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Reilly doesn't know if she will visit Australia before the election - although A Current Affair and Today Tonight (and maybe even The 7.30 Report) will be falling over themselves to get her on camera if she does.

D.D. McNicoll's
The Australian

Well, Gab's form is a vote winner

POLITICAL commentators come in many different forms. Unhappily, most of these forms look like the south end of a north-bound wildebeest.
Thankfully, then, there's Gabrielle Reilly -- expat Aussie, political commentator, diplomat and bikini supermodel...

``I think Latham and Howard are evenly matched on sex appeal,'' she said. ``However, I feel John Howard's strong leadership record makes him the best candidate to lead Australia into the new century.''
So, students of politics, there you have it in a nutshell...

By Terry Brown
Herald Sun -Melbourne, Australia

"Model Gabrielle Reilly is campaigning in a bikini via the Internet from Kansas for the Australian Prime Minister John Howard."

Yahoo India News

"She’s (Gabrielle Reilly) a very dynamic young woman whom I nominated for Young Australian of the Year,” says Lim (Richard Lim, the NT Country Liberal Party’s Deputy Leader)

The Bulletin

"This lovely lady wears a number of hats: conservative political columnist, bikini supermodel, diplomat, proud American, and (proudly) Australian. Currently living in Kansas, hailing from Alice Springs, she now considers herself both American and Australian. Reilly's web site features as many pictures of her in a bikini as it does political messages. She believes "pictures of women's bodies transcend national borders" (hmm, well, we guess that's the diplomat in her speaking.) For those of you out there who were once too shy to mix politics with pleasure, go on and have a peek at this spunky (and brainy) sheila."

Yahoo Picks Australia & New Zealand

An expat hailing from Alice Springs, Gabrielle Reilly, has launched an eye-catching ad campaign online in which she deftly delivers the message "Re-elect John Howard", said among an anti-Latham diatribe, while sporting a fetching Hawaiian-print bikini in front of an attractive beach scene.

Bonnie Malkin
Sydney Morning Herald

"Gabrielle said a trip to Australia was "definitely on the horizon."

Centralian fans of either politics or bikini's take note - Gabrielle is planning a trip back home soon.

Gabrielle said Mark Latham's policy of withdrawing troops from Iraq by Christmas was "absolutely reckless."

Gavin King
The Centralian Advocate

"One of my funnier experiences in Darwin was when I was in the Miss Australia Awards," she (Gabrielle Reilly) said. "We were all dressed up and taken on a beautiful champagne, sunset hovercraft cruise. There was not a toilet on board and many of the girls on board were just busting to go after a glass or two of champagne. The hovercraft pulled up on a sandbank in the middle of nowhere and all your saw was a bunch of contestants running down the beach in formal wear to glamorously squat in one of the few areas with any scrub."

Suellin Hinde
The Sunday Territorian

"Her web site features as many pictures of her in bikinis as it does political messages. It tries to attract voters who find the head shots of local pundits such as The Australian's Paul Kelly and The Sydney Morning Herald's Alan Ramsey less than sexy."

"Gabrielle Reilly says pictures of women's bodies transcend national borders."

The Sunday Mail

"... was as enthusiastic as I was about your “cross-over” initiative. We spend a lot of time thinking about how to enhance our ability to engage in the war of ideas and yours is the single freshest and potentially most powerful new approach I have heard in some time."

Frank Gaffney
Former Reagan Administration Assistant Secretary of Defense
Founder and President of Center for Security Policy

"Your grasp of topics and the depth to which you converse is impressive. I admire your work ethic and motivation...if we had more people like you, my dear, we would have less problems...!"

Bob Bevelacqua
Fox News
Military Analyst

"Gabrielle -- Thanks for those smart thoughts."

Fareed Zakaria
Author of "The Future of Freedom:
Illiberal Democracy At Home and Abroad"
Editor of Newsweek International

"Thank you again for your time. That was super!"

Christian Cummuns
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
Radio Interview

"You are the antidote to the bimbo left."

Steve Marmel
Executive Producer
Spike TV's
Conservative Cartoon
"This Just In"

"A striking brunette"

The Wall Street Journal

"At first we were blown away by her beauty. Then we read one of her articles and we've been hooked ever since. Now we're blown away by her brains."

Patrick Hynes
Founder of

"Great column. Keep up the great work!"

Michael Fjetland
Congressional Candidate
Texas , 22nd District, 2004

"The best combination of brains, beauty, and heart in the Western world!"

Steve Gregory
Steve Gregory is also a consultant for
speech and technical writing

"She (Gabrielle) covers all bases with her
sex appeal and articulate thoughts on life."

Carmine Pascuzzi



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