Peter Overton

Peter Overton

Peter Overton is someone you'd want as your best mate. What you see is what you get - a genuine and decent person.

Peter has no axes to grind or tall poppies to chop. In an increasingly cyncial world, Peter is the exception.

However, it would be wrong to equate "nice" with being a soft touch. He is anything but. He is talented and determined. It is why every job he has tackled he has mastered.

Peter, who holds a Bachelor of Economics degree, fell into journalism almost by accident. In 1985 while he was doing work experience at Sydney radio station 2UE the regular weekend sports presenter fell ill. Peter stepped in and was so good they offered him a full time job.

Two years later he took the step into television as a reporter and presenter for SKY Channel. By 1990 he was reading weekend sport at Channel 7 in Adelaide. 18 months later he joined the NINE Network as sports reporter for "National Nine News".

His on-air talents were obvious. He was cool under pressure and an excellent interviewer. He has the happy knack of asking the right question at the right time.

Peter has covered the big events - the World Swimming Championships in Rome, State of Origin football, the Australian Formula One and 500cc Grand Prixs, the Atlanta Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

Covering live sport is a demanding business. Anything can go wrong and often does. If you can't think on your feet you fail. Peter didn't fail, he excelled. He was always well prepared and well briefed. He is a perfectionist when it comes researching his stories. His wide ranging general knowledge served him well when he moved from sport to read and report news at Channel 9.

National Nine Morning News, the national news bulletin at 11am, the 6pm news on Saturdays - Peter became the face that people turned to. Again, when big stories broke Peter was the man for the job. He anchored Nine's extensive coverage of the Thredbo disaster as well as the major Super League and ARL court decisions.

Peter's route to 60 Minutes has been unorthodox but it has given him an extraordinarily solid grounding. He has the skills and a track record of success. (Credit: Network Nine Australia).

Peter is married to Jessica Rowe, who also has enjoyed significant success in the Australian news media business.


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