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Brock Lesnar vs Jon 'Bones' Jones being speculated by sports media commentators; Will WWE top brass make it happen for WrestleMania

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For months there's been speculation running rampant about the potential match up of Brock Lesnar aka 'The Beast' vs Jon 'Bones' Jones.

Due to Jones recent drug testing fail it would appear that the obvious place for the match up to happen would be under the WWE umbrella, and what better event to have it take place than WrestleMania.

WWE is always looking for unique, high interest (and grossing) main event matches, and there's little doubt that this dream match would draw massive publicity, and would certainly help sell out an arena (and boost WWE Network subscriber numbers at the same time).

Would the risk of booking such a dream match be worth the potential risk and payoff? Only a few select top brass in the WWE would know, those individuals would be the likes of Vince McMahon and Triple H. Pat Patterson would possibly be in the decision making also, and could very well help book the match, should it be scripted, as all WWE matches are. Or, would the WWE just have these men fight for real? Problem is if its for real, as the WWF Brawl For All was, both men could get seriously hurt and be out of action for many months. Then again, both men would be part-times and are special attractions, so it's not like they have to be out on the road going to arena to arena, following such a bout.

There's also talk whether UFC / MMA sensation Conor McGregor may seriously look at one or more matches under the WWE banner no matter what the result from his clash with Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, who is not a stranger to the WWE ring, having previously fought and beat 'The Big Show' at WrestleMania 24.

It's certainly interesting times for the WWE / Sports Entertainment - MMA - Boxing connection.

Let's all hope that a Lesnar vs Jones and the upcoming McGregor vs Mayweather fight surpass the infamous Ali vs Inoki match from 1976.

As Bruce Buffer says, Let's get ready to rumble. Let's now cross to ringside with Mauro Ranallo for the call of the action.


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