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Australian Pro Wrestling Promotions

ASE and Media Man Australia warmly welcomes the WWE "down under" again

Media Man and Australian Sports Entertainment welcomes the World Wrestling Entertainment team.

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Article: The Great Aussie Promoters

Article: The Great Yankee Promoters

Article:Confessions of a wrestling fan - Cottage Industry or Big Business?

Article: Wrestling Promoters Down Under

WWE announces that Hogan not coming to Australia, and fans are upset! Rather pissed off. What that F! 8th Aug 2002
WWE Australian Tour : Latest Updates @ 12th August 2002 (show was 10th August 2002)
Photos of Vince McMahon, Stacey Keibler & Mark Henry on WWE Promotional Tour
WWE tickets available from
WWE Press Release regarding 2002 Australian Tour

AWE Australia Wrestling Entertainment debuts at Cabramatta - Fairfield RSL Club on 24th August. Special guest commentator is who other than Greg Tingle! (as heard on 2UE Radio's John Laws programme).

Greg Tingle, Sports Journalist, and huge wrestling fan, gets attacked by Amy Action and Thunderstorm in his Sydney Studio

Australian Wrestler of the month: John Seru "Vulcan" - Media Man Australia profile

TNT (Greg Bownds) Greg Stekker Amy Action Outback Jack

Media Man Australia: Wrestling Directory
AWF (The current website)
AWE Australian Wrestling Entertainment - profile on this exciting new promotion (no longer operating)
AWE official website
WWA World Wrestling Allstars (touring Australia in October 2001)
World Wrestling Entertainment (Australian Section)
Australian Wrestling
IWA (The original website)
IWA (The current website)
IWA Wrestling : (booking and info website)
IWA Wrestling (Unofficial website)
IWA Messageboard (
Pancrase Hybrid Fighting Australia (Greg Smit took on Steven Swan of 17th Feb 2001)
Pancrase Hybrid Evolution (
All Star Wrestling
WCW Australia
Titan Promotions
High Risk Championship Wrestling (Unofficial Tribute)
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Pure Insanity (Australian backyard promotion)
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CWA (Coastal Wrestling Alliance, Perth, WA Australian backyard promotion)
The Underground Wrestling Board Of Australia
Superstars Of Wrestling (updates page): Australian Pro Wrestling Directory
iGeneration Wrestling: Official website providing the PPV for Rodman vs Henning
RadioSport927 AM Radio, Austar/Foxtel Satellite (some wresting radio)
Australia's Wrestling Radio show: The Matt Game Show (Mondays)
History of Women's Wrestling in Australia (from Amy
Psychotic Turnbuckles (Australian rock & roll wrestling band)!

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