed with Kerry Von Erich to over power Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden for the World Class Tag Team title.

On June 9, 1989, Jeff and Mil Mascaras beat Cactus Jack and Zobiac II for the World Class Tag Team title.

Jeff next teamed with Matt Borne to win the World Class Tag Team title on June 30, 1989, from Fuller and Brian Lee.

Jeff and Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated the Fabulous Ones for the USWA (United States Wrestling Association) Tag Team title on February 4, 1991.

On March 9, 1991, Jeff pinned Steve Austin for the Southern title.

Jeff and Fuller captured the USWA Western States Tag Team title from Samu and Judge Dredd on June 24, 1991.

Jeff and Lawler took the USWA Tag Team title on June 29, 1992, from the Moondogs.

On August 9, 1992, Jeff made his WWF debut.

Jeff pinned Lawler's son Brian Christopher for the Southern title on December 21, 1992.

On October 4, 1993, Jeff beat Tommy Rich to recapture the Southern title.

In August 1994, Jeff signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation.

Jeff defeated Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) for the Intercontinental title on January 22, 1995, at the Royal Rumble.

Bob Holly won the Intercontinental title from Jeff in a controversial match on April 19, 1995, but Jeff won the title back the following week.

Razor Ramon regained the IC title from Jeff on May 19, 1995, and three days later, Jeff again won the title back.

On December 13, 1995, Jeff pinned Ahmed Johnson for the USWA title. Due to a back injury, Jeff was forced to relinquish the title. In October 1996, Jeff signed with rival World Championship Wrestling.

In February 1997, Jeff defeated Steve "Mongo" McMichael to earn a spot in the Four Horsemen.

Jeff beat Dean Malenko for the United States title on June 9, 1997, in Boston, MA.

Deciding not to resign with WCW, Jeff returned to WWF "Raw" on October 20, 1997.

On December 30, 1997, Jeff pinned Barry Windham for the NWA North American title.

Jeff escorted Gennifer Flowers to the ring at Wrestlemania XIV.

At Unforgiven '98, Jeff performed live with country singer Sawyer Brown.

On August 10, 1998, Jeff adopted his new motto: "Don't Piss Me Off!"

Owen Hart and Jeff defeated the Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock to win the WWF World Tag Team title on January 25, 1999, in Phoenix, AZ.

Jeff pinned the Godfather with the help of Debra to win the Intercontinental title at the May 25, 1999 "Raw" television taping.

One day after dropping the IC title to Edge, Jeff regained it at the 1999 Fully Loaded PPV in Buffalo, NY.

At Summerslam '99, Jeff won his record breaking sixth WWF Intercontinental title, this time from D-Lo Brown.

On October 18, 1999, one day after dropping the IC title to Chyna at "No Mercy," Jeff arrived on Nitro.

On December 20, 1999, Jeff defeated Chris Benoit for the United States title in Baltimore, MD.

The day after Starrcade '99, Jeff, Bret Hart, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash reformed the New World Order.

On April 10, 2000, Jeff was stripped of the United States title on Nitro.

At Spring Stampede '00, Jeff captured the vacant WCW title when Kimberly turned on her husband Diamond Dallas Page.

Jeff regained the WCW title at the 2000 Slamboree in a special three-tier cage match against actor David Arquette and Diamond Dallas Page when Arquette turned against Page.

On the May 22, 2000 edition of Nitro, Jeff defeated Nash for the WCW title in Grand Rapids, MI. Vince Russo, who had just stripped Ric Flair of the title, served as the special guest referee.

One week later on Nitro, Jeff defeated Flair for his fourth WCW title.

At the Great American Bash '00 in Baltimore, MD, Jeff successfully defeated the WCW title against Nash as Goldberg speared "Big Sexy," which was Eric Bischoff's "Big Surprise."

Jeff defeated Sting at Halloween Havoc 2000.

At Mayhem 2000, "The Chosen One" beat Buff Bagwell in Milwaukee, WI.

The Harris Brothers and Jarrett defeated the Filthy Animals (Konnan, Kidman, and Mysterio Jr.) in a six man bunkhouse match at Starrcade 2000.

In October 2001, Jeff embarked on a tour of Australia with such superstars as Bagwell, Lawler, and Hart.

At the October 26, 2001 World Wrestling All-Stars PPV taped in Sydney, Australia, Jeff won a single night tournament to become the first WWA champion. Jw defeated the Road Dogg in the finals in a cage match to claim the title.

On February 24, 2002, Jeff successfully defended the WWA title against Brian Christopher on the company's PPV dubbed "Revolution" in Las Vegas, NV.

In March of 2002, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett began negotiations to launch a national wrestling company, based solely on a weekly PPV revenue.

On June 19, 2002, the Jarretts' new promotion, NWA-Total Nonstop Action, debuts in Huntsville, AL.

On November 20, 2002, Jeff defeated Ron Killings in Nashville, TN for the NWA World Heavyweight title.

Jeff defeated Sting on May 25, 2003 in Auckland, New Zealand to unify the NWA and WWA World Heavyweight titles.

On June 11, 2002, in a three-way NWA title match against AJ Styles and Raven, Jeff loses the title to Styles.

At NWA TNA's First Anniversary show on June 18, 2003, Jeff teams up with another legend, Sting to defeat A.J. Styles and Sean Waltman.

On October 22, 2003, Jeff defeated AJ Style for the NWA title.


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