Brook Sylvester

Surfing Film and Documentary Maker and Surfing and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Brook Sylvester

Brook Silvester (Associate Producer, Cinematographer) is a Cinematographer of 15 years with 10 years of television experience as a cameraman / producer. He is a surfer of 35 years and joined the Bra Boys surf tribe in 1974.

Being adopted into a working class family, he was quick to learn and work many jobs to enjoy his activities – surfing, V8 cars, girls & traveling. This surf travel thing became his life and he worked all jobs from carpet laying to truck driving for nine months a year to save money to travel to Indonesia in search of perfect waves.

In 1989 he purchased his first video camera to show his friends and family the discovery and diverse way of life he was living. As video cameras improved, so did his eye for film making. In 1994 he filmed, produced & directed his first film, “Indo Illusions” starring Jai Abberton (“We just wanted to get big perfect waves and make our film”).

In 1995, Brook teamed with Jai and his brother Koby Abberton to make the sequel flick, “Idyllic Indo”. Scoring epic surf sessions, filming it from water and land on his Sony Hi8 video, he returned with a mind blowing film. The penny had dropped and Brook was entrenched into the video surf industry.

In 1996, his surf film making lead him to television where he landed a job with his new digital camera on Coca Cola’s NRG, Australia’s first surfing & snowboarding series on Channel 10.

In 1998 when the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour arrived in Australia, Brook was hired as a water camera operator. This led him to work fulltime on the 1999 ASP World Tour as a water cameraman where he stayed for 5 years.

He then moved on to produce the surf series “SALT” for Channel 10 and worked as an extreme angle cameraman for the summer and winter X-Games, Chilli Factor, Pepsi Max Tour, Channel V’s Big Day Out etc…

Through his extreme camera work, Brook has had more “Play of the Day” shots than any other cameraman. He does take this serious and is always building flycam and mounts for extreme shots for TV & TV commercials.

Brook is constantly traveling the globe filming with the world’s best surfers and producing stories for POD Surf TV & the iSurf TV Series.

Currently he is filming for Bondi Rescue2, his second year on the series as a water cam specialist.

His major plan for 2007 is, Transfusion TV, a 13 episode TV Series “focusing on the art of extreme lifestyles”.




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