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Things just got a whole lot hotter in the TV business.


Media, publicity and advertising campaign by Media Man Australia - Media Man helped make Hottest On TV the most popular Australian celebrity website in Australia from 2007 - 2009. The business was later sold for a large profit.

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A brand new concept in TV websites.

Voting Information (Credit: Hottest On TV)

The Hottest on TV Official Rankings uses a unique voting system that allows website users and television viewers to cast their votes, along with industry experts, to give an accurate indication of who are the nation's hottest television celebrities.

The main element the judges will be voting on is the celebrity's level of sex appeal to the Australian viewing public. The Female judges will be voting on the male celebrities and their sex appeal and vice-versa.

There are a lot of elements that go into the make-up of a celebrities sex appeal, such as looks, charisma, personality, hype, freshness and popularity. All these will be considered by the voting panel.

For a television personality to be eligible, the celebrity must be a reasonably regular* presenter, panelist, actor or reporter on a television show produced in Australia. The celebrity must also be an Australian resident. However, programs don't have to be broadcast nationally. Celebrities who appear on regional programs are also eligible, and don't forget about our Pay TV celebrities.

The votes from the 20 judges (10 male, 10 female) from the television media industry across Australia will be weighted to account for 50% of the vote, while website visitors, will make up the other 50%.

The voting period on the website will last for the majority of each month. Keep checking back the website to find out when the monthly deadlines will be to lodge your votes. At the end of the month, votes will be collated and the Top 20 Hottest on TV Official Rankings will be produced. The Top 20 will be circulated to the national media, however the full list will be available on the website.

Anybody can vote. We want website visitors to come along each month and lodge their votes and have a say on who makes our list. It may be hard to keep track of all the talent on Australian TV so we'll try to make it easier for you at You'll find celebrity photos and bios, and you'll be able to chat to other users and voice your opinion about who's the hottest via the chat room.

It won't cost you a cent to vote and there will be prizes on offer from time to time to members who lodge their votes.

The industry judges will be made up of gossip columnists, television writers, magazine editors etc. This will ensure that a portion of the vote is coming from people whose job it is to stay in touch with who and what is hot on our television screens.

*"Reasonably regular" refers to a level of regularity that would allow a member of the public to associate a person with a particular program. Game Show and Reality TV show contestants are also ineligible.


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Channel Seven - Thursday 24th June 2006

Today Tonight

Sonia Kruger reported on the phenomenal success of the Hottest on TV Official Rankings and provided in depth coverage of the July 2006 poll results.

The feature on Today Tonight was viewed by hundreds of thousands of Australians and discussed the placings of soapie stars, news readers and presenters such as Jennifer Hawkins and David Koch.

*Media Man Australia had pitched 'Hottest On TV' to Today Tonight (and A Current Affair) a number of times, and they finally ran it.


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