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Noosa is located on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. It is bounded by Maroochy Shire in the south, and Cooloola Shire in the North. The name Noosa comes from the Aboriginal word for shadow or shadey place. It is commonly used to describe a cluster of suburbs none of which are actually called Noosa. The main suburbs that could be considered to be within the Noosa town are:

* Noosa Heads
* Noosaville
* Sunshine Beach
* Sunrise Beach
* Tewantin
* Noosa Sound

The main surrounding towns that are within the Noosa Shire (local government boundary) are:

* Boreen Point
* Cooran
* Cooroy
* Kin Kin
* Peregian Beach
* Pomona

The current population of the Noosa Shire is approximately 50,000 permanent residents, although tourism based seasonal fluctuations can boost that number by perhaps 20,000+ visitors. As such, the Noosa economy is primarily driven by tourism.

Under new law passed by the Queensland State Government in August 2007, Noosa is to amalgamate with two other Sunshine Coast councils; Maroochy & Caloundra commencing March 2008. A newspaper poll has found that a majority of the Noosa population are opposed to the amalgamation of Noosa and as such many initiatives have been undertaken to de-amalgamate Noosa

Ancient history

The Noosa area was originally home to many Aboriginal tribes. These primarily include the Undumbi tribe to the south, the Dulingbara to the north, and the Gabbi Gabbi to the west.

Although much of the culture and presence of the traditional owners of the Noosa district has been lost during the short period of white settlement, there still exists many subtle reminders. These include:

* bora rings, used during rituals.
* canoe trees, marks on trees where bark was removed for canoes.
* border/navigation trees, marks on trees used to mark paths and/or tribal borders.
* stone carvings
* burial trees
* middens, shell mound created by thousands of years of discarded shells.
* stone axes
* spoken legends, many local legends which were traditionally passed through the generations survive today.
* place names, many local names are versions of the original aboriginal names. 'Noosa' is said to be a western interpretation of the aboriginal name for the area 'Noothera', meaning a place of shade and harmony.

White Settlement

Although Captain Cook passed the Noosa coastline during May 1770 it really wasn't until the mid 1800s that it could be said that modern 'white' settlement of the Noosa district really began. This early settlement was primarily driven firstly by timber logging and then secondly a gold rush in the Gympie area, north of Noosa.

In the last 50 years Noosa has been transformed from an isolated fishing village to a popular tourist destination. Although this has had its costs the shire is known for its generally greener approach to development. Most development in Noosa has been restrained. Noosa has no high rise buildings and much remaining native forest. 34.8 per cent of Noosa shire comprises National Parks, Conservation Parks, State Forests, and other generally protected land. The local government has implemented a controversial population cap of 65,000 permanent residents for the shire. (Credit: Wikipedia).


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