Natalia Rakhimova

Natalia Rakhimova

Natalia is a contemporary Salsa dancer/choreographer, model and event/stage coordinator, with over 10 years of professional experience. Natalia is originally from Russia where she started Ballet at the age of 5. At 10, she moved to Sydney, Australia and trained Jazz, Ballet and Tap dancing at the Jane Scali and Elena De Cinque for 5 years and completing a Diploma in the Performing Arts. She has recently returned from USA, where she was a vital part of the DVD production, ‘Walking in Memphis’.

Natalia’s other credits include Parramatta Eels Cheerleader, various films, Auto Salon Entertainment. Her choreography can be seen at Barcadi Festival’s, Auto Salon’s, and various nightclubs including Sydney, Brisbane and USA.


Diana Goddess Of Moon and Hunting

Parramatta Eels

Auto Salon Entertainment