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Darren Lyons, Celebrity Photographer and paparazzi
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Darryn Lyons is an Australian paparazzo and media personality, best known for his work in England.

Born in Geelong, Victoria, Lyons graduated from Geelong East Technical School, then began work as a professional photographer at the Geelong News and Geelong Advertiser. At the age of 22, he moved to London, where he gained a job at News of the World after a chance meeting with Rupert Murdoch. Two years later, he left to take a position with the Daily Mail, for whom he provided coverage of the Bosnian War.

In 1992, Lyons founded the picture company Big Pictures, which supplies paparazzi-style photography for news organizations. He gained widespread media attention when his company sold a photograph to News of the World, which was used to support a claim that soccer star David Beckham was having an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

He often appears on radio and television programmes to speak about celebrities and news coverage of them. He was one of the six "business experts" on the Australian reality television program Dragons' Den, cancelled in 2005, and featured on the fly on the wall television series called Paparazzi about Lyons and Big Pictures.

He stars in a weekly online and mobile Mr Paparazzi Show, produced by Big Pictures Productions. Each one is approximately 5 minutes in duration and is available for viewing on the Mr Paparazzi website. He has recently appeared in the reality television show Deadline as a picture-editor along with editor-in-chief Janet Street-Porter. The show saw ten celebrities producing their own celebrity-based magazine, where Lyons would have to teach them to use a high-tech camera. On 9th May 2007, Lyons appeared on British television show Through the Keyhole. In 2007 Lyons also appeared on 'Tycoon' which was produced and developed by Peter Jones (Entrepreneur).

MrPaparazzi.com is a website devoted to celebrity gossip. Launched in 2006 as a public tool for selling celebrity pictures it quickly evolved into a celebrity news destination.

Other ventures
Lyons has a number of business ventures around the world including a nightclub in Geelong called Home House which was created from the movie set of Moulin Rouge!.


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