X-AGON Reality Fighting Super Series

Press Release

For the first time in Australia a Mixed Martial Arts elimination tournament will take place.

X-AGON is a series of 5 events divided in 4 separate rounds, starting with 12 fighters in 4 different weight divisions – under 70kg, 70 to 77kg, 77to 84kg and 84 to 95kg – where the winners of each bout advance for the next event all the way to the grand final where the four champions will emerge.

The format is similar to the first UFCs where the fighters had 3 or 4 fights on the same night or even closer to Pride Grand Prix shows where winners advanced to the next round in the next event until the champion is decided.

The aim is to have a tournament where fighters and public will follow the series to find out who the final champions will be, this way creating more expectation and anticipation for the fights and giving the champions more credibility as they had to fight many opponents to win their title.

The series start on October 5th and November 2nd with the first round (divided in 2 events) at the University of NSW in Sydney.

The second round happens on December 7th, 2007 when all winners from the first round fight in the same show.

Semi-finals and final will take place on March and May 2008, respectively.
Every round will also present Super-Fight bouts in different weights including heavier fighters – over 95kg - separated from the elimination tournament participants.

For more information check out www.x-agon.com


28th March 2008 - X-Agon appears at Fox Studios Australia, The Forum, Moore Park, Sydney


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