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Australia offers numerous media and entertainment related educational facilities and employment options.

As a service to our audience, we have listed a number of resources to suit your requirements.

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Educational Websites

NSW Department of Education and Training

NSW Board of Studies

Australian Film, Television and Radio School

Education Media Websites

The Australian - Higher Education

The Sydney Morning Herald - Education

The Daily Telegraph - Maralyn Parker Education blog

The Daily Telegraph - Classmate

Educational Profiles

Pittwater High School Solar Power Station

School Volunteer Program

High Hopes Educational Services

Corporate Training

Education Web Blogs

High Hopes Educational Services blog

Education News Media blog

The Daily Telegraph - Maralyn Parker Education blog

Employment Websites




National Press Club

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

NSW Writers' Centre


A wrong way to the top, by Kath Walters - 20th May 2004

Gone in 60 seconds, by Tony Davis - 28th September 2002

Meet the CEO - Sir Richard Branson - 10th December 2003

Alan Jones: Broadcaster and Enigmatic Man

Why does the media business breed jealousy? by Greg Tingle


Steve Ahern, Founder of and Director of A F T R S

Derek Wilding, Director, Communications and Law Centre

Bruce Arnold, Director, Caslon Analytics: 1st September 2003

Irina Dunn, Executive Director, NSW Writers' Centre



School Volunteer Program

High Hopes Educational Services

Australian Stunt Academy

Australian Film and Television Radio School

Petersham TAFE



Pittwater High School Solar Power Station

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September 2009

Media Man does not currently have any employment opportunities. Any opportunities that arise will be published on the Media Man Australia website on the Employment page

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