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Jorgio El-Zein - Photographer & Graphic Artist

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I have been a practicing photographer for over 15 years. My techniques are self-taught, based upon the experience of shooting hundreds of rolls of film each year, I use 35mm and medium format cameras and work with both natural and artificial light sources. My studio is equipped with digital facilities, where I compose images and multi-media works. My commercial photography assignments have been largely in the area of the entertainment industry including the design of CD covers and posters. In film and video I have worked on independent productions in the capacity of stills photographer, actor and screenwriter.

As a photo-based artist, I have participated in solo and group exhibits and been the subject of many interviews and portfolio reviews on radio, internet and newspapers. My interviews with the electronic media have included on-camera demonstrations of the making of my images, using unconventional photographic techniques and the latest digital technologies.

I have also volunteered my services as a photographer and donated works of art to benefit humanitarian causes and non-profit arts organizations and publications.

Artistic education

1984 - 1985, Sydney
Fashion & craft design

1992 - 1993, Australian Inst' of Music
Certificate in music

Australian Conservatory of Music
1994 Visiting Student
Comparative Literature

1994 - 1997, Wesley Inst' for Ministry and the arts
Diploma in the arts (major in Music)

Published Photographs


* Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney)
* The Sydney city Hub (Sydney),
* The Women's DAYBOOK1998 (Queensland),
* Sydney Scope Magazine (Sydney),
* Music Forum (Australia)
* CitySearch. (Internet)
* Side on gallery (internet)
* Jazzchord (Sydney)
* Various tourism papers & magazines (Canada)
* Feature Photographer Watrous website (Canada)

Work on Film and Video

2003 - Pookie (Sydney)
Director: Tim Badluk
Graphic, Set Photographer

2000 - psycho analysis (Sydney)
Director: Jorgio El Zein
Actor, scrip writer

1994 - Fiddler on the Roof (Sydney)
Director: Dr David Johnston
Actor, Still Photography

1999 - The Dress Circle (Sydney)
Director: Lubna McDonald
Actor, Set Photographer

CD - Cover Work

2004 Col Laughnan / "Feel the Breeze" (La Brava label)
Photography, digital artwork and layout

2004 Ashley Turner / "Beautiful Open Spaces" (La Brava label)
Photography, digital artwork and layout

2003 Andrew Oh / Silk (arkmusic)
Photography, digital artwork and layout

2003 Errol H. Renaud / the message
photography, cover design

2002 Ewura Esi / Abrantee Boy (independent label)
Photography, digital artwork and layout

2002 Steve Hunter / "Local World" (ABC label)
Photography, digital artwork and layout

2000 Steve Hunter / "Nine Lives" (ABC label)
CD photography, digital artwork and layout

2000 Ego Band / "Ego"
CD photography, digital artwork and layout

2000 Caroline Lynn Bayne
Publicity photography, Australian tour posters, CD cover

1998 Craig Walters
Publicity photography, posters

1996 Black Rose / "Get Real"
CD Artwork - Photography

Fashion Photography

Hair by Endless Spirit
And George Saba (Sydney)

Digital Images And Design

Hotline. ltd
Egoband pty ltd
Royallion. ltd
Turbolinux. pty ltd
Melaar Systems. pty

Selected Conferences and events

*YWCA events, Sydney 2003
* Oz Dance awards, Photographer, Sydney, Oct. 2000
* Carnivale , Official photographer, Sydney Oct. 2000
* Darling Harbour Sydney concert events, Dec. 2000
* Epicenter, portraits of management and staff, Sydney, Dec.1999
* Montreal Jazz Festival, (Canada) Photographer, 1998
* George Saba, Hairdressing portraits and runway shots for publicity and portfolio


July 2003
Palm House, Sydney
Double exhibition - Housing Flowers on canvas
(sponsored by Ilford)

March 2000
Side on Gallery, Sydney
Solo exhibit entitled - Old Places, New Faces

July 2000
The Artist way - Sydney
Solo exhibit entitled - After Time

January 2001
Baciocalupo Cafe - Sydney
Solo exhibit - Untitled

March 2001
Powerhouse Museum
Group exhibit - East of Somewhere

Selected Reviews

The Sydney City Hub (Sydney), March 2000. Review, interview, solo exhibition. Editor; Georgette Ford.

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