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CHAPERONE TO THE STARS - 9th February 2007
(The Courier Mail)

It's a tough job chaperoning the world's most famous socialites, but someone's got to do it.

While American Pie star Tara Reid was wowing the crowds on the Gold Coast for the Magic Millions, Brisbane resident Angela Mogridge was a constant presence at her side.

Mogridge is a regular companion to the stars, having previously chaperoned hotel heiress Paris Hilton on all of her trips to Australia, as well as British pin-up Jordan.

Mogridge says that despite the glamorous lifestyle of her charges, her own life at the centre of the media storm is far from easy.

"The buzz that these ladies generate is overwhelming," Mogridge said.

"When I was looking after Paris I met people who had driven from Brisbane to Sydney just to catch a glimpse of her."

Don't be fooled by Mogridge's model looks.

When she signed up with her employer Bodyguards International she underwent personal protection training and developed skills she has since called upon in the line of duty.

Female celebrities are particularly vulnerable in public bathrooms and shopping centre change rooms where male bodyguards can't follow, and Mogridge is the closest line of defence between her charges and obsessive fans.

"Ninety-nine per cent of the fans are great. But the other 1 per cent you have to watch out for," she said.

"I've had to get physical on several occasions.

"They don't like to disappoint their fans, so I'm there to play the bad cop."

Mogridge says one thing Paris, Tara and Jordan all have in common is their love of the Sunshine State.

"They all adore Queensland and particularly the Gold Coast."

Mogridge is now looking forward to a hard-earned break, but duty will call once again when she travels to the US with her band Million Dollar Babes.

She hopes to find a little time to relax and a reunion with Hilton is on the agenda.

"Paris is always asking me about the Babes, so I'm expecting her front row and centre for our LA show."


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