A prominent Sydney car dealer, addicted to power and money, and admired by Australians for defying authority, goes against a disgraced police officer hell-bent on bringing down his underworld money-making empire.

This action packed intrigue centers on Parramatta Road, the real life car dealership mecca in Australia today. Its hero, Fatty Graden, a prominent Sydney motor trader who lives high on the hog, is an upbeat, middle-of-the-road, very charming but ruthless con man who works admirably to beat the system.

An underdog of sorts, Fatty, as the last of a great breed, the "Little Aussie Battler," is loved by Australians for his authority-defying exploits. To police, he is an underworld figure, a "Person-Of-Interest."

Being at the top of the heap has its price, and, of course, Fatty has made enemies during his climb. Many want to bring him down, including a gorgeous siren. Facing ruin, he and a trusted crew execute a daring heist. They hijack a thirteen million dollar truck shipment of Mercedes cars; his inventory no less, and divert them to a chop-shop in rural Queensland. The cops get wind of it and close in.

A beautiful woman from his past yearns to redeem him, to remake him into the great man she believes he is destined to become. Her gift to him, her desire to transform him carries penance for her own sins as well. Secretly he yearns for the beauty and peace she offers. It has, thus far, eluded him all his life. But he is not ready to be saved. Only after all his problems are righted can he consider a new life.

This story of greed, betrayal, murder, and double-dealings is full of action, with violent encounters between its heroes and villains. People are easily used for selfish motives and physical and emotional gratification. A critical scene, the feeding of the body of a hostile witness from his murder trial to sharks at sea, a pun against car salesmen, unites the prologue and final act. Along the way, a botched attempt on his life kills his young son in a fiery car explosion, opening the door to bittersweet revenge, the finale.

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