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Australian Motorsport: Is Mark Webber F1 Ace A Turkey?, by Greg Tingle - 30th May 2010

Australian motorsport sensation, Mark Webber, is (or was) on fire, following his stunning performances this F1 season. Insiders including Red Bull teammate and pit crew, and a swag of insiders are now wondering if a curse stemming from the country he's racing in - Turkey, has effected his judgement, and are jokingly (we think) naming Webber 'Turkey Of The Month'. Media Man and Gambling911 rev up the situation...

Mark Webber last night secured 3rd place in (country) Turkey after a controversial collision with teammate Sebastien Vettel while the Matildas won the Asian Cup. The punters had not bargained for this and numbers are being crunched as we go to print.

Hamilton leading McLaren: 1st - 2nd

ISTANBUL: Lewis Hamilton led a McLaren 1-2 at the Turkish Grand Prix following an exciting dust up between teammates Webber and Sebastian Vettel vetoed Team Red Bull a double dip.

The Bull's daily double collided as Vettel attempted a pass along the Istanbul Park Circuit's fast section, facilitating the German into a spin, and mental spin out of sorts.

Aussie Webber, who was leading the entire 40 laps, some how recovered for 3rd behind the cunning Jenson Button as Red Bull's pit-lane team scratched their heads.

The McLaren team also tensed up near the conclusion as its drivers exchanged the lead but Hamilton eventually earned his first win of the season, getting bragging rights, and the Brit's second top 2 finish this season... by 2.6 seconds after rain had slipped up the circuit.

Red Bull was heading for a second straight 1-2 that would have given them a huge lead in both the drivers' and constructors' standings. Neither driver was willing to accept the blame, with Vettel insisting he had the right of way as he moved up the inside, and Webber believing his teammate closed too quickly.

Webber labelled it "a disaster."

Media Man and Gambling911 labelled it "good fodder for motorsport write ups"!

Despite the incident, for the record, Media Man does not think Webber is a Turkey, despite the country of the clash, nor do we suspect a sports betting "rat".

When placing bets, don't be a Turkey, know the odds, get insider info if you can (without getting caught), bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming inc sports betting is just one of a dozen business sectors covered.



Australian Mark Webber Leads Monaco Grand Prix, by Greg Tingle - 17th May 2010

It's hard to dispute that in the world of professional sports (and pseudo sports), there's brands and individuals that have a tendency to dominate the headlines (and grab the best sponsorship deals in the process). Some of the hype is manufactured while some is genuine and fueled along by the sportsmen and women, and their worldwide fan base.

Media Man and Gambling911 has noticed the ever growing trend of sports, entertainment, gaming (namely poker) merging, and brands and their stars race to the top, and do their best to maintain pole position, ready to pounce for the next championship.

Even pro wrestling living legend 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair (Fliehr) and his son, Richard, are doing the NASCAR rounds in the U.S.A, and 'Natch' feeling and getting lucky, also came to biz terms with the North Carolina and South Carolina Education Lottery. Woooooo! Son of Hulk Hogan, Nick Hogan, is also showing promise in professional auto racing circles, in a great comeback following the highly publicised Hogan Jr car wreck (in the suburbs) a few years back.

Australia has certainly been making waves in professional sports and news media circles of late.

Of course Aussie Mark Webber has now taken the lead in the Monaco Grand Prix as of last night. Webber is the first Australian to accomplish this feat since the legend Jack Brabham some 51 years ago.

Sports betting firms have plugged into the action with Betfair and Paddy Power being most prominent in the F1 sector and motorsport as a whole.

Interestingly, the current excitement of the F1 sector has seen some of the poker and casino world plug right into the action..

A few weeks ago Richard Branson's Virgin Racing came to sponsorship terms with Full Tilt Poker.

As recently outlined at Gambling911, a number of weeks before the public Virgin - Full Tilt Poker deal, PartyGaming's PartyPoker signed up F1 superstars Jaime Alguersuari and Giancarlo Fisichella as brand ambassadors. Poker legend and World Poker Tour mainstay Mike Sexton remains the global PartyPoker ambassador. Last month following the sporting theme, PartyPoker also signed up Italian football legend Francesco Totti. The financial terms of the poker sponsorship deals are not currently known, as all parties appear to want to keep the details under wraps. PartyGaming, keen to ramp up in Europe, in line with their global strategy is currently running some sports cars promotions (sorry, no F1's as the prize), but here's the specs...

PartyCasino - Grand Win Auto - Win A Maserati GranTurismo

PartyPoker - Drive The Dream - Win a Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

Meanwhile Back To The Action...

Webber's rise has sent bookies and punters into a frenzy, with 50% James Packer owned Betfair taking big money, and Irish owned Paddy Power also seeing a jump in numbers and new accounts.

It is the first time an Australian has led the championship since Alan Jones in 1981.

Webber led from his fourth pole to the finish. It was his second recent win after Spain last weekend.

He finished unchallenged ahead of Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel as the Red Bulls delivered their third successive one-two and fourth in six races this year, this time ahead of Pole Robert Kubica who was third for Renault.

Webber, who has been linked to a move to Ferrari next season, started on pole position and was never really challenged around the tight street circuit.

"To be up there achieving things that Jack Brabham achieved is special for me and difficult to take in just now," Webber said before starting formula one's most iconic race, which he led from start to finish.

"He is a legend in the Webber house and if it was not for Jack Brabham I would not be here now. My dad followed him closely and was a big fan - he always followed open-wheeled racing much more than what we call 'taxi-racing' at home. He has been an inspiration and a friend and he has done a lot for me."

Webber, who last week won the Spanish Grand Prix in similar fashion, shot to the lead at the first turn in his Red Bull dream machine ahead of teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Spectators didn't have to wait long for drama, with Nico Hulkenberg (Williams) crashing at 270km/h in the tunnel on the first lap, bringing out the safety car.

Button was the next casualty, with his McLaren's engine overheating on lap three. The safety car departed the track on lap six and the racing resumed. "I think it got a little bit hot on the way to the grid," Button told the BBC. "We left a [air intake] bung in on the left-hand side of the car that obviously you're meant to take out on the way to the grid. That's cooked the engine."

Webber, who could be Ferrari's potential replacement for the Brazilian Felipe Massa next season, set several fastest laps before narrowly avoiding disaster on lap 74 of 78 when two back-markers crashed in front of him. He went to the chequered flag just after the fourth safety car of the race left the track, with Vettel pipping Robert Kubica (Renault) for second place.

Vettel said "I couldn't keep up with him today. He was gone too far away for me and I had to race to stay second this time."

Kubica "I tried to pass Sebastian, but I lost the place on the first lap and that was it."

Massa came home fourth for Ferrari ahead of the 2008 champion Briton Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren with seven-times champion German Michael Schumacher, 41, taking sixth for Mercedes after a controversial move behind the Safety Car to pass Spaniard Fernando Alonso on the final lap.

Schumacher was later penalised 20 seconds for the manoeuvre by stewards and relegated to 12th spot.

Schumacher's Mercedes team-mate and compatriot Nico Rosberg was promoted to seventh ahead of another German Adrian Sutil of Force India. Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi was ninth th in the second Force India.

Webber was almost drawn into a late drama when he came into the Rascasse hairpin to find Italian Jarno Trulli of Lotus colliding with Indian Karun Chandhok of the Hispania team in spectacular fashion.

"He flew in the air and I was just hoping there would be some room to go through on the inside and I would have some options," said Webber. "Thankfully I did."

Chandhok "Jarno Trulli has just apologised to me - there was absolutely no way he could get through there. It's a real shame because I was driving my best race of the year so far and I was on track to be the best of the new teams.

"His car just missed my head. I ducked down and it came over and hit the roll hoop."

Understandably, Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali took a dim view of Schumacher's passing of Alonso behind the safety car.

"That should be the rule... you can't overtake on the final lap. Our understanding of the regulations is pretty clear, but let's just and see what the stewards say."

While Trulli's crash may have been spectacular, it was no more horrifying than the two that saw the two Williams men eliminated earlier when they crashed out - German rookie Hulkenberg in the tunnel and Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello at Massanet - in separate incidents.

Both were huge accidents that caused great damage to the cars, ripping off wheels and wings. "After my pit stop, the car was not together, the steering wheel felt numb," said Barrichello. "Something was not good until the crash. They are analysing what went on.."

For Webber, there was no immediate analysis pending. "I predict a few sore heads in the morning," he said. "You have to celebrate your wins and they don't come any better than this."

Meanwhile, Australia scored a rare double at Monaco, with 20-year-old Daniel Ricciardo claiming victory in the final support race.

Ricciardo, from Perth, earned his first win in the World Series by Renault with his debut drive at Monaco and has already been touted a formula one star of the future.

Driving for French Team Tech 1, Ricciardo never looked back after claiming pole position.

Media Man very occasional mentor (but full time inspiration), Sir Richard Branson, quite the business and sporting daredevil all-rounder, summed it up beautifully a few months ago..."We're going to make racing fun and sexy again". Fun and sexy for your Virgin Racing - Full Tilt Poker pairing too we note, but PartyGaming is also in the race. Could be not long until we see a James Packer' Crown Casino - City Of Dreams or Betfair F1 car doing laps, and winning? Don't laugh, stranger things have happened...

Australia in the lead and online poker rooms sponsoring Branson's Virgin Racing... anything is indeed possible as the world of professional motorsport and poker evolves. As real life superhero Bill Goldberg (and his monster truck team say), "Whose Next"? Go Aussie Go!

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover over a dozen industry verticals including gaming and sports betting. Media Man publish Australian Sports Entertainment

*The writer has conducted b2b with various arms of Betfair, PartyGaming and Virgin.

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited and Virgin



Red Bull is the brand name of an energy drink that originated in Thailand and, in a version adapted to Austrian tastes, is now popular throughout the world. Sold by Red Bull GmbH as an energy drink to combat mental and physical fatigue, it contains, per 250 mL (8.3 U.S. fl. oz.) serving, about 21.5 g sucrose, 5.25 g of glucose, 50 mg of inositol, 1000 mg of taurine, 600 mg of glucuronolactone, vitamin B — 20 mg of Niacin, 5 mg of Vitamin B6, 5 mg of Pantothenic Acid and .005 mg of Vitamin B12 — and 80 mg of caffeine. The caffeine in one serving is similar to that found in an average cup of brewed coffee (typically 100 mg/250 ml cup, but 72 mg for a U.S. regular 6 fluid ounces cup of coffee) or twice as much as found in a can of Coke (40 mg/330 ml can). A sugar-free version has been available since the beginning of 2003. Sugar-free Red Bull is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium, as opposed to sucrose and glucose.

The drink is intended to taste like mixed berries, and is commonly used as mixer in alcoholic drinks such as vodka and is the base ingredient in the now famous Jägerbomb and Remytini. Almost 1 billion of the slim 250 ml cans were sold in 2000 in over 100 countries, 260 million of them in the UK. In 2006, more than 3 billion cans were sold in over 130 countries. 3,903 employees generated 2.6 billion euros in turnover.

On March 24, 2008 Red Bull introduced their first foray into the cola market with a product named 'Simply Cola'.


Red Bull has an aggressive, multi-angle, and international marketing campaign. Red Bull Gmbh sponsors everything from extreme sports like snowboarding, cliff-diving, surfing, formula 1 race cars, and break dancing to art shows, music, and video games. It also hosts events like the "Red Bull Flugtag" and other such contests, designed to amuse participants and observers. By associating the drink's image with these activities, the company has created a very marketable "cool" image with tremendous brand power. In addition, the sleek, thin, sharp packaging creates a sexier image than some other cola counterparts. Hence, this one energy drink has created a market for over 150 related types of merchandise. British institution Advertising Standards Authority has upheld complaints about claims made in the publicity of Red Bull in the United Kingdom since 1997. Even with all of the concerns regarding Red Bull, in 2000 the corporation earned around $1 billion in worldwide sales and Red Bull held 65% of the market share.

Red Bull is also extending protection of its trademarked phrase of 'gives you wings' to cover similar variants. A charitable Polish organization, Fundacja Gražyny Malecha, which collects money to provide clothing and school books for impoverished children, is currently being sued for trademark infringement for using the phrase "give children wings" in its slogan, despite the stark dissimilarity between the companies making it unlikely that a consumer would be confused.


The original Red Bull drink was developed in Thailand by the company TC Pharmaceutical, where it was sold under the Thai name 'Krating Daeng'. The recipe was based on Lipovitan, an earlier energy drink that had been introduced to Thailand from Japan. Krating Daeng sales soared across Asia in the 1970s and 1980s, especially among truck drivers, construction workers and farmers. Truck drivers used to drink it to stay awake during the long late night drive. The working class image was boosted by sponsorship of Thai boxing matches, where the logo of two red bulls charging each other was often on display.

The Thai product was transformed into a global brand by Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian entrepreneur. Mateschitz was international marketing director for Blendax, a German toothpaste company, when he visited Thailand in 1982 and discovered that Krating Daeng helped to cure his jet lag. Between 1984 and 1987, Mateschitz worked with TC Pharmaceutical (a Blendax licensee) to adapt Krating Daeng for European audiences. At the same time Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya founded Red Bull GmbH; each investing $500,000 of savings and taking a 49% stake in the new company. They gave the remaining 2% to Chaleo's son Chalerm, but it was agreed that Mateschitz would run the company. Red Bull GmbH launched the “Austrian” version of Red Bull in 1987, which is carbonated and not as sweet as the original Thai recipe. “Austrian” Red Bull entered its first foreign market (Hungary) in 1992, and the United States (via California) in 1997.

It is the Austrian formula that has taken almost half of the US market for energy drinks, and up to 80% of the market in some other countries continue to market the original formula across Asia. In 2006, Forbes Magazine listed Chaleo as being the 292nd richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of over $2.5 billion while Mateschitz was listed at number 317.

(Credit: Wikipedia).

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