Queensland Yacht Charters

Queensland Yacht Charters

As the region's largest owner-operated charter company, Adrian and Suzette Pelt, owners of QYC since 1988 and their wonderful crew will personally ensure that you have a wonderful holiday.All our boats are fully equipped and professionally maintained for trouble free and safe chartering.

On your floating holiday home, you'll quickly be able to leave your everyday life behind and sail away to explore and relax among 74 perfect tropical islands lying in a brilliant blue and turquoise sea with secluded anchorages, magnificent coral reefs and lushly forested islands. There are also seven island resorts where you can be sure of a warm welcome.

And the best is that your QYC yacht or power boat can take you places others can only dream about. Relax, swim, snorkel or read. Do whatever you want, when you want. Its YOUR holiday.

And we'll be here, to make your charter the best it can possibly be.

(Credit: Queensland Yacht Charters)

About The Whitsundays

Lying in the tropics, close to 20º South and cooled by the trade winds for most of the year, the Whitsundays have an excellent climate. The waters are protected by the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef and most islands are surrounded by a fringing reef system. Seasons tend to be dictated by school holidays rather than weather, so some of the best sailing can be found in the off-peak periods. Summers are warm with frequent rain showers and winters are said by many to be the perfect climate - warm by day and cool by night. The trade winds usually blow slightly stronger from May to August. July is the coolest time, January the warmest. And cyclones, if they do occur, are most likely between February and March. Good anchorages are plentiful and varied.

Owning a Charterboat

All of the yachts, catamarans and motor cruises in the QYC fleet are privately owned, many by one-time charterers. Investment opportunities are available in the QYC fleet for selected boats for the discerning owner.

Queensland Yacht Charters is the Whitsundays longest operating, most awarded charter operator where consistent occupancy, returns that meet or exceed expectations and well maintained boats that hold their value for re-sale are our trademarks.


Queensland Yacht Charters


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