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SYDNEY: 1st & 2nd August 2003 Sydney Superdome

MELBOURNE: 31st July 2003 Rod Laver Arena

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Hogan not coming with WWE to Melbourne, Australia!...


Hulk Hogan - Terry

If you end up reading this, you will know that you have 10,000s of fans in Australia. We were disappointed you didn't make the trip, but obviously you and the WWE have good reasons.

Hogan, you are the man that got people interested in U.S wrestling, here in Australia. You are the main reason over 50,000 tickets sold-out Melbourne's Colonial Stadium in less than 24 hours after going on sale.

I figure your not up to the trip or it was a financial issue between you and the WWE. We hope you will be able to come to Australia in 2003.

Perhaps you are hurting, and are going to get the F out of the WWE. Can you just let the public know the real reason?

Hogan, nothing will take away your legend. The greatest of all time.

Greg Tingle: Australian Sports and Entertainment Portal http://www.gregtingle.tv
I feel sorry in a way for Hulk Hogan not making the trip to Australia.

Australian's want to know the real reason / reasons why.

Don't tell us he had a "bad back".

I understand it's either Hogan and / or McMahon not agreeing on money, or Hogan's health is not up to taking an 18 hour flight. Is Hogan getting the F out of WWE also?

Many kids in the crowd (and some adults) were wearing red and yellow, and were quite upset he wasn't there.

Fans paid between $35 to $750 for a seat, with many like I traveling 1000km to get to the show (by bus and train in some cases), as not all of us can afford say 2 X $200 tickets and a $300 plane fare, for a wrestling show (even if it is the WWE after 18 years).

I would like to get others thoughts on this.

Best Regards
Greg Sydney, Australian Australian Sports and Entertainment Portal

Hulk Hogan supported by Wrestling Fans despite off WWE TV and no show in Australia (14th August 2002)


We are very very disappointed to report that Hulk Hogan will not be coming to Australia. This journalist happens to think that is the worst thing that WWE's CEO's Vince and Linda McMahon could do to this great market for them. If they expect to sell more 50,000 arenas in Australia, ever, ever again, they have another thing coming. What the heck is going on here, for Hogan to not even be on the plane, let alone step into the ring. The "angle" is that Brock Lesnar injured Hogan. What the F is right!

Australian Fans Upset by Dave Meltzer

We've been inundated with negative feedback, not to Raw last night as a show overall, but from fans in Australia because it was revealed on their version of Raw last night that Hulk Hogan wouldn't be coming to the Global Warning show over the weekend (citing a worked injury in the Brock Lesnar match taped on Sunday night). They announced the main event on the show would be Rock vs. Lesnar for the title. There was no mention on whether HHH would be coming. The original advertising was based on Hogan, HHH and Rock. The last thing you'd ever want to do is going into such a fertile market and make people feel they were being ripped off on show No. 1.

Hulk Hogan pulled from the Australia tour by Colin Vassallo, Wrestling-Online

Vince McMahon is being blamed so to speak for pulling Hulk Hogan out of the Australian WWE event late last week leaving thousands upon thousands of Aussie fans extremely furious. Hogan's absence from the show was officially announced today during a press conference when WWE official Roger Marment said that due to a bad back, a 15 hour flight would take out a lot from the Hulkster. Event organizers told us in the middle of last week that Hogan would be there for sure but later in the week the plan changed and Hogan didn't board the plane. The Rock, Edge, Stacy Keibler, D-Von and Kurt Angle all took part at the conference. More than 50,000 fans are expected to fill the Colonial Stadium for this Saturday's event.

Ross and King tells Aussie fans that Hogan to miss tour this week by Wade Keller, Pro Wrestling Torch

Hulk Hogan won't be going to Australia this week for the WWE tour, and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler announced the storyline reason why on the Australian Raw last night. Hogan had been scheduled and advertised for the tour during the bulk of the ticket sales promotion.

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