Jerry Farsoun

Jerry Farsoun, pilot, health advocate and social and community entrepreneur

Jerry Farsoun is a 38 year old, Melbourne resident whom in March of 2007, suffered from an overwhelming bout of depression triggered by a series of compounding events that almost claimed his life.

Having recovered, he set out to join the voice that aims to bring to the forefront of Australian minds that in a time of need; there is always someone to call. As in most of these cases, having felt totally alone and helpless although surrounded by many friends, Jerry called beyondblue , a not-for-profit organization where they talked him through one of the most challenging times of his life.

He decided to join the voice that needs to be heard by people in tough times of their lives, to take a deep breath, maybe count to ten and not do something that could potentially be irreversible. He believes he was able to draw from his experience, that the worst anyone can feel is usually the bottom of the emotional bounce and there is only one place to go from there – and that’s up!

From time to time, many of us throughout our lives will experience some form of emotional upheaval and that can lead to various levels of depression. If these emotions are prolonged and left undetected, the downward spiral may have already begun. Regrettably, so many people suffer with it and continue to live lives of quiet desperation generally sedated and with permanent scars.

Many resort to alcohol abuse, use and/or abuse of elicit or even prescribed drugs, violence, gambling or even suicide. On the surface, these people may even appear altogether quite normal, however it can affect any age group, gender, race, color, socio/economic group and profession; no one is immune.

There are many charities all doing sensational work and yet, regardless of the reason why an organization was formed be it cancer research, SIDS, child abuse, loss of a loved one through a car accident or otherwise to name a few, what remains is depression. If the emotional resources and tools are not inherent to better deal with these events, depression can be overwhelming for some if not many people.

Having experienced first hand the power and weight of the effects of depression, it is his hope the project will act as a constant reminder to those that the bottom of the emotional pit is usually the bottom of the bounce. Jerry through the overdownunder project hopes to give people a glimmer of hope, a candle in the window that it does and can get better regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Someone somewhere has experienced what you’ve experienced, there are no new events, emotions or feelings and these people have pulled through it on top – depression maliciously aims to prematurely end what is a naturally progressive thing – life or at the very least, a happy one.

Up until November 2007, Jerry personally funded the entire project and recently with the sponsorship of many organisations. With the support of the local community, he aims to leap-frog around Australia from town to town (flight plan) spreading the message that it’s never too late and that something can always be done.

His hope is that through his personal plight with depression, those in need may be inspired to just hang on through what seems like the end – he believes that people take drugs, drink alcohol etc to change the way they feel. The problem with this kind of crutch is that there are consequences, sometimes irreversible ones – he therefore concludes that prevention is the best cure.

The project is flying an Powerchute departing Melbourne early in 2008, in an anti-clockwise direction around Australia from town to town, staying with and talking to locals about how best to deal with hard times and maybe someone unbeknownst to their closest friends and family, may make the call that will save a life, their own is the ultimate outcome!


Overdownunder Project


Overdownunder Project



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Media Man Australia is delighted to have conducted an off the record interview with Jenny Farsoun on the 6th May 2008 and be offering some media support