Dr Charmaine Saunders

Dr Charmaine Saunders

Dr Charmaine Saunders has been working in the personal development field for 20 years after a teaching career in English and Literature. She is represented by US management company, Delphinius (www.delphinius-management.com). Charmaine holds the following degrees: Associateship in Speech and Drama, WA, 1968 Bachelor of Arts (literature & psychology), WA, 1976 Diploma of education, VIC, 1979 PhD (social psychology), US, 1983


Dr Charmaine Saunders


Dr Charmaine Saunders


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1. Appearances on THE TODAY SHOW, MIDDAY, and TODAY TONIGHT (in which years? thought I sent you the resume with all these details. `today tonight' is current.
2. Psychological consultant to a TV show, 2004, (what would you consult about?) to producers, to viewers and to contestants - it's a reality show so I'd be playing a support role as well as analyzing the psychology of the competition.
3. Please mention briefly the name of the show you'll be appearing in mid-Oct, on which channel it'll be on, what it's abt? Did u say that it would run for 15 consecutive weeks?) 13 weeks and it's called `to liveand date in perth' - it's a relationships/astrology reality show on `access 31.'
4. Story filmed for '60 MINUTES' (what was story about and when was this?) this was a story about my work made in mid-80s


1. Own radio advice programme on TRIPLE M, 1994-'95 (name of the show?) `radio free sex' based on a london concept called `radio free london.'
2. Every second Saturday, late evening with Steve Gordon on 6PR (name of the show? Was this an advice programme?) this is current. it's a magazine show and I do a segment on topical issues
3. Every Mondays on CURTIN FM (name of the show? Was this an advice programme?)also current, afternoon magazine show - again I talk about various topical issues.
4. Occasional guest on 94.5FM breakfast show (name of the show? What would you talk abt?) it's just called the breakfast show. various issues in my area.
5. Occasional guest on 92.9FM nightly singles programme (name of the show? What would you talk abt?) it's called `SINGLES WA.' I talk about dating, relationships, being single etc


1. Own online column since 2002 to present and other internet writing
2. Own website - www.charmainesaunders.com - from Jan 2004
3. Online facilitator for the Cancer Support Association of Western Australia


1. Guest speaker at New Woman/Shisedo conference, Sydney, 1996 and numerous other appearances (roughly how many people attended the conf and were they from Sydney or all over Australia? Could you mention two more other appearances and what they were abt?) they were mainly from sydney, there were 300+ women there. I was one of 4 speakers speaking in various topics pertaining to women - mine was about stress.


1. Personal development and writing courses for TAFE
2. University of Western Australia extension courses (such as?) they are `living the single life', `relationships without stress' and `being the best you can be.'
3. Seminars (could u name a few which you've conducted?) again, they're all listed in the resumes - I'll resend them.


1. Author of six highly acclaimed self-help books, 3 by Harper Collins, 1987-2001
2. 'Ask Charmaine; column in 'For Me' magazine, 2001-'02
3. Feature writer for FAMILY CIRCLE, NEW IDEA and NOVA, 2001-Present
4. Feature Article for Harlequin International magazine (what was the article abt?) love addiction. you can see all my published articles if you do a google search of my name.
5. SCOOP magazine - Western Australia's leading lifestyle magazine since 1997 - nominates Charmaine as one of WA's 25 most inspirational people in 2004