I'm a Celebrity — Get Me Out of Here!

I'm a Celebrity — Get Me Out of Here!

I'm a Celebrity — Get Me Out of Here!'s all-star cast includes International sex symbol and famed model Tyson Beckford; sassy TV host "Downtown" Julie Brown; Olympic champion and successful business entrepreneur Bruce Jenner; the man who coined the phrase "champagne wishes and caviar dreams," Robin Leach; Hollywood scion and fashion critic-of-the-stars Melissa Rivers; actress Alana Stewart (former wife of rocker Rod Stewart and actor George Hamilton); and Howard Stern's infamous radio cohort, Stuttering John. Improv performer John Lehr will be the host.

In the fresh, all-new interactive series, celebrities leave behind their pampered lives for weeks of roughing it in a remote outpost of the inhospitable Australian rainforest. Based on the phenomenally successful British hit of the same name, the series will let American viewers on the other side of the globe vote to control the action via the phone and the internet.

The series will follow the U.K. version of seeing how ten celebrities fare without their accustomed luxuries, as they experience one of the world's toughest terrains. The celebrities will live out in the open, sleeping on makeshift cots in primitive conditions and trading their gourmet meals for rice, beans and water. And all under the control of the viewing audience. In week one, they will be at the mercy of television viewers who single out a celebrity a night to undertake a dare — "The Bush Tucker Trial" — in order to win extra food for the rest of the group. In the final week, viewers vote to keep their favorite contestant in the camp; the one receiving the least number of votes each night is forced to leave. The lone, remaining celebrity at the end of the trial will emerge as the King — or Queen — of the Jungle and win a sizable sum for their favorite charity.

Viewers can participate by either calling phone lines (which will be announced prior to the commencement of the series) or voting right here on ABC.com.

(Information Credit: ABC)

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