Media Man Australia is proud to be associated with

EventsLeader is a revolutionary web-based company positioned to become the most comprehensive Events and Entertainment specific resource in the world.

The availability and easy navigation of EventsLeader can provide audiences looking for "What to do and Where to go" one place to do just that… again and again.

By design, EventsLeader gives Events and Entertainment related businesses an opportunity to promote and advertise affordably on a local and/or international level. EventsLeader can be for the Events and Entertainment industry what TV Guide is for television.

The EventsLeader distributorship model fosters rapid growth while maintaining low overhead. As a result, this model is superior to the centralized sales structure currently used within the industry.

EventsLeader will be launched as part of an unprecedented marketing plan including a $250 million charity campaign.

The creation of EventsLeader will be documented and broadcast as a television show. "Entrepreneurs - The Reality Show" has the potential to capture the eyes and minds of millions of viewers including the most influential and hardest to reach demographics related to the success of EventsLeader.

Simply put, EventsLeader is positioned to become "What to do and Where to go" for all of your Event and Entertainment needs worldwide.


Entrepreneur$ - The Reality Show