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Wrestling News Media: Shawn Michaels' Speech At WWE Hall Of Fame Induction 2011: 'Thank You' - 2nd April 2011

Thank you. ["HBK!" chant. "Thank you Shawn!" chant. Whoa! Some other chant.] The damnedest thing on my way to my Hall of Fame speech, a damn roast broke out. Thanks. I knew there was no way you was gonna say anything nice about me. For the 15 years we've known each other he never has, and he never will. He's like the Fonz trying to say he's sorry. [Muttering.]

I know how tough it was for you to say . That was a huge deal for him to even recognize that I worked in this line of work for 36 years. You're not aware of this, but we shared a big moment there. There's some psychiatrists going, "They're starting to heal."

I'm nervous, so don't give me cat calls. [Cat calls.] I've been going over what I'm gonna say. ["One more match!" chant.] You're killing me with the one more match thing. Seriously, I know it's good TV, he'll have a nervous breakdown. We sold out the building! He had a heart attack!

["We love you Shawn!"] I'm serious. For the love of God, help me out here. I don't even know where to start. You know there are things that go between ... I can't say, I'm not supposed to say. That's one of the reasons I was OK to retire. Coincidentally, this is the first year where we're not doing it live. They'll chop it up in post to make sure it's ok to air.

When I was 19 years old, I didn't want to be a sports entertainer. I didn't know at the time. I told my mom and dad, I want to do what those guys do it on TV. Making it was going to be going out in San Antonio and wresting in front of 25 people. Fast forward, and I'm a 45-year-old man, and I get to stand here and say thank you.

Along the way, I wasn't really aware of it. I was raised by a loving family, sitting right down here, who loved me every step of the way and supported me. But for whatever reason when I started doing this line of work at 19 I spent the next 26 years searching for validation. I don't even know why. But what my peers thought of me and what you thought of me was the most important thing in my life. And I worked myself into the ground. It was so important to me that you thought I did a good job. I know that sounds patronizing, but I want to thank you so much for giving me that.

I'm very thankful to all the other inductees and especially Triple H for making this fun and amusing. Because as much as I've tried to not make it a deep and heavy cry fest, I can't do it. There are no words to express how much I lived and breathed to do this every night for so many years. And it begs the question, how am I gonna be OK away from this?

Last Monday the Undertaker had mentioned Shawn Michaels will walk into the Hall of Fame with a ton of regrets. If this had happened in 1998, that might've been true. At that time, I was good at my job, but there's no way I could've stood here with no regrets. And although my family would've been proud of me, I know there would've been a little disappointment for them and a certain guy backstage whose name I'm not allowed to mention. [Crowd WOOs. Guy next to me says "RIC FLAIR!" I believe him!]

I came back in 2002 after being told I'd never wrestle again, for one more match. That was nine years ago. I'm thankful I can stand before you with absolutely no regrets. [Missed a part about God and his family. Sorry.] Since they came into my life, I've had not a regret. Not a second goes by that I'm not thankful. The most precious gift of all is my little family. I love you all so much, and I want to thank you for being so selfless and letting daddy finish what he started.

It was very important to me to come back and go away on my own terms. I love my two children more than anything in the world. Thank you so much for letting daddy go wrestle. [I have a daughter. Totally about to tear up.]

There are countless WWE superstars that I've had to create with. I'd love to mention everybody, but I don't want to make this too long. I don't wanna be that guy. [Crowd WOOs.] You guys are implying that. I'm not saying that. Every year there's somebody, and we're like, dude there's WrestleMania tomorrow. I'm gonna assume you know who you are.

Because I did my best to make sure before I left to tell you how awesome it was for me, and how much I appreciate you guys [makes crazy hand gestures] putting up with me when I wanna do something you don't do all that much. I appreciate your time and patience. I appreciate you being a part of my life. A lot of times all we've got is each other. We're like guys in a fox hole together. But when we're with each other, we're all we got. We can stab each other in the back, but can't nobody else do it.

I wanna thank you for allowing me to be a part of that fraternity. We're always gonna look at everybody else and say you're not gonna understand it. And that's OK. It's something we're gonna take to our graves.

And lastly there's all of you. The WWE universe, the fans. I love every one of you, even when you bother me at 5 in the morning, even when I cuss you, you still come back and forgive me. You have been a part of my life and family for so many years, it begs the question, why would a 19-year-old kid from a wonderful upbringing seek validation from strangers?

One thing people used to always say that separated me is that I could make a connection with you. I don't know if I did a good job, but for the last 26 years whether you were connected to me I have no idea, but I was connected to you. I have never won Most Popular, I wasn't the prom king, I wasn't the homecoming king, so I guess in my adult life the most important thing to me was that you believed in me and thought I was good. On this night, 2011 Hall of Fame, I feel it, I thank you, I love my ring. And I love each and every one of you.

I know this has been sappy. I can't help it. And if you're not down with that, I got two words for you. ("Suck it!" from the crowd.)

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom (born July 22, 1965), better known by his ring name Shawn Michaels, is an American professional wrestler. He performs on the Raw brand of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Currently, Hickenbottom is one of the senior performers in WWE, having joined in 1987. He is one of only two wrestlers (the other being The Undertaker) to have appeared on the very first episode of Monday Night Raw who are still with the company today. While continuing to make on-screen appearances, he was inactive from in-ring competition from 1998-2002 due to a legitimate severe back injury.

Before coming to WWE, Hickenbottom began his career in Mid-South Wrestling in 1984. He then went on to Texas All-Star Wrestling. He made his national debut with the American Wrestling Association (AWA) in 1986. He signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1987 while still under contract with the AWA. He returned to the AWA, only to go back to WWF in 1988.

Hickenbottom is a four-time world champion: a three-time WWE Champion, and a one-time World Heavyweight Champion. He was also the winner of the 1995 and 1996 Royal Rumbles and the first Grand Slam Champion.


Early career

Hickenbottom was born on July 22, 1965 in Chandler, Arizona. The last of four children - Randy, Scott and Shari. He was raised in a military family and spent a brief part of his early years in Reading, Berkshire, England, but grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He knew he wanted to become a professional wrestler at the age of 12. Hickenbottom was already an athlete; his career began at the age of 6 when he started playing football. He was a stand-out Linebacker at Randolph High School and eventually became Captain of the football team. After graduating, Hickenbottom attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, but soon realized that college life was not for him. Then he began pursuing the career of a professional wrestler.

He was then trained by Mexican professional wrestler Jose Lothario. Lothario suggested that Hickenbottom go by the ring name Shawn Michaels. After his training with Lothario, he debuted in Mid-South Wrestling in 1984 and later with Texas All-Star Wrestling (TAW) promotion. During his time with TAW, Michaels and Paul Diamond were awarded the TAW Tag Team Championship by Chavo Guerrero, Sr.

Hickenbottom also worked for Central States Wrestling. There, he and tag team partner Marty Jannetty defeated The Batten Twins for the Central States Tag Team Championship, later losing it back to the Battens. Hickenbottom also made several appearances in the Dallas, Texas-based World Class Championship Wrestling throughout 1985.

American Wrestling Association (1986–1988)

Michaels made his national-level debut in 1986 for the American Wrestling Association (AWA), once again teaming with Jannetty. The pair was billed as "The Midnight Rockers" and won the AWA World Tag Team Championship twice. They also appeared in the Mid-South on loan at this point. In a raid of AWA talent in 1987, The Rockers were signed by a competing promotion: the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). They were fired from the WWF two weeks later, however, for "partying too hard" (a misunderstanding, according to Michaels' autobiography). They then returned to the AWA, but were re-signed by the WWF a year later.

World Wrestling Federation


Main article: The Rockers

They redebuted for the World Wrestling Federation at a house show on July 7, 1988. Due to WWF chairman Vince McMahon's desire to have his performers carry WWF-exclusive monikers, they were repackaged as simply "The Rockers". The team proved popular with both children and women. The team was a mid-card stalwart of TV and pay-per-view shows for the next two years, but never seemed to get a chance at the WWF's Tag Team Championships.

Belatedly, in October 1990, their chance came when The Rockers were scheduled to win the WWF Tag Team Championship from The Hart Foundation, as Jim Neidhart, half of the championship team, was in the process of negotiating his release from the company. The match was taped with The Rockers cleanly winning the belts, but soon after, Neidhart came to a stopgap agreement with management and was rehired. The belts were returned to the Harts, while the title change was never broadcast or even acknowledged on TV. When news spread, WWF explained that the original result was void due to a collapsed turnbuckle in the ring during the bout. A buckle had indeed broken, but not to a noticeable or dangerous extent during the match. The Rockers plodded along, eventually splitting on December 2, 1991 during an incident on Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's televised "Barber Shop" talk show segment. Michaels superkicked Jannetty and threw him through a glass window on the "shop" set. Jannetty vanished from the WWF and Michaels turned heel as "The Boy Toy".


At the suggestion of Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, Michaels' ring name was changed to The Heartbreak Kid. Along with his new name came a new gimmick as a vain, cocky heel. He was put together with mirror-carrying manager "Sensational" Sherri, who, according to the storyline, had become infatuated with him. Sherri even sang the first version of his new theme music "Sexy Boy." During that period, Michaels normally wrestled during the first half of house shows, and his departure was announced with the words "Shawn Michaels has left the building" (alluding to the phrase "Elvis has left the building").

Michaels failed to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Bret Hart in July 1992, even losing the WWF's first ever Ladder match against him at a House show. Still, Michaels was beginning to get over as a heel. He won the Intercontinental Championship from "The British Bulldog" during Saturday Night's Main Event on October 27, 1992. Shortly thereafter, he was in a pay-per-view main event for the first time, facing — and losing to — future nemesis Bret Hart, for the WWF Championship at the 1992 Survivor Series. They were moved to the main event after The Ultimate Warrior suddenly departed from the WWF, leaving his tag team match with Randy Savage against Ric Flair and Razor Ramon hanging.

Michaels and Sherri split at this point, and his former partner Jannetty quickly reappeared. Michaels lost the Intercontinental Championship to Jannetty on Monday Night Raw on May 17, 1993.He then regained it on June 6, 1993 with the help of his debuting "bodyguard" (and off-air friend) Diesel.

After a feud with Mr. Perfect, Michaels quit the WWF in September 1993. It was announced that Michaels had failed to defend his belt enough times during a set period; in reality, he had been suspended for testing positive for steroids — a charge that Michaels denies to this day. After turning down World Championship Wrestling's advances, Michaels returned to the WWF and made several appearances in the United States Wrestling Association during a WWF/USWA cross-promotion. He returned to WWF television for November's Survivor Series pay-per-view, substituting for the arrested Jerry Lawler in a match pitting himself and three of Lawler's "Knights" against Bret, Bruce, Keith, and Owen Hart.


He soon entered a feud with Razor Ramon, who had won the vacated Intercontinental Title during Michaels' absence. Since Michaels had never been defeated in the ring for the title, he claimed to be the rightful champion and even carried around his old title belt. This feud culminated in a ladder match between the two at WrestleMania X. Michaels lost the match, which featured both his and Ramon's belts suspended above a ladder in the ring. This match won "Match of the Year" awards from Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Over the next few months, Michaels battled various injuries and launched the "Heartbreak Hotel" TV talk show segment, mainly shown on WWF Superstars.

On August 28, 1994, Michaels and his ever more popular sidekick, Diesel, captured the WWF World Tag Team Championship from The Headshrinkers. During their brief time as a tag team, they used a variation of the Headshrinkers' finishing move, where Michaels finished off their opponent by climbing on Diesel's shoulders and splashed their opponents. The next day, at SummerSlam, Diesel lost the Intercontinental Title to Ramon when Michaels accidentally Superkicked his bodyguard. This triggered a Michaels-Diesel split, a storyline that was drawn out until the Survivor Series that November due to Michaels' hand injury. Michaels went on to win the 1995 Royal Rumble, where he was the first participant to win the Rumble match from the No.1 spot. This set up a championship grudge match at WrestleMania XI against Diesel. As part of the storyline, Michaels recruited Sid as his bodyguard for the build-up, lost the match, and was attacked by Sid the following night. After this, Michaels took time off.

He returned to the ring as a 'babyface' in June 1995 and defeated Jeff Jarrett at July's In Your House pay-per-view to win his third Intercontinental title. This led to a title defense against Razor Ramon at SummerSlam, in a Ladder match, which Michaels won. Around this time, Michaels became the alleged leader of a backstage group known as The Clique. Others perceived the group to have sufficient clout with WWF owner Vince McMahon, becoming dominant wrestling figures in WWF for several years in the mid-1990s. Michaels disputes the perception, saying that McMahon pushed only deserving wrestlers.Michaels' fan base was later nicknamed "The Kliq" as an inside reference to the real "Clique." In October 1995, he was legitimately attacked by several men outside a bar in Syracuse, New York. Shortly afterwards, at the In Your House: Great White North pay-per-view, Michaels forfeited the Intercontinental title to rival Dean Douglas because he was, according to the WWF, unable to compete. Douglas, however, lost the title immediately to Clique member Razor Ramon.

The next month, during a match with Owen Hart on an episode of Raw, Owen nailed Michaels with an Enzuigiri kick to the back of Michaels' head. They continued to wrestle, but Michaels collapsed in the ring, supposedly because he had suffered a concussion in the Syracuse incident. The concussion was a work, skillfully kept from most fans at the time.


After teasing a retirement, Michaels returned to the WWF at the 1996 Royal Rumble match, which he won for the second year in a row. Around this time, Jose Lothario, Michaels' original trainer, became his on-screen manager. Michaels won his first WWF Championship at WrestleMania XII in March 1996, pinning Bret Hart in the 'sudden death' overtime of their a sixty minute Iron Man match, which had ended in a 0-0 tie. As WCW gained momentum due to the signings of Michaels' friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Michaels soldiered on as champion for most of the year, overcoming Mankind,Vader, and The British Bulldog in pay-per-view battles.

Michaels' title reign ended at the 1996 Survivor Series in November, where he lost to Sycho Sid, his former bodyguard, at Madison Square Garden in a face vs. face match. During the match, the New York fans cheered for Sid when he hit both Michaels and Jose Lothario with a television camera and cheered again when he won the match and championship. A flu-ridden Michaels recaptured the belt from Sid in January at the 1997 Royal Rumble in front of his hometown fans in San Antonio.

On a special episode of Raw, dubbed Thursday RAW Thursday, Michaels vacated the WWF title; he explained to the fans that he was informed by doctors that a knee injury was bad enough that he had to retire. His speech was regarded as controversial, as Michaels was allegedly unwilling to lose to Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 (since it was noted that he was going to have a rematch with Hart at WrestleMania). Michaels contemplated thoughts of retirement and stated that he "had to find his smile again", which he had "lost" somewhere down the line. After knee surgery by Dr. James Andrews, Michaels returned a few months later, briefly teaming with Steve Austin to win the WWF Tag Team Titles.[48] Michaels reveals in his autobiography, about his real-life feud with Bret Hart, claiming that Bret did interviews on live television claiming that he [Michaels] was faking his whole injury.

t SummerSlam 1997, Michaels officiated the WWF title match between WWF Champion The Undertaker and Bret Hart. The match ended in controversial fashion, with Michaels nailing Undertaker with a chair (unintentionally, as he was aiming for Bret after he spat in his face). Michaels was then forced to award the title to his nemesis, Bret Hart. At WWF One Night Only, held in Birmingham, England in September, Michaels defeated The British Bulldog to capture the WWF European Championship.The fans at the event were so appalled at the result of the match they almost rioted and booed Michaels out of the building to the extent that they littered the ring with rubbish. Michaels' striking of the Undertaker with a chair began a feud between the two men. In October, at In Your House: Badd Blood, Michaels and Undertaker participated in the very first Hell in a Cell match, which saw Michaels falling off the side of the 15-foot (5 m) high structure through a table. Michaels won the match with the help of the Undertaker's brother Kane, who made his debut.

In the summer, Michaels joined forces with real-life friend, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Hunter's then-girlfriend, Chyna to form the stable, D-Generation X (DX). Moving away from the family-oriented product, this marked the beginning of the WWF Attitude Era. Michaels also began re-feuding with Bret Hart's reformed Hart Foundation, which was now a pro-Canada stable. Michaels taunted The Hart Foundation and Canada by engaging in acts, such as blowing his nose with and humping the Canadian Flag. Michaels later claimed the flag desecration was Bret's idea. Michaels' feud with the Hart Foundation culminated in a title shot at the 1997 Survivor Series against Bret Hart, in what is thought to be the most controversial match in wrestling history. Michaels came out of this match, dubbed by fans the "Montreal Screwjob", as the WWF World Champion. Michaels thus became the only wrestler to hold both the World Championship and the European Championship at the same time. Triple H, however, pinned him in December during a farcical match, making Hunter the European Champion.


In 1998, Michaels received a back injury in the Casket match against The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble; Michaels took a back body drop to the outside of the ring and smashed his lower back on the casket, causing him to herniate two discs and crush one completely. This forced Michaels into retirement after dropping the WWF Championship to Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV.

Michaels returned to the WWF on November 23, 1998, but not as a wrestler; instead, he replaced Sgt. Slaughter as the WWF Commissioner, joining Vince McMahon's Corporation stable as a heel. Throughout late 1998 and early 1999, Michaels made regular TV appearances on Raw, in which he booked matches, throwing around his authority, and sometimes even deciding the outcome of matches. In early 1999, Michaels turned face and re-joined D-Generation X, but disappeared from WWF television for a few months, and by the time he had returned, DX had broken up.

Michaels made occasional appearances on WWF television as a face commissioner during the spring and summer of 1999. It appeared as that he would once again turn heel during the premiere episode of SmackDown! on August 26, 1999 when, while serving as a special guest referee, he superkicked The Rock, allowing Triple H to retain the WWF Championship. After this referee appearance, however, Michaels was absent from WWF television until May 21, 2000 when he returned as a face to officiate the Iron Man match between the Rock and Triple H.One month later, Michaels briefly reappeared to hand over the role of commissioner to Mick Foley and afterwards was absent from WWF television for nearly a year.

At the time being, knowing that his wrestling career was over, Michaels was inspired to train individuals who were interested in wrestling. He saw potential in using his name and opening The Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy, after his lawyer, Skip McCormick, suggested the idea. Because of hardships and challenges, Michaels had enough of the academy. He was also a sportscaster for San Antonio's local news for a short time during his retirement from wrestling.

World Wrestling Entertainment


In 2002, Michaels returned to wrestling and was brought into the nWo by Kevin Nash as a new member of the stable.After the nWo was disbanded, Triple H appeared to want to make amends with Michaels. This was solidified when Michaels beseeched Triple H to return to Raw. Later on, they came down to the ring sporting their D-Generation X music and attire. When the pair was about to perform their trademark "Suck It" taunt, Triple H nailed Michaels with his finisher The Pedigree. Continuing the angle, a week later, Triple H attacked Michaels from behind in a parking lot and put his head through a car window. In response, Michaels challenged Triple H to "a fight" (a non-sanctioned match) at SummerSlam, which Triple H accepted, laying the foundation for a feud that lasted for years. Michaels won at SummerSlam but was attacked by Triple H with a sledgehammer after the match.

At Survivor Series, Michaels won the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H in the first-ever Elimination Chamber match, which also featured Rob Van Dam, Kane, Chris Jericho, and Booker T. Michaels eliminated both Jericho and Triple H to win the match.[78] Michaels reign as Champion came to an end when he lost the Championship to Triple H in a Three Stages of Hell match at Armageddon.

Michaels then began an angle with Chris Jericho, after Jericho claimed that he was the next Shawn Michaels. On January 13, 2003, after Jericho won an over-the-top-rope challenge to select his entry number for the Royal Rumble, choosing number two in order to start the match with Michaels, who had already been named number one. At the Royal Rumble, Jericho, with the help of Christian, eliminated Michaels.Michaels defeated Jericho at WrestleMania XIX. After the match, Michaels offered his hand to Jericho who, instead of shaking it, hugged Michaels. At first it seemed like good sportsmanship by Chris Jericho until he quickly kicked Michaels in the groin.

At SummerSlam 2003, Michaels competed in the second-ever Elimination Chamber Match, which also featured Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Goldberg, and eventual winner, World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. During the match, Michaels helped Chris Jericho eliminate Kevin Nash, which prompted Nash to attack both men before exiting the chamber. Later in the match, Michaels was eliminated by Goldberg. He then went on to feud with Evolution member Randy Orton, who defeated Michaels at Unforgiven.At the 2003 Survivor Series, Team Austin (consisting of Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and The Dudley Boyz) faced-off with Team Bischoff (Scott Steiner, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Christian, and Randy Orton). During the match, Evolution member Batista interfered and gave Michaels a Batista Bomb, costing him the match.[83] Michaels then entered a feud with Batista; the two met at Armageddon, where Michaels scored a pinfall over Batista.

As a part of an ongoing feud with Triple H, the two competed along side Chris Benoit in the main event match at WrestleMania XX for the World Heavyweight Championship. The former DX partners both came up short in the match, however, as Benoit had been booked to win the title.[86] At Bad Blood 2004 in June, Michaels lost to Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match.[86] As part of the storyline, on the next Raw, Kane attacked Michaels with a steel chair, injuring him in the process.[87] Michaels made his return at Unforgiven and defeated Kane in a No Disqualification match.[88] Two months later, he lost a World Heavyweight Championship match against Triple H (after Edge interfered) at Taboo Tuesday 2004 when the fans voted for him ahead of Edge and Chris Benoit to face Triple H one more time.[89] Following this, Michaels was out of action for a few months with a legitimate torn meniscus.


Michaels returned in January 2005 as the special guest referee in the Elimination Chamber match, which featured Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton, Batista, and eventual winner Triple H, at New Year's Revolution.[91] During the match, Michaels superkicked Edge, starting a feud between the two.[92] At the Royal Rumble, Edge defeated Michaels, who pinned him using the ropes for leverage.[93] Michaels went on to compete in the Rumble match later that night and eliminated Kurt Angle. An angry Angle returned to the ring and in eliminated Michaels and then put Michaels in the Ankle Lock.[93] Michaels issued a challenge to Angle for a match at WrestleMania 21, which Angle accepted when he appeared on Raw to attack Michaels.[94] The following week on Raw, Marty Jannetty and Michaels had a one time reunion as The Rockers and defeated La Résistance.[95] Three days later on SmackDown!, Angle defeated Jannetty with the Ankle Lock.[96] To send a "message" to Michaels, Angle also humiliated Michaels' former manager Sensational Sherri, when he applied the Ankle Lock on her.[97] At WrestleMania 21 on April 3, Angle defeated Michaels by submission, again with the Ankle Lock.[93]

The next night on Raw, Muhammad Hassan and Daivari came out to confront and assault Michaels.[98] The following week, Michaels approached Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff demanding a handicap match with Hassan and Daivari. Bischoff refused but informed Michaels to find a partner and he would grant a match. Michaels then made a plea for Hulk Hogan to come back and team with him. On the April 18 episode of Raw, Hassan again led an attack on Michaels until Hogan appeared to save Michaels and accept his offer. At Backlash, Hassan and Daivari lost to Hogan and Michaels when Daivari was pinned. On the July 4 edition of Raw, Michaels and Hulk Hogan had a tag team match, which they won. During the post-match pose, Michaels hit Hogan with his Superkick, knocking Hogan to the ground and turning Michaels heel for the first time since returning in 2002. The following week on Raw, Michaels appeared on Piper's Pit where he superkicked Roddy Piper and then challenged Hogan to a match at SummerSlam. Hogan defeated Michaels at SummerSlam, and after the match Michaels extended his hand to him, saying "I needed to know, and I found out" and he and Hogan shook hands. Michaels left the ring to allow Hogan to celebrate with the crowd, and Michaels turned face once more.

On the December 26, 2005 edition of Raw, Vince McMahon lauded Michaels for his part in the Montreal Screwjob. Michaels said he was only being loyal to his company, but said he had moved on and McMahon should move on as well. McMahon told Michaels he can "screw" him like he screwed Bret Hart, and he began setting unusual stipulations for Michaels' matches and interfering on behalf of Michaels' opponents. During the 2006 Royal Rumble, in which Michaels entered twenty-fifth, he eliminated MNM and Shelton Benjamin in succession to make it into the final six. At that point, Mr. McMahon’s music hit, and the Chairman made his entrance. As Michaels stared at McMahon, Shane McMahon made a surprising appearance, attacking Michaels from behind and eliminating him from the match. An irate Michaels ran back into the ring and nailed Triple H with Sweet Chin Music before chasing the McMahons to the locker room.

After several weeks of attacks and stipulations, Michaels confronted McMahon in the ring and challenged him to a match. McMahon refused and unsuccessfully attempted to force Michaels to sign retirement papers.[109] After Vince and Shane knocked Michaels out with a steel chair,[110] Mr. McMahon booked a match between himself and Michaels at WrestleMania 22.[111] During a handicap match against the Spirit Squad Michaels former partner Marty Jannetty came down to help Michaels. Mr. McMahon offered Jannetty a contract if he "kissed his ass." The next week on Raw Jannetty refused and took Chris Masters' "Masterlock challenge" instead. Michaels tried to help Jannetty, which ultimately ended in Shane forcing a groggy Michaels to kiss Vince's ass.[113] Michaels and Shane McMahon then met in a Street Fight at WWE Saturday Night's Main Event. Throughout the match, Vince interfered, allowing Shane to get the upper hand. Michaels, however, kept kicking out and refused to submit. When he got the upper hand again by superkicking Shane, Vince knocked the referee down before the three count. Michaels went after Vince, which gave Shane enough time to hit Michaels with a low blow from behind. Shane applied the Sharpshooter, and Vince McMahon immediately ordered for the bell to be rung, even though Michaels did not tap out; an allusion to the Montreal Screwjob.[114] Despite interference from the Spirit Squad and Shane McMahon, Michaels defeated Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania 22 in a bloody No Holds Barred match.[115] At Backlash, Vince and Shane McMahon beat Michaels (with "God" as his tag team partner) with help from the Spirit Squad in a no disqualification match, in which Michaels suffered a partially broken nose.[116] Michaels got revenge on the Spirit Squad in various ways, but by May 22, in the storyline, the Squad injured Michaels' knee.[117] This angle was written so that Michaels could have surgery on his knee, which had been legitimately injured for some time.

Return of D-Generation X

In 2006, a series of events took place which suggested a reunion of Shawn Michaels and Triple H as D-Generation X starting at WrestleMania 22 where both Michaels and Triple H performed the crotch chop during their matches.[119] On Raw the two continued to deliver chops, as Michaels feuded with Vince McMahon and Triple H went for the WWE Championship, repeatedly butting heads with Vince McMahon in the process.

On the June 12, 2006 edition of Raw, DX officially reunited. During Triple H's gauntlet match against the Spirit Squad, Michaels came in to help Triple H, and the two did the DX "crotch chops."At Vengeance, DX defeated the Spirit Squad in a 5-on-2 handicap match.[121] They also defeated the Spirit Squad at Saturday Night's Main Event in a 5-2 elimination match and defeated The McMahons (Vince and Shane) at SummerSlam. At Unforgiven, DX overcame the odds once again, defeating The McMahons and ECW World Champion The Big Show in a Hell in a Cell match. DX embarrassed Vince by shoving his face in between the Big Show's buttocks during the match, and DX won when Triple H broke a sledgehammer over the shoulders of Vince McMahon after Michaels delivered Sweet Chin Music to him.

At Cyber Sunday, DX took on Rated-RKO (Edge and Randy Orton). The fan-selected referee Eric Bischoff allowed the illegal use of a steel chair to give Rated RKO the ill-gotten win, and the plaudit of being the first tag team to defeat DX in a tag team match since their reformation in June 2006. At Survivor Series, however, Team DX emerged victorious, in a clean sweep of Team Rated-RKO.


At New Year's Revolution, Michaels' partner, Triple H suffered a legitimate torn right quadriceps during their match with Rated-RKO. Rated-RKO claimed victory over DX, citing the injury as the "end" of DX.On January 15, 2007, Michaels lived up to his vow of "dealing" with Rated-RKO when he took out Randy Orton with a con-chair-to after a handicap match against Edge and Orton.

On the January 29 edition of Raw, Michaels captured the World Tag Team Championship with WWE Champion John Cena after defeating Rated-RKO.[130] He then defeated both Edge and Orton in a Triple Threat Number One contender's match on another edition of Raw to earn a shot at the WWE Championship.[131] On April 1 at WrestleMania 23, Cena retained the Championship after he made Michaels submit to the STFU.The next night on Raw, Michaels and Cena competed in two back-to-back ten team battle royals, winning the first against King Booker and Finlay and losing the titles in the second battle royal to The Hardys when Michaels threw Cena over the top rope. Michaels' feud with Cena continued and he faced off with Cena, Edge and Randy Orton in a Fatal Four Way match at Backlash for the WWE Championship. Cena retained the Championship when Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music on Cena causing him to fall on Orton, which gained Cena the pinfall.

Michaels then entered a feud with Randy Orton when Orton claimed that he could beat Michaels.[135] The week before their match at Judgment Day, after Michaels won a match against Edge, Orton interfered, punting Michaels in the head.[135] Orton assaulted Michaels again just prior to their match at Judgment Day, interrupting Michaels' interview segment.[136] Michaels collapsed during the course of their match, causing Orton to win by referee stoppage.[136] Afterwards, Orton continued the beating when he delivered an RKO to a fallen Michaels. Michaels was then removed by a stretcher.

Michaels made his return on the October 8 edition of Raw, delivering his trademark Sweet Chin Music to the newly-crowned WWE Champion, Randy Orton, during his title ceremony at the end of the show and then celebrating over the knocked-out champion as Mr. McMahon watched.[137][138] At Cyber Sunday, Michaels was voted by the fans to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship; though he won via disqualification when Orton hit Michaels with a low blow, which resulted in Orton retaining the title.[139] Michaels got another opportunity at the WWE Championship, when he was granted his rematch against Orton at Survivor Series.[140] In their match, Michaels was banned from using Sweet Chin Music upon request by Orton, referring to as Michaels superkicking Orton week after week.[141][142][143] Michaels lost the match, however, when Orton hit the RKO for the win.

In wrestling

* Finishing and signature moves
o Sweet Chin Music (Superkick, often preceding the move with a series of foot stomps, called "tuning up the band" by announcers)
o Teardrop Suplex (Leg hook Saito suplex) - 1992-1993
o Spike piledriver - 1993-1995
o Diving elbow drop, with theatrics.
o Inverted atomic drop
o Flying forearm followed by a kip-up
o Scoop slam
o Swinging neckbreaker
o Backhand chop
o Skin the cat
o Diving splash
o Lou Thesz press followed by multiple punches
o Moonsault
o Figure four leglock
o Sharpshooter - in reference to Montreal Screwjob
o Slingshot crossbody
o Leg feed enzuigiri
o Asai moonsault

* Managers
o Sensational Sherri
o Diesel
o Sycho Sid
o Jose Lothario
o Chyna
o Rick Rude
o Triple H

* Nicknames
o The Heartbreak Kid (HBK)
o The Showstopper
o The Headliner o The Main Event
o The Icon
o Mr. WrestleMania

Entrance music

* The song Sexy Boy was originally written for Michaels by Jimmy Hart. Hart thanked Michaels personally for continuing to use the song as his entrance music when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005. Michaels' entrance music was originally performed by Sherri Martel until she became a babyface,[1] and then the second version was performed by Michaels himself with traces of Sherri in the chorus portion of the song. The current version of the song in use today is the version Michaels sung himself.
* Since the return of DX, Michaels mostly used the DX entrance Break It Down, by The Chris Warren Band, even when wrestling in singles competition, but then went back to using Sexy Boy.

Wrestlers trained

Texas Wrestling Academy

Championships and accomplishments
Michaels in his fourth reign as World Tag Team Champion
Michaels in his fourth reign as World Tag Team Champion

* American Wrestling Association
o AWA World Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with Marty Jannetty[11]

* Central States Wrestling
o NWA Central States Tag Team Championship (1 time)[15] - with Marty Jannetty

* Continental Wrestling Association
o AWA Southern Tag Team Championship (2 times)[144] – with Marty Jannetty

* Texas All-Star Wrestling
o TAS Texas Tag Team Championship (2 times)[14][144] – with Paul Diamond

* Texas Wrestling Alliance
o TWA Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[144]

* World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment
o WWF Championship (3 times)[11]
o WWF European Championship (1 time)[11]
o WWF Intercontinental Championship (3 times)[11]
o WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (4 times) – with Diesel (2), Stone Cold Steve Austin (1), and John Cena (1)[11]
o World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[11]
o Royal Rumble (1995)[11]
o Royal Rumble (1996)[11]
o First Grand Slam Champion
o Fourth Triple Crown Champion
^ In October 1990, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty defeated the Hart Foundation for the title. Despite winning the match, the win and reign are not recognized by WWE, as the ring ropes broke and the match was not aired on television. As a result, Michaels is only officially recognized as a 4-time World Tag Team Champion.

* Pro Wrestling Illustrated
o PWI Match of the Year award in 1993 – vs. Marty Jannetty (Monday Night RAW, May 17, 1993)[30]
o PWI Match of the Year award in 1994 – vs. Razor Ramon (WrestleMania X, March 20, 1994)[30] o PWI Match of the Year award in 1995 – vs. Diesel (WrestleMania XI, April 2, 1995)[30]
o PWI Most Popular Wrestler of the Year award in 1995[145]
o PWI Most Popular Wrestler of the Year award in 1996[145]
o PWI Match of the Year award in 1996 – vs. Bret Hart (WrestleMania XII, March 31, 1996)[30]
o PWI ranked him # 1 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the year on the PWI 500 list in 1996[146]
o PWI ranked him # 10 of the 500 best singles wrestlers during the PWI Years in 2003[147] o PWI ranked him # 33 of the 100 best tag teams during the PWI Years in 2003 – with Marty Jannetty[148]
o PWI ranked him # 55 of the 100 best tag teams during the PWI Years in 2003 – with Diesel[148]
o PWI Match of the Year award in 2004 – vs. Chris Benoit and Triple H (WrestleMania XX, March 14, 2004)[30]
o PWI Match of the Year in 2005 – vs. Kurt Angle (WrestleMania 21, April 3, 2005)[30]
o PWI Match of the Year in 2006 – vs. Vince McMahon (WrestleMania 22, April 2, 2006).
o PWI ranked him # 9 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the year on the PWI 500 list in 2006[149]
o PWI ranked him # 6 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the year on the PWI 500 list in 2007[150]

Personal life

Growing up, Hickenbottom was never called "Michael" because he hated the name, so his family and friends just called him "Shawn". Ever since, he has been referred to as Shawn. Additionally, Hickenbottom moved around frequently since his father was in the military. He relates in his autobiography how he dreaded the first day at his many new schools, when the teacher would call roll and announce his surname of "Hickenbottom" to the class, which would evoke giggles and teasing because of its unusual sound.

In 1996, Hickenbottom posed in a non-nude layout for Playgirl magazine. It was not until after he posed that he discovered that Playgirl has a mostly homosexual readership, which was seen as humorous by his fellow wrestlers.

Hickenbottom's marriage to his first wife, Theresa Lynn Wood, was brief and ended in divorce, but was amicably settled.[153] He is now married to former WCW Nitro Girl, Whisper (Rebecca Curci). They were married on March 31, 1999 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.[154] It was a very small wedding ceremony. The only people present were Hickenbottom, Rebecca Curci, and an Elvis impersonator. Hickenbottom and Curci have a son, Cameron Kade (born on January 5, 2000)[155] and a daughter, Cheyenne Michelle (born on August 19, 2004).

Hickenbottom has several tattoos. He has a tattoo of a heart with a sword through it with what appears to be a snake around it in the shape of an "S".[157] He has one on his wedding finger, that has an R for his wife Rebecca. Another in his left wrist, it's a bracelet design that says "Cameron" for his son. On his left leg he has a picture of his wife,[159] the other leg has a picture of the state of Texas.[159] Finally, he has a small broken heart with the letters "HBK" above it, tattooed on his right hip.

Hickenbottom is ambidextrous. This caused him problems as a boy playing football, as he had trouble differentiating between his right and left directions. He uses his right hand to draw and color and his left hand to write. He typically uses his right leg to deliver Sweet Chin Music.

Hickenbottom is a born again Christian. He was raised as a Roman Catholic, but became a non-denominational Christian under the influence of his wife Rebecca. His ring attire often incorporates cross symbols, and while on the way to the ring, he normally gets down on his knees and mouths a prayer while his pyrotechnics go off. He has been seen in the congregation during a televised service of Cornerstone Church in his hometown of San Antonio. Hickenbottom is a Bible teacher in San Antonio. Hickenbottom also appeared on a Trinity Broadcasting Network program along with Sting.

Hickenbottom is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs. He has been seen wearing Spurs merchandise and attending Spurs games. JBL made a reference to Hickenbottom being a season ticket holder during the 2007 Royal Rumble. (Credit: Wikipedia).



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