Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (The Alliance) is the Australian trade union and professional organisation which covers the media, entertainment, sports and arts industries. Its 36,000 members include people working in TV, radio, theatre & film, cinemas, entertainment venues, recreation grounds, journalists, actors, dancers, sportspeople, cartoonists, photographers, orchestral & opera performers as well as people working in public relations, advertising, book publishing & website production; in fact everyone who works in the industries that inform or entertain Australians.

The Alliance was created in 1992 through the merging of the unions covering actors, journalists and entertainment industry employees:

* Actors Equity (AE)

* The Australian Journalists Association (AJA)

* The Australian Theatrical & Amusement Employees Association (ATAEA)

Since amalgamation, the Symphony Orchestra Musicians Association (SOMA) & the NSW Artworkers Union have joined the Alliance, a Professional Sports Branch has been created & the Screen Technicians Association of Australia (STAA) reconstituted itself under the Alliance banner.

The Alliance is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions, ACTU, the International Federation of Actors and the International Federation of Journalists, is a member of the Copyright Council, and is represented on all major training delivery bodies catering for its members. It is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and State Labor Councils on behalf of its actors and other entertainment industry sections (excluding journalists) and in some states some sections are affiliated with the Australian Labor Party.

The Alliance is also a member of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange, a global network of more than 70 non-governmental organisations that monitors press freedom and free expression violations worldwide.

The current national secretary is Chris Warren, who has also been the President of the International Federation of Journalists. (Credit: wikipedia).


Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

The Walkley Awards

MEAA has assisted and consulted on matters including but not limited to: AWAs, IR, Charles "Fantasy Island" Gant, Gabriel "Virgin Star" Maas, "Millionaires and Models", and Danny Sy "The Hustler"

Media Man Australia

Media Man Australia is a member of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance