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2009 - Continued emphasis on quality pro wrestling and generally improved storylines. Continued enhancements to WWE Wellness policy, WWE cuts 10% talent and management in line with global financial crisis, WWE chair Vince McMahon appreciates 'The Wrestler', WWE WrestleMania to have strong celebrity lineup

2008 - Overall recovering from 2007 Chris Benoit fallout

2007 - Strong year driving by international tours, e commerce

2006 The WWE's strategy appears to both combine the best of the new era with the best of the old guard and living legends. Overall that is a smart strategy, as the public and media want to see the big names that they are familiar with, and at this same time, new talent and starts need developing.




WWE sees return of WWF mainstays like Hogan and Piper. More world tours. Australian tour in July 2003.


World Wrestling Entertainment


The World Wrestling Federation has begun the process of changing their brand identity from the World Wrestling
Federation to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The change comes as the company loses a lawsuit in England over copyright infringement. The World Worldlife Fund brought forth the lawsuit after the company failed to live up to an agreement reached in 1994. This allowed the company to use the initials WWF.

Changes will continue for some time as they have been using the World Wrestling Federation name since the early 1980's when they shortened the name from the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

More will develop over the next few days and weeks as the company goes more public with changes to it's image.

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