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Reg Regan - Matthew Johns

Matthew Johns first foray into entertainment began in 1999 when he adopted the persona of Reg Reagan in a low budget film In Search of the Holy Grail which appeared at the Newcastle Film Festival. The film also starred fellow Knights players Andrew Johns, Matthew Gidley and Robbie O'Davis. The Nine network showed excerpts of the film on the Sydney Footy Show.

The Reg Reagan character was developed further in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2000 where Johns described the character as a late 1970s Australian (or ocker) who smoked only Winfield Reds and drank KB beer.

In 2002, Johns became a regular on the Footy Show with Reagan and a new character, Trent, a gay flight attendant from San Francisco. Fans of his new side Cronulla started wearing copies of the T-Shirt worn by Reagan with the slogan "Bring Back the Biff" to games.

After his retirement, Johns signed deals with the Nine Network and Sony Music Entertainment. He appears on the Footy Show and as a commentator on Nine's broadcasts of rugby league matches. He has recorded a DVD titled "All of Me" released in June 2004 featuring skits by Reg Reagan and Trent the flight attendant.

Johns recorded a song called "Am I Ever Going to See the Biff Again" in 2004 to the tune of The Angels 1977 Australian hit "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" credited to Reg Reagan. His backing band the Knucklemen featured John Brewster of the Angels and Kevin Borich of the Kevin Borich Express on guitars, Paul deMarco of Rose Tattoo on drums and Paul Christie of Mondo Rock and The Party Boys on bass. Released in June 2004, it made a top twenty debut on the Australian singles charts on July 5, 2004. He will also release a book through Pan McMillan in August 2004.

Johns will make his first feature film appearance in a film adapation of You Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids by Robert G Barrett as Billy Dunne, a bouncer and main character Les Norton's best mate at the Kelly Club.

Johns father commented on his son's hobby for dressing up in various costumes as a child in an interview with the footy show in 2001. He commented that if his son wasn't a professional Rugby League player. "he would probably have become a cross-dresser." This was in reference to a photo of John's dressed in a female leotard.

Johns is also a regular contributor to channel 9's 20 to 1.

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