Eddie Hayson

Eddie Hayson


Zac at the track, by Richard Zacharah - 10th September 2006
(Credit: The Sunday Telegraph)

ASIC puts Hayson in the clear.

FAST Eddie Hayson has had a good week -- and not just because he backed the Knights.

While Channel 9 gave him a rails run on the Sunday program, The Bulletin positively deified him.

And now his mates are heralding a far more important breakthrough -- a clean bill of health from the corporate watchdog ASIC.

Hayson has been denying allegations he'd fallen foul of the regulator by falsifying the names of company directors at his Stiletto brothel. And that he held directorships while a bankrupt, from which he was discharged in May, 2002.

Hayson had told The Sunday Telegraph that the allegations -- which if true could send him to jail -- were part of the ``bash up'' going on in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The ASIC news would be equally well received by Hayson's defamation lawyers looking at the Herald reports.

His mates say he has been exonerated, with ASIC deciding after an investigation that no action was necessary.

ASIC will neither confirm nor deny Hayson as a person of interest but The Sunday Telegraph has learned an inquiry has been concluded to the gambler's advantage.

Hayson has refused all requests for an interview, despite his good news week.

Speaking through his mate, trainer Tim Martin, Hayson said he was never worried ``because I've done nothing wrong. But don't start writing good things about me now''.

``Tell him [me] it's not personal, I just hate his paper.''

Hayson shouldn't be so defensive, he has an interesting story to tell -- he is a $100million-a-year punter who survives, fascinating a town such as Sydney.

And according to The Bulletin, Eddie's a regular guy. ``Just a family man who grew up on the central coast. I enjoy my family. I work hard.''

Eddie has a story to tell.




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