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Jenny Cartwright, Sales and Telemarketing trainer and guru

Jenny Cartwright was born in Birmingham, England in 1950. From the age of 12 she had a flair for languages and a desire to travel so school holidays were spent staying with French and German families in Europe. She also loved to play tennis competitively.

After leaving school at 18, she completed a full-time three year diploma in languages for business purposes. This qualified her to work at the United Nations as a tri-lingual secretary but Jenny had a desire to use her languages in a way that was more fun. She got her first job as a travel representative in the South of France looking after people on holiday. This led to the next 4 years working as a ski representative in Austria and France. It was here that she had the idea of creating her own extra fun activities and excursions for the customers and really enjoyed her success in selling these to them.

In 1978 she came to Australia just as tourism was really starting to develop. She started as sales rep for The Telford Hotel Chain and quickly advanced to Sales Manager and National Sales and Marketing Manager. In 1984 she was poached by Centralian Holidays and worked as their International Sales and Marketing Manger for 3 years travelling the world. In 1987 Jenny married and switched to a Sydney based job as Product Development Manager for Insight International Tours.

When her first child was born, she changed direction to telephone selling. From 1991 to 1997 , through direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, she successfully promoted Tom Hopkins and Anthony Robbins on four of their visits to Australia and also Zig Ziglar, James Rohn, Denis Waitley, Harvey Mackay, Michael Gerber and Jay Abraham. In 1995 she qualified as a trainer and has been conducting in-house sales and telesales training for companies ever since. In 1988 she gained ASM accreditation by National Speakers and qualified as a business and life coach with Coach-U. She was awarded National Salesperson of the Year by the Business SWAP organisation in 1993 and "Telemarketer of the Year" in 1995.

Jenny's desire to enable salespeople to become more successful inspired her to share her immense knowledge of "selling" in her new book "Don't Get Hung Up!" (How to Sell Products and Services by Phone). She will be doing more conference speaking this year, public seminars on telesales around the country, inhouse training and she'll be developing more training products for salespeople.

Jenny works and lives at home in Lane Cove with her two teenage boys, and husband Simon. She is currently the President of Pioneer Business SWAP members), a member of the ATA and the Chatswood Chamber of Commerce. Fitness is very important to her and she makes time to play competition tennis, work out at the gym 3 times a week, jog and ski.


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Jenny Cartwright has been in Sales and Marketing for the last 32 years and has exceeded many companies' expectations by producing outstanding results. Her knowledge is essential for everyone who promotes products and services. She was National Marketing Manager of the Telford hotel Group, International Marketing Manager of Centralian Tours and Product Development Manager of Insight International Tours.

In 1988 she established her own Company, Jenny Cartwright Promotions, to help Companies on a consulting basis to develop their business and increase sales. Examples of some of her clients have been Day-Timers, Jones Lang Wootton , Vagabond Cruises and The Executive Meeting Centre.

From 1991 - 1997 ,through direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, she successfully promoted Tom Hopkins and Anthony Robbins on four of their visits to Australia, Zig Ziglar, Sales Congress 91,92,93,94,95,96 and 97, James Rohn, Denis Waitley, Harvey Mackay, Michael Gerber and Jay Abraham.

Since 1995 Jenny has been conducting inhouse customised sales, telesales and customer service training for companies and individuals in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Examples of some companies she has trained are Australian Casualty and Life, Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications, People Telecom, Tourism Tasmania, Prudential Corporation, Phillips Components, The Real Estate Institute, The Valuer General's Department, APS Chemicals, MSA, National Investment Institute, Hexal Pharmaceuticals, ID Warehouse, Delaney Kelly Golding, Acorn Australia, APS Chemicals, R.M. Smith &Son , Phytomedecine, Chandler Macleod and many more.

Jenny is an accredited trainer and coach. She gained recognition in 1998 as an accredited speaking member of the National Speakers Association and graduated from Coach-U University in the same year which qualifies her to work as a corporate sales, marketing and personal success coach. She wrote the first telemarketing course for TAFE in 1995 and has written customised training and coaching courses for numerous companies since.

Jenny has been an active member of Business SWAP (Salespeople with a Purpose) for 16 years. She is a member of the Australian Telemarketing Association in Australia and the Chatswood Chamber of Commerce. She was awarded "National Salesperson of the Year" by the Business SWAP organisation in 1993, "National SWAPer of the Year" in 1996 and 2004 and "Telemarketer of the Year" in 1995.

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"Jenny was really good at establishing rapport and getting us all involved so that everyone opened up and had fun participating" Stephanie, Births Deaths and Marriages

"We would recommend Jenny Cartwright to any company who wishes to utilize training and make a difference in the sales area" Edward Henebery, MD Acorn Australia


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