Doug Mulray

Doug Mulray, Broadcasting and Radio Legend

Douglas John Mulray (born 1 December 1951, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), better known as Doug Mulray, was a former host of the breakfast time slot on Sydney FM radio station 2MMM (Triple M) in the 1980s. After a break from Triple M, he worked for a brief time in the PM drive time slot on 2SM with Peter Fitzsimmons before moving to Sydney radio station 2WS eventually leaving that station in July 1999. He never regained the ratings he enjoyed at his former station Triple M.

Like many in radio, he began his career at a small country station. His first gig on radio was for 2RD in Armidale. In the late 1970s, Doug landed his first permanent Sydney radio gig with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's alternative rock station Double Jay (later Triple J) before being lured to Triple M in 1982.

He often prefers to call himself Uncle Doug, Doctor Dougie, or the Reverend Doctor Doug.

One of the distinct features of his Triple M shows were the array of fictional characters that were involved in all sorts of hilarious skits. One of his best known were Jack Africa, a permanently paranoid chap who was constantly convinced that the chooks (Australian slang for hens) were out to get him. Also featured were the Prime Mincer, a parody of Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, and Gloria, a parody of Sydney AM radio talkback host Alan Jones. Others included Hymie Fymie, who made an art form of using the phrase "son of a bitch", and Madam Zenda, whose cosmic predictions of the future made the morning commute to work just a little bit more bearable. (Jack Africa, Gloria and Hymie Fymie were voiced by Dave Gibson)

During his career behind the microphone, Doug Mulray's shared the microphone with Andrew Denton and many others including "Miss Lizzie", his real-life girlfriend Liz Muir (sister of then station owner Rod Muir), part-time "barrel girl" Fifi D'Armour, who he called the "exotic lettuce leaf dancer and radio producer extraordinaire". Outside of radio, Doug Mulray has also featured on Australian TV shows such as Beauty and the Beast and the infamous Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos where the show's only episode was famously pulled from broadcast by Nine Network boss Kerry Packer, with Mulray being fired from the Nine Network as a result. He was also the host of the eponymously-titled program Mulray, which ran briefly in the early 1990s on the Seven Network. He also hosted Beauty and the Beast on Network Ten for a brief stint in 2002.

Doug had his share of infamous moments outside the broadcast studio. He released a record called "You Are Soul" which reached number 1 on the ARIA singles chart in 1986 but was banned from the air. The B side was the equally notorious "Smoked Two Joints". (Credit: Wikipedia)


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