Sam Newman

Sam Newman has become the man Australians either love or hate ... a walking one man soap opera sometimes known as "Mr Controversy".

He's been labelled racist and sexist. He's been caught drink driving and he has been thrown out of casinos. He's been bashed by his former girlfriend's boyfriend and run over by the pregnant mother of his child. Somewhere along the way he's become a major television star and co-host of Channel 9's "The Footy Show". It would be no exaggeration to say that Sam's personality on the show has helped lift the interest in Australian Rules football throughout Australia.

Steve Price, current breakfast announcer for 2UE in Sydney, and former radio colleague of Sam's says, "Sam Newman is a classic example of someone whose life has been shaped by his education. He makes no secret of the fact that his time at Geelong Grammar is very important to him. I think it's shaped his view on the rest of all of us and I think it's given him an in-built confidence from very early on in his life that he was better than other people. There's no doubt that Sam thinks he's better than other people. It's not even a query in his mind. He's physically stronger and always was and when he played football for all those years he never flinched and I think sometimes that's where people consider him to be arrogant or cocky or harsh or hard. I don't think it's that all. I just think it's an in-born natural feeling that he's superior".

From childhood at Geelong Grammar School, through AFL stardom, three failed marriages, national notoriety on television and all the escapades in between, Newman has done it all.

Sam Newman will remain one of the most controversial media figures in Australia for quite some time to come.

"There's no doubt Sam thinks he's better than other people."
Steve Price, friend and former 3AW radio colleague.

"There's definitely bonuses to having a famous father, but I would do anything to give up my Dad being famous to have a Dad who's always been around... I'd make that swap in a second."
Jack Newman, Sam's 22-year-old son.


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