Angie Wilcock

Angie Wilcock

With a history of international sporting representation in track and field, multiple NSW and Australian Championships and records and dual City-To-Surf wins, Angie understands what it takes to reach one’s potential in any field – including education. Her motivation and desire to achieve and her ability to motivate others ultimately led her into the field of education.

Gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sydney University and a Diploma in Education, and after three years in journalism and then private enterprise, Angie decided to use her ability to motivate in the classroom.

Working as a primary school teacher since 1981, Angie has had experience with teaching children from Kindergarten through to Year 6. Her classroom experience with a gifted and talented class in 2005 and 2006 served as the catalyst for developing a program to support the needs of both students and parents in transition to high school.

Angie’s aim is to give each and every student the opportunity to reach his or her own individual potential – and parents the chance to be part of the process. Other programs are offered to support and advise students on how to maximise their learning and parents on how to monitor and support their child’s progress and organisational skills at home. Specialised staff programs are designed to support teachers with a range of practical, useful ideas they can use immediately in the classroom.

Her work with mentoring and motivating extends beyond the classroom. Angie is currently involved with the Athletics Australia / Athletics International National Under-19 Talent Squad Mentoring Program, working with a designated athlete who has been identified as a potential international representative, providing encouragement and motivation to reach her desired goals.

High Hopes Educational Services (ABN 41 864 534 372) is based in Sydney, Australia.

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