Connolly Key Joint

Connolly Key Joint

Connolly Key Joint Pty Ltd is the leading manufacturer of pre-formed control joints and ancillary products for the concrete pavement industry.

Connolly Key Joint, with its patented fixing system the secret to its success, accounts for the major share of the company's total core business. Additional products in the range have been designed to enhance the overall performance of the finished project.

Ancillary products include a range of removable and retained capping strips and dowel systems designed for varying applications to ensure a quality control joint is achieved.

Connolly Key Joint is focused on maintaining its growth through a commitment to research and development and the introduction of new and innovative products.

Company Background

Connolly Key Joint began producing preformed metal key joint in 1990 and has since grown to become the largest supplier of metal key joint to the Australian market.

The brainchild of local builder Paul Connolly, Connolly Key Joint was awarded an Australian Design Award in 1992 for outstanding design, technical and commercial factors. Since winning the award in 1992, CKJ has gone from strength to strength, having been judged the winner of the Small Business Award for Quality Management in 1996 and being a finalist for several other prestigious awards since. With some 500,000 metres sold annually, key joint is definitely not a new product as it is widely specified for use as contraction and construction joints in a multitude of structures both here and overseas. Connolly products are sold in every State and Territory in Australia and also export to a growing overseas market.

Connolly Key Joint's core product is its award winning key joint which is backed up by an extensive range of associated capping products. Add to this a growing list of products for use in other concrete jointing applications and it is not hard to see why Connolly Key Joint is the industry leader. Connolly Key Joint has a commitment to a continuing research and development program designed to provide better solutions to the everyday problems encountered on construction sites. This includes not only the development of new and innovative products, but also the further development of our already successful products. This, combined with our extensive range of key joint capping products, crack inducers and other concreting accessories will ensure Connolly Key Joint maintains its place as the leading supplier of these products for many years to come.

Connolly Key Joint is a Quality Assured company and all products are distributed nationally through over 150 major mesh and bar retailers as well as many of their reseller networks.



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