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Australian Casino Entrepreneurs James Packer And Shane Warne In Biz!, by Greg Tingle - 3rd September 2010

Australia is tipped to see a new casino entrepreneur... with a dash of music, entertainment and technology on the stranger to Aussies, Yanks, Pommies or Pakistanis... enter Shane Warne. Warnie has dabbled in gaming over the years, most notably as a face for poker room 888, (getting a one up on PartyGaming), however his upcoming collaborations with Crown casino king James Packer, has sent the gaming, gambling and celeb world into a frenzy. Media Man thinks its music to the ears of Crown Limited investors and WA businessman, Kym Illman aka 'Mr Ambush Marketing'...we turn up the music and let the party begin...

Australian Casino, Gaming And Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Unite: James Packer and Shane "No Spin" Warne; Kym Illman Marketing Aussie Gumleaf Mafia Connection...

Warnie and Packer, long time mates and associates, have been working on something big for quite a while now, and the past Warnie - Kym Illman - Messages On Hold campaigns have been impossible to miss, thanks in part to Max Markson and even everyones favorite... wait for it... Media Man.

Cricket legend, poker player and Aussie larrican, Shane "No Spin" Warnie is officially going into business with Aussie casino and lifestyle king, James Packer. Warnie sure know how to pick mentors, also getting guidance and business opportunities from fellow mate Kym Illman, over the years. Yep, the 'Aussie Gumleaf Mafia' is leaping ahead in leaps and bounds. It's enough to make Gambling911 resident and friend to all, Kasino Koala, blush and fall out of his tree.

Back to business at hand, this year the Packer - Warnie collaborating with bit hitting the casinos, and they also have a few tricks up their sleeve for cafes, restaurants, gyms and other venues down under in Australia, and they don't have to be existing 'Gumleaf Mafia' or Warne - Packer inner circle to get in on the action, depending on what b2b deals are of interest. However, the casino joint venture is a Crown Limited thing, and the spinner might just get his own branded poker room at Crown if he plays his cards right.

Warne has been on fire, and not just fired up and pissed about what happened with the Paki fixing scandal. The legend is also tipped to get an 'Ashes' talkback show on Network Nine. No coincidence that Bondi Beach local David Gyngelll, just happens to be the CEO of Nine, and holds a seat on the Crown Limited board. Again, relationships matter, as does loyalty. A couple of Aussie media entrepreneurs have purchased Crown shares over the years in a big picture - holistic type strategy, and the same happened with Virgin, owner Richard Branson also being on good terms with Packer.

The spinner remains tight lipped on some matters, but did tell press a bit about his passion for good music. Ah, his colourful exploits with a few blond goddesses over the years hinted at that. Music does get one in the mood, so does coffee and a few other unspeakables.

Warne, a mark for '80s music, have taken like a duck to water for the music industry. Specifically lyric-free ambient music, set to calm the soul, energise the body and warm the heart. Yep, we're been reading up on the sales blurb too.

Warne yesterday spruiked his latest biz alliance Groove Gallery, a company that sells ambient music to gyms, cafes and restaurants that wish to "sub-consciously" put their customers in the mood to spend a dollar or ideally, much more.

Shane Warne Inc, a spin off from Billionaire Inc, now sports roughly 16 business investments at last count. There's "Advanced Hair, yeah yeah" poker website 888, a Messages on Hold deal, luxury designer Dunhill and a bush tucker bag of paid gigs and appearances et al with Channel Nine, Sky Sports and Cricket Australia, and god knows what else on the boil. Media Man TV?

His family and life after cricket and some key motivators.

Speaking with News Limited Warnie shared "We've got two or three that we are looking at at the moment, there's a business that I have with James Packer that we'll be launching next year. I'm not sure James would want me talking about that yet".

He's seriously cashed up, but he's not really a showoff. More a lifestyle guy who loves his family and big boys toys.

We obtained quite a property asset list of Warnie... $9 million Middle Brighton home, a $3.35 million investment property in Sandringham, and a $2.2 million holiday home in Arthur's Seat and a home in London. Who knows what else he has. How about a Bondi Beach pad too mate, if you haven't already. We might see you up at Icebergs Bergs Gaming

As you might have cottoned on, things are good for the spin man..."Life is going great, never been better," he said.

For Warnie its been about ups, downs, roller coasters, working hard and playing 'n party int harder. Clearly things are on the up and up for Warnie, be it business, pleasure and passion, or more likely, both. Knock em for 6 sport.

Paki Cricket Scandal...Warnie Speaks...

Just on the red hot subject matter of cricket for moment. Warne said "I thought that the game was clean now with the anti-corruption people there". We're not certain if that's music to the ears of inner circle Packer and Illman or not, but this Aussie 'Gumleaf Mafia types have a habit of turning controversy and negatives into bags full of cash' whispered a Media Man insider, (at a well known Bondi Beach cafe interested to give the music a test run... hint Sparrow). Ah, relationships matter. Media Man believes that relationship marketing, buzz marketing, and the simple concept of headline grabbing Shane Warne will pretty much guarantee the success of all or most of Shane Warne linked campaigns in the foreseeable future.

We think the Packer - Warne - Illman collaboration is a can't miss, and poised to knock 'em for 6 success, but what do you think? Tell us in the forum.

Readers, know the odds, bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.


The idea clicked - 15th July 2010
(Credit: Fairfax Media)

The election fun has begun in a website that makes you a candidate against Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. Kym Illman's allows you to insert your name, or someone else's, in a news report. He originally registered but the government revoked it, then he had to reshoot the video when the artist formerly known as prime minister Kevin Rudd was deposed. Illman created the site as a marketing exercise to promote his Perth-based Messages on Hold business and recruited Max Markson and 6PR host Howard Sattler to appear in the video. Last year, Illman, a pal of Warnie, rented his luxurious Gold Coast property to Brendan Fevola and wife, Alex. Warnie or Fevola for PM?

Shane Warne and Bessie Bardot

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