John Novak

John Novak - Sports Motivator

BA- UNSW (Sydney Australia)
LLB- Sydney University
MA- George Washington University, USA

Throughout the nineties John Novak was a familiar face in the media.

Millions of people across Australia got in shape with John every morning on Good Morning Australia. Or perhaps they worked out with him in the flesh in one of over 5000 aerobics classes he taught in that time. Or perhaps they participated at home while watching one of his 400,000 Aussie Fit videos.

John has an inspiring background with 3 academic degrees, a third dan black belt, and known as the man who defeated Dolph Ludgren who played ‘Drago’ from Rocky 5 in a Karate tournament.

John is the co-author of “Alive and Kicking” and has over the last 14 years worked as a Sports Motivator/Mind Trainer for Elite Athletes who have earned National, International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games recognition.

In his role as a speaker, John’s clients include some of Australia’s leading businesses – such as Ernst & Young, Law Australia, Coca Cola, MBF, Hooker Real Estate, Reebok and Telstra. See Background for details.

Presently, John works as a Sports Motivator/Mind Trainer for numerous Professional Golfers one of which plays in the LPGA in the US. John also coaches a crop of talented junior golfers at the state and national level in Australia. See golf section for further details.

Furthermore John works as a Life trainer/Achievement coach. David Humphries, a Sulman Award Winner and an internationally recognised artist, is one of John’s many clients. John assisted David in 2003 to reinstate the historic Peace, Justice and Unity Mural on the corner of Pitt and Park st. Sydney Australia. For a glimpse of David’s work see the website –

See Life Trainer for further details.

Glimpse a Champions Mind game

What do Thorpe, Hewitt, Phelps, Woods, Ali, Jordan, Beachley, and Kelly Slater have in common?

Undoubtedly enormous raw talent but unquestionably a superior mind game. At the top level, the key ingredient of success is having the right mind game. No debate exists here amongst elite athletes.

Get a sneaky peak into 'cutting edge' thinking of a champ. Find out what goes on in the champions mind from the man who has been working with World Champions for 15 years.

John Novak, a Sports Motivator, has literally created hundreds of personalised mind game strategies for National, International, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Game athletes in sports as diverse as, boxing, tennis, soccer to Golf.

John makes a living from simply explaining the most complex Zen/Eastern philosophies. The power of positive thinking is just the 'tip of the iceberg' of what goes on in the mind of a champion.

Relaxed alertness; speed at an Elephants pace; cup the water and you will succeed; the answers lie within, just get out of your own way; there are no mistakes, only opportunities; it's the process not the goal that must be mastered; all moments are interconnected. are just some of concepts John conveys in an entertaining and motivating style to his illustrious clientele.

One of Australia's finest female golfers, Wendy Doolan, who makes her living on the hardest competitive circuits in the world, LPGA, has called upon John's services. Presently, John works with Skye Chouier-Solly the U16 NSW female golfing prodigy, as well as Nick Rizzo, a Sydney Olympian - capped thirty times for Australia in soccer. Celebrities such as Kate Cebarano and Larry Emdur have worked with John too. Check out - - for full details.

Armed with 3 academic degrees (BA, MA, LLB), a 3rd Dan Black Belt, 20 years experience in the fitness industry, and a reputation for having beaten the man who killed Apollo Creed in Rocky 4 (Dolph Ludgren) in a Karate tournament, John is certainly walking proof of what he articulates.

Let him show you the difference between a sports psych and a sports motivator. The former is book orientated and as boring as bat -_hit, words repeatedly echoed by disgruntled athletes; whilst the latter is focused on reconstructing athlete's best performance. That is, John finds athletes Zenith moment, which is comprised of psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual elements and then constructs a way to repeat this performance every time. This 'new field' of sports mind training is proving phenomenally successful.

Most importantly, every principle John explains and shares is relevant to everyone on a moment-to-moment basis. The average punter could easily apply and adopt John's message to his/her life. In fact, the sporting paradigm of success is the perfect paradigm of success for life in general.

Contact details
m: 0414 626233


Over 15 years, John has devised and facilitated hundred’s of personalised motivation (mind) strategies for elite athletes. The athletes have participated in sports as diverse as Rhythmic Gymnastics to Golf.

John’s motivation techniques include: the mind is the key to success; a person’s mind-set directly impacts on performance; altering negative thoughts to more positive thoughts; believing in your internal strength; extrinsic and intrinsic motivation is the key to achieving excellence.

Some of the athletes/teams John has worked with:

• Nancy Kemp-Arendt Luxembourg (Sydney 2000 Olympic Triathlete)

• Hanny Zahra & Kelly Shimmings, Aust. (No. 1 Male and Female Open Karate Champions both former Junior World Champions)

• Shelly Sandie, Aust. (Sydney 2000 Basketball- dual Olympic silver medallist)

• The NSW Karate Team

• Leigh Marning, Aust. (3 times National Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion & dual Commonwealth Games silver medallist)

• 3 National swimming champions for Eastern Edge Swim Club

• Eastern Suburbs Rugby Colts

• Eastern Edge Elite Swim Team

• National Aerobic Champions

• Tyson Williams, Aust. (World Body Board Champion)

• Clancy Pye, Aust (NSW Surf Board Champion)

• Iron Men & Women in Uncle Toby’s Series 2000, 2001

John writes:

One of the things I endeavour to do is to make a person acutely aware of h/er zenith moment and investigate how that felt. I base this approach on what is commonly bandied about in the fitness industry - muscles have memory (you don’t have to relearn to drive if you haven’t done so for 6 months). Thus, my theory then is, that by re-living a glorious moment s/he activates an energy of success that creates the platform of future success’.


Bachelor of Arts, Political Science at the University of New South Wales 1982
Masters Degree in Political Science at George Washington University,USA 1987
Bachelor of Law at Sydney University - 1989
Completed Practical Legal Training (PLT) course at UTS in Nov.2002
Completed Practical Component of PLT in July 2002

Clients include

Young • Pepsi Co • Telstra • Reebok • Alcon • MBF • Today FM • Munich Insurance • National Institute of Accountants • International Fitness Convention • TAFE • National Heart Foundation • Quit For Life • SCEGG’s School • Wenona Ladies College • GIAI Academy • International Association of Fitness Professionals • Business and Professional Women • Starlight Foundation • SIDS • Uncle Toby’s Ironman Super Series • Cranbrook College • ANZ Bank • Marketing Women Mentor Program • Law Australia • Flight Centre • Hooker Real Estate – Bondi Junction • Jack Newton Junior Golf Clinics • EL Mortgages •



1986-1990 Aerobics Oz Style- Co-host
1991 Good Morning Australia-Regular Health and Fitness Presenter
1996 Monday to Friday- Regular Fitness and Lifestyle segment
1997 Several Info-mercials-screened nationally and internationally
1998-1999 Bert Newton Show- regular info-mercials

Interviewed or appeared on:

A Current Affair • Wide World Of Sport • MTV • Live It Up • Ray Martin Show • Allan Jones, 2UE • Andrew Olle, 2BL • Bert Newton • 2UE - Brian Bury• 2QR • 4QR • 3UZ 2GF Grafton• 2GZ Orange • SKY Channel • NBN • Funniest People • Live It Up • 2GB • 2DAY FM • Triple M •TRIPLE J • ABC Grandstand


1990 Aerobic Oz Style- co-hosted video
1994 Aussie Fit- Range of eight videos- Producer and Presenter Sold 400 000 to date.
2001 Redwood Anti-Ageing video- Producer and presenter.
2002 Karatecise – Producer of in-house video for Flight Centre.


1991 Alive and Kicking; A Common Sense Guide to Well-Being - Co-authored by Shannon Dolan & John Novak

2000 The Answers Lie Within- 5 Personal Development Booklets.


1994 Cranbrook High: ‘Fitness for Children- practical theory’.
1996 St. Joseph’s Primary School- Maroubra: ‘Lifestyle options in the future and exercise for children’.
1997 Motivation Seminar for Wenona Ladies College
1998 Wenona Ladies College Athletes. Series of 15 seminars for rowing, athletics, tennis and swimming representative students
1998 Year 12 Students Wenona Ladies College. 3 seminars on Stress Management, Study Skills and Motivation.
1998 SCEGG’s Girls School- Year 12 students.
1998 SCEGG’s- Motivation for athletes (swimmers).
1998 Combined Independent Schools (CIS)- Speech to all School Captains and Prefects. Topic: Leadership and What it constitutes.
1999 Cranbrook parents and athletes, Keynote speech “The road to success”.
1999 SCEGG’S Senior Rowing Team- Series of motivation seminars.
2000 Cranbrook, Keynote speech – ‘Have a go!”
2001 Double Bay Public school- Mind and Body workshops for children.


1991 Starlight Foundation.
National Heart Foundation - Power House Museum.
Diabetes Day - Darling Harbour.
S.I.D.S. Celebrity Challenge - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
The Royal Children’s Hospital.
‘Lolli Pop Radio’- Camperdown Children’s Hospital
2GF Grafton - Quit for Life: Stop Smoking Campaign
1992 Young Variety Club Christmas Party
1993 Discussion Group at Healthlands Bondi Junction covering various topics. Proceeds went to fostering a child in Africa- Emmely.
1995 LIFETIME- Presentation/ Workshop for unemployed youths in the Sutherland Shire.
1996 St. Joseph’s Primary School- Maroubra: Lifestyle options in the future and exercise for children.
1997- 2000 Creator and co-coordinator of the Fair Go Campaign, established for athletes who need financial support for the Olympics.
1999 Liverpool Girls High School- motivation presentation for a Charity day.
2001 Auctioneer/MC for Eastern Edge Auction- raised $15,000


1981- 1983 Mackenzie Bay Board Riders, President
1984- 1985 George Washington University, Foreign Student Representative
1988- 1989 NSW Federation of Karate-Do, Vice President
1991 Co-host Uncle Toby’s Ironman Super Series- Bondi Beach and Manly.
1991 Australian Youth Choir- MC.
1993 Writing the first speech for the Croatian Representative to Australia
1993 Presented at the Canberra Press Club.
1995 Press Release on behalf of FICA (Fitness Industry Confed. of Australia) &
APRA (Australian Performing Rights Assoc.).


Defeating Dolph Ludgren – the guy who killed Apollo Creed in Rocky - in Karate

Writing the first speech for the Croatian Representative to Australia – presented at the Canberra Press Club.

Being asked and then refusing a personal bodyguard position for the band KISS due to Uni. Exams.

Presenting my so-called swan song at FILEX 2001 - the premier Fitness Convention in Australasia held at Darling Harbour. Soul Man of 2Day FM, Jason Sole, performed a live mix to my kicking and punching explosive session. Joy!

Competing in martial arts tournaments for 21 years (earned a 3rd Degree Black in 1986)

Conducting 4 months of research and interviews towards PhD in Bosnia and Croatia, two months after the evacuation of the Serbs in Sarajevo.

20 years in the fitness industry.

Instructing 5,000 fitness classes.

15 years specialising in motivating elite athletes in various sports

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