merelyplayers was launched in November 2003, and has been established to facilitate and create opportunities for all Creative practitioners, audiences and other supporters.

merelyplayers is dedicated to bringing all artistic forms together. While our primary focus is theatre production, it is a goal to include multiple creative disciplines in each event. In time, our projects will expand to include film and video, music, writing, and many other artistic mediums. Cross-pollination of skills, talents and ideas are critical ingredients in the continued enrichment of Australia’s creative community, within itself, and as part of the global arts world.

The Team

Artistic Director and Creative Producer: Bryan Cutts

Bryan began his stage career at the age of 4, performing in a concert with the Royal Academy of Ballet, in Melbourne. His Classical Ballet Career ended at the age of 16, by which time he had established himself as an Actor ­ his first role, at the age of 13, on Channel 7 TV’s ‘Go Health’.

Bryan’s Career has included work on screen, including roles in the telemovie ‘Tracy’, the ABC’s ‘Living with the Law’ and various films, most recently in the title role for the film ‘Monsieur Clown’. On stage, Bryan has worked on many productions [27 in all], including Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, Terry Johnson’s ‘Insignificance’, ‘The Collection’ by Harold Pinter and the outrageous restoration comedy ‘The Relapse’ by John Vanbraugh.

His live work has also included appearances with Theatresports ™ at the Belvoir Theatre, Children’s Theatre and Corporate Entertainment.

Bryan’s foray into producing and directing began in 1987, when he and a handful of other emerging artists founded Bobbin Youth Theatre. In the 1992, Bryan established Dress Circle Productions, presenting various shows, including the Alex Broun classic ‘Just Once’ and Alan Mackay’s ‘Boy on the Roof’. He also directed the Sideswipe Productions’ rock musical, ‘The Oracle’.

Production and Casting Manager: Alexia McIlroy-Kelly

Alexia McIlroy-Kelly started her performing career at 3 years old, demanding she be let into her 4 yrs plus Ballet class. It’s that passion for performing, and determination that led her to act in over 20 plays from the age of 7 to 21; train in all forms of Dance for 10 years; tour throughout the UK as the lead singer in a band and appear in several short films, and some features. She has also graced ours and New Zealand’s television screens periodically.

Most recently she has been working with Sold Out Productions on their live sketch comedy show “Dolphin Juice” at The Laugh Garage; as well as being a regular on their Channel 31 TV Show by the same name. In 2003 she performed in the sell out season of “SOS”, physical theatre show at The Edge Theatre.

Some other highlights of her career so far have included singing to a packed out Fetish club in Soho, London; performing as Jane Banks at the Theatre Royal, Christchurch NZ in the only ever stage production of “Mary Poppins”; and playing Helena in “A Midsummer Nights Dream”.

As well as dabbling in Directing, she has worked unofficially as a Producer and Publicist many times, including work for Dress Circle Productions, and Glampyre Productions; and in many theatrical productions. It was after complaining about the lack of organisation in theatre for the umpteenth time, that it was gently suggested to her that she get off her backside and do something about it.

Along with a passion for mixing creative disciplines and supporting local talent, when Bryan Cutts presented the concept of merelyplayers to her, she was sold. She brings her administrative, organisational and motivational skills as well as artistic and performance knowledge and experience into the creative whirlpool that is merelyplayers.


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