Crocodile Mick Pitman

Crocodile Mick Pitman - An authentic crocodile hunter

Meet Michael Pitman, "Crocodile Mick" to his mates.

Mick is a living legend of the Australian outback.

In recent years, Australian crocodile hunters have been receiving a great deal of attention.

Media Man Australia has learned that there is indeed more than 1 "Crocodile Hunter" in Australia, and not all croc hunters are the same.

For more information on Crocodile Mick, examine his website, or ask us, or better still, telephone or e-mail Mick!


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Attention Media:

Crocodile Mick Pitman is available for interview to discuss such matters as what constitutes a real Crocodile Hunter, his feud with Steve Irwin, tall tales, alleged plot to blow Australian Zoo out of the water, and more!


Greg Tingle with "Crocodile" Mick Pitman

Media Man Australia is the former agent for Mick Pitman