Fight Of The Century

Fight Of The Century

Press Release

29th May 2007 

Fight of the Century – Feature Film Investment

IMMM are pleased to announce that there has been a recent surge of investment interest in the Australian Feature film “Fight of the Century”.

The film is based on a true story that happened at the dawn of the 20th Century, when a sporting event literally shook the world. It was staged in Australia because the event was banned in other countries due to the contestants. It took place in Sydney on Boxing Day 1908. Beginning at 11am with little ceremony, it was over in time for lunch!

No Australian sports men or women were involved!

TOMMY BURNS, was a Canadian boxer. He was the recognized World Champion and JACK JOHNSON was an American boxer who had literally chased BURNS around the world. They slugged it out in front of 16,000 men, and one woman who happened to be the wife of the famous visiting American correspondent and author JACK LONDON.

As well as the 16,000 inside, another 25,000 fans had to be turned away from the venue, which was a makeshift stadium constructed on a disused market garden situated close to the harbour, and east of the city centre in a Sydney suburb called Rushcutters Bay.

The fight had a lasting significance on world sporting, social and political history. This was because the challenger, JACK JOHNSON was a black American - and he won!

This is an important historical film with a worldwide market. The characters and story are internationally known and the sport of boxing has hundreds of millions of fans everywhere.

Over 5 years of work and research went into the screenplay and features all of the characters involved at the time. These included the promoter, HUGH “Big Deal” McINTOSH, the two Australian boxers BILL SQUIRES and BILL LANG who would fight Tommy Burns before the arrival of Jack Johnson. The story features many local identities of the time including HENRY LAWSON, JULES ARCHIBALD (who would establish the Archibald Prize) and the famous artist, NORMAN LINDSAY.

“Fight of the Century” is the most interesting Australian story to be made into a film for 20 years. It is a great project to be involved with. It has a great and entertaining story which is thought provoking. And has a ready made market world wide. Investment opportunities are now open but are limited.

Involved parties: Producer - Richard Bradley Productions; Executive Producer - IMMM. For more information and to apply for an application please go to the IMMM website.

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