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Discover Sydney’s Bizarre and Bloody Past with
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Weird Sydney Ghost and History Tours
Convicts - history - crime scenes - sex, drugs, rock 'n roll - scandals - celebrities - ghosts and more!

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Under the cover of darkness, we’ll show you a bizarre and fascinating side of Sydney you never knew existed, in the comfort of one of our beautiful Cadillac hearses. This is the history they don’t put in the text books. This is the Sydney they don’t put in the guide books. And this is the tour that shines the spotlight onto the tantalising skeletons in Sydney’s closet.

Sydney is a city that began as a poorly planned solution to Britain’s overcrowded prisons and it was only by good luck it survived its formative years. Now it has grown into the best place in the world to live – and the world’s most desired tourist destination. But what a past our city has! Exciting and extraordinary, ghastly and ghostly, uplifting and downtrodden.

Come with Destiny Tours Sydney to discover this undiscovered side of Sydney in a fun filled tour experience you’ll never forget. Our informative and entertaining commentary will tell you about the famous and infamous who shaped the history of Sydney, and the scandals and secrets that have spiced our lives since the very first days of European settlement.

Enjoy the attention as you are transported (vertically) in one of our beautiful haunted hearses, either Elvira the black 1967 air conditioned Cadillac or Morticia our grey 1962 Cadillac with stunning snow leopard interior.

For all enquiries and bookings, please phone Allan the Hearse Whisperer
on (02) 9943 0167 or 0414 232244 or email

Here’s a taste of what you can expect with Destiny Tours Sydney:

You’ll see the former site of Sydney’s notorious Blue Light VD clinic, now housing an exclusive restaurant. Should we tell the diners inside?

We’ll show you the hotel with the forbidding cellars where drunken sailors were shanghaied through secret tunnels to wake up later on board a ship bound for who knows where. Maybe the resident female ghost who walks the stairs at night knows...

We’ll tell you about the ghosts of the Sydney Opera House. A fairly new building, but already 4 ghosts call it home.

Who feels like a quick trip through the streets where bubonic plague broke out in 1900? Oops, was that a rat we just saw?

Cruise down beautiful Macquarie St. Historic yes, but also our most haunted, the buildings full of tormented souls (and we’re not referring to the living ones in Parliament House).

We’ll show you the former convict-built gaol (see their markings still in the sandstone) where the gallows has been turned into a toilet block, the morgue is now an electricity sub-station, the cells are classrooms and the women’s cell block is now a theatre. Hear the story of the hideously ugly and hated hangman who despatched over 400 offenders, including 70 at this place. Whatever you do, don’t wander around here alone at night.

Check out the street life on Sydney's "Rodeo Drive" and watch those heads turn to check out the hearse! What a giggle, you'd think they've never seen a hearse drive down that street before, or maybe it's because they're not expecting to see live ones in the back! Hey wasn't that....? You know who I mean!

Explore the back alleys of world famous Kings Cross. Look at all those ladies on the main street waiting around to meet their friends.

Did you know that the cost of Sydney’s internationally known Harbour Bridge also included 16 lives? One construction worker’s body was found standing upright in the mud at the bottom of the harbour! And if you think that’s bizarre, wait ‘til you hear what happened to some of the other workmen.

We’ll show you the impressive, sandstone Victoria Barracks and learn about its resident ghosts, including the private who hanged himself in the barracks prison while awaiting court martial – for murdering his sergeant.

We’ll point out where the 23 explorers of Bridge Street live – silent sentinels in their carved sandstone niches high above the busy traffic - wondering why the remaining niches are still empty.

We’ll take you down the elegant, tree-lined length of Victoria Street – saved from high rise development, and a legacy to one of Sydney’s greatest unsolved murder mysteries.

See Sydney’s best-known brothel hiding behind dense shrubbery because they don’t have a discreet rear entrance. Sorry, it’s not a stop-off, however we will stop for an optional inside look at The Kastle, Sydney's leading bondage parlour! (Adults only). See a naughty side of Sydney that you wouldn't normally get to see. For many passengers this is the highlight of the tour!

You’ll hear of the 3 remarkable women who ruled Sydney’s underworld in the 30s and 40s. Between them they had 384 convictions. See where they lived, fought and drank.

See where the Beatles stayed in 1964; see an ex-Prime Minister’s haunted house; homes of the rich and famous, crime scenes, sites of suicide, sex, suffering and scandal.

We’ll give you a feeling for the culture of Victorian-era Sydney at the impressive, gothic-style Mortuary Station, the 1869 purpose-built train station for the recently departed on their way to Rookwood Necropolis (city of the dead).

And we have heaps more to intrigue and entertain you as we take you on a trip through Sydney’s brutal, bizarre and bloody past.

So come and join us on Sydney's most unusual tour, and your first ride in a hearse won’t be your last! Wearing of fancy dress or just plain black is encouraged, and don't forget your camera!

* Please book early for Friday and Saturday night tours to avoid disappointment.
* For passenger safety and out of respect for the deceased, intoxicated or persons adversely affected by alcohol or drugs will not be permitted on the tour.
* Maximum number of passengers on a tour is 9 per hearse.
* For larger groups of up to 18, both hearses can be used.

Weird Sydney Ghost and History Tour:
Cruise leisurely through the inner city areas of Kings Cross, Rushcutters Bay, Darling Point, Double Bay, Point Piper, Woollahra, Paddington, Darlinghurst, East Sydney, Surry Hills, Chippendale, the CBD, The Rocks, Woolloomoolloo, Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay. Over 50 places of interest that will amuse and amaze you.

* $69 per head. ($72 from 1st March). Children 2-12 half price. Ghosts free.
* Light refreshments, fact sheets and a free souvenir video of Elvira included.
* Nightly at 8pm. Extra tours at other times added subject to demand.
* Approx 2 1/2 hours.
* Special offer: book all 9 seats and save 10%

NEW: Short Version Weird Sydney Ghost and History Tour:
For those on a budget, all the highlights. Does not include the visit to the Kastle.

* $49 per head. Children 2-12 half price. Ghosts free.
* Fact sheets and a free souvenir video of Elvira included.
* Times by arrangement.
* Approx 1 1/2 hours.
* Special offer: book all 9 seats and save 10%

Note: Details of tours, times, prices, guides and vehicles may be subject to change. Many locations seen on Weird Sydney Ghost and History Tours are private or government property and not accessible to the public. Carriage is in accordance with the Passenger Transport Act 1990. Passenger Transport (Bus Services) Regulation 2000 No. 531 sect 32 (1) states "A passenger must not drink any intoxicating liquor in any bus." No refunds for no-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours prior to departure.

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Birthdays - Anniversaries (makes a great surprise) - Hens and Bucks Nights - Social Club Outings - Kids Birthday Parties - Work Xmas Parties
* Gift Vouchers available *
Ride in a hearse whilst you're still alive! A great time guaranteed.

Elvira and Morticia are also available for weddings, school formals, charter, airport transfers, corporate transfers (eg restaurants), general sightseeing tours, street parades, advertising and promotions.

For all enquiries and bookings, please phone Allan the Hearse Whisperer
on (02) 9943 0167 or 0414 232244 or email
Fax (02) 9943 1108

Unless otherwise arranged, all tours depart from and terminate at
Kings Cross Car Parking Station
cnr Elizabeth Bay Rd and Amos Lane
(behind the police station on the other side of the street)
Please wait near the cashier's office
Note: Destiny Tours customers will get a special discount parking rate

Alternatively, by arrangement especially if you have one group of 9 booking a tour,
the tours can start and finish in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art,
140 George St, The Rocks
Please be ready 10 minutes prior to departure

Destiny Tours Sydney
PO Box 1962
Hornsby Westfield NSW 1635

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NSW Ministry of Transport Accreditation No. 25329



Destiny Tours official website

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