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October 2003

Media Man Australia interview with Bill Behrens

June 2003

Greg Tingle interviews NWA talent for Media Man Australia

June 2002

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat to appear at NWA TNA show on 19th June 2002

Promoter, Jim Barnett signed up by the WWE (formally the WWF). Barnett is the former promoter of Australia's NWA



Jerry Jarrett has announced more signings for the NWA TNA group. The signings for many are for only one show as the roster at this point has several full-time workers.

Here is the latest announced talent for the company Lenny and Lodi, Harris Boys, Christian York and Joey Matthews, Jorge Estrada, David Young, Sonny Siaki, Murray Happer, Bill Mueler, Jimmy Yang, Psicosis, Chris Harris, Michael Staples, Daffney, Miss Joni and referees Mark Johnson and Scott Armstrong


Another match has been announced for the NWA TNA debut show. They will be holding a ten woman lingerie battle royal. The women that will be participating have already been signed by the company including former ECW talent Francine.

They also have announced more participants for the Gauntlet for the Gold Royal Rumble style match. The participants at this point are Konna, Steve Corino, Rick Steiner, Devon Storm, Norman Smiley, Vampire Warrior, K-Krush, Scott Hall, Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett, Gran Apolo, Buff Bagwell and Brian Christopher.

NWA / WCW Title History (1980 to 2000)

Sid Vicious d. Kevin Nash 01/24/2000 - Los Angeles, CA

Bret Hart stripped of title when he was unable to compete due to injury at Souled Out 01/16/2000 - Cincinatti, OH

Bret Hart defeats Chris Benoit in the final match of a 31-competitor Tournament 11/21/99 - Toronto, Ontario

* On 10/25/99, Sting was stripped of his title for assaulting referee Charles Robinson. A 32-man tournament is underway. A new champion will be crowned November 21 at Mayhem in Toronto.

Sting defeats Hulk Hogan 9/12/99 - Winston-Salem, NC

Hogan defeats Macho Man 7/12/99 - Jacksonville, FL

Macho Man defeats Nash 7/11/99 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Nash defeats DDP 5/9/99 - St. Louis, MO

DDP defeats Sting, Nash, and Goldberg Four- Corners Match 4/26/99 - Fargo, ND

Sting defeats DDP 4/26/99 - Fargo, ND

Diamond Dallas Page defeats Flair 4/11/99 - Tacoma, WA

Ric Flair defeats Hogan 3/14/99 - Louisville, KY

Nash gives title to Hogan 1/04/99 - Atlanta, GA

Kevin Nash defeats Goldberg 12/27/98 - Washington, D.C.

Goldberg defeats Hollywood Hogan 7/06/98 - Atlanta, GA

Hollywood Hogan defeats Savage 4/20/98 - Colorado Springs, CO

Randy Savage defeats Sting 4/19/98 - Denver, CO

Sting defeats Hollywood Hogan 2/22/98 - San Francisco, CA

Sting defeats Hollywood Hogan 12/28/97 - Washington, D.C.

* Declared vacant on 01/08/98 in Dayton Beach, FL by J.J. Dillon, the chairman of WCW Executive Committee, because of the controversial endings at the 12/28/97 card in Washington, DC and the 12/29/97 card in Baltimore, MD.

Hollywood Hogan defeats Luger 8/09/97 - Sturgis, SD

Lex Luger defeats Hollywood Hogan 8/04/97 - Auburn Hills, MI

Hollywood Hogan defeats Giant 8/10/96 - Sturgis, SD

Giant defeats Ric Flair 4/22/96 - Albany, GA

Ric Flair defeats Randy Savage 2/11/96 - St. Petersburg

Randy Savage defeats Ric Flair 1/22/96 - Las Vegas, NV

Ric Flair defeats Randy Savage 12/27/95 - Nashville, TN

Randy Savage wins * 11/19/95 - Norfolk, VA * Wins a 60-man, 3-ring battle royal, eliminating One Man Gang.

Hulk Hogan was not thrown over the top rope, but referee Randy Anderson, believing Hogan was in fact eliminated, awarded the match to Savage after Gang was eliminated.

The Giant* defeats Hulk Hogan 10/29/95 - Detroit, MI *Wins via DQ: Jimmy Hart, Hogan's manager, signed the contract so that the title change hands via DQ. The title was stripped on 11/06/95 when WCW claims decision was dubious.

Hulk Hogan defeats Ric Flair 7/17/94 - Orlando, FL Ric Flair* 4/24/94 - Atlanta, GA * Defeats Steamboat in rematch.

On 6/23/94, Flair unifies WCW International title with the World title after defeating Sting in Charleston, SC.

Ric Flair* 12/27/93 - Charlotte, NC * Title held up after a match against Ricky Steamboat on 4/23/94 in Chicago, IL ends as a double pin.

Big Van Vader defeats Sting 3/17/93 - Dublin, Ireland

Sting defeats Big Van Vader 3/11/93 - London, England

Big Van Vader defeats Ron Simmons 12/30/92 - Baltimore, MD

Ron Simmons defeats Big Van Vader 8/02/92 - Baltimore, MD

Big Van Vader defeats Sting 7/12/92 - Albany, GA

Sting defeats Lex Luger 2/29/92 - Milwaukee, WI

Lex Luger defeats Barry Windham 7/14/91 - Baltimore, MD

Ric Flair* defeats Sting 07/01/91 - East Rutherford, NJ

* Wins NWA World heavyweight title from Sting. With NWA no longer operating as an organization, Flair is recognized as the first WCW World Heavyweight champion. The belt is stripped on 7/01/91 when Flair fired by WCW.

Ric Flair defeats Sting 1/11/91 - East Rutherford, NJ

Sting defeats Ric Flair 7/07/90 - Baltimore, MD

Ric Flair defeats Ricky Steamboat 5/07/89 - Nashville, TN

Ricky Steamboat defeats Ric Flair 2/20/89 - Chicago, IL

Ric Flair defeats Ron Garvin 11/26/87 - Chicago, IL

Ronnie Garvin defeats Ric Flair 9/25/87 - Detroit, MI

Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes 8/07/86 - St. Louis, MO

Dusty Rhodes defeats Ric Flair 7/25/86 - Greensboro, NC

Ric Flair defeats Kerry Von Erich 5/24/84 - Yokosuka City, Japan

Kerry Von Erich defeats Ric Flair 5/06/84 - Irving, TX

Ric Flair defeats Harley Race 3/23/84 - Kallang, Singapore

Harley Race defeats Ric Flair 3/21/84 - Wellington, New Zealand

Ric Flair defeats Harley Race 11/24/83 - Greensboro, NC

Harley Race defeats Ric Flair 6/10/83 - St. Louis, MO

Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes* 09/17/81 - Kansas City, MO

* Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes) defeats Flair on 2/09/83 in Tampa, FL, but returns the belt when asked to identify himself by NWA president Bob Geigel.

Dusty Rhodes defeats Harley Race 6/21/81 - Atlanta, GA

Harley Race defeats Tommy Rich 5/01/81 - Gainsville, GA

Tommy Rich defeats Harley Race 4/27/81 - Augusta, GA

Harley Race defeats Giant Baba 9/09/80 - Ohtsu, Japan

Giant Baba defeats Harley Race 9/04/80 - Saga, Japan

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