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1964 - 2006

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becomes the hunted, by other Australian crocodile hunters! (and the media)


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Folks it's official, there is more than just one Crocodile Hunter!

If you believe the media (yeah right), and more specifically the "spin" and "PR" BS, there is only one Crocodile Hunter!

Media Man Australia is here to advise the world that there are many Australian crocodile hunters.

The Australian public has became aware that there are what many would say are "more authentic" and original, crocodile hunters.

A little birdie whispered in my ear that a "Crocodile Hunter" wanted to trademark the term "Crocodile Hunter". ...and I want to trademark "Media" if.

The Australian public and media outlets have spoken loud and clear, and the verdict is that all Australian crocodile hunters deserve a place in the sun, and the opportunity to be showcased to the masses, that may have previously been mislead into believing that there was one 1 crocodile hunter! It doesn't pay to bite the hand that feeds you.

It's all just a matter of delving beneath the surface and discovering a pack of hungry and original, true blue crocodile hunters.

The Crocodile Hunters ("down under")

Michael "Mick" Pitman - "Crocodile Mick"

Keith F. Adams - "Crocodile Safari Man"

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Steve "Crusher" Rackman - "Donk" from 'Crocodile Dundee' movies


Michael "Mick" Pitman - "Crocodile Mick"

Steve "Crusher" Rackman - "Donk"

David Ireland

Media Man Australia


Keith F. Adams - "Crocodile Safari Man"

Michael "Mick" Pitman - "Crocodile Mick"

Steve "Crusher" Rackman - "Donk"


Steve "Crusher" Rackman - 25th May 2003


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Crocodile Mick

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