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Sydney Body Art Riders do it again.

Last Sunday a magical sight was seen on the streets of Sydney. A long column of massed colourful bodies glided down Rainbow St to Malabar Rd and into the sea at South Maroubra Beach. Hard to believe, and totally disconcerting for those who weren't expecting it.

The three hundred painted riders were raising funds to support Children's Cancer Research and promoting healthy, sustainable living. They were led by a bevy of painted models from Cleopatra Productions each painted with a different national flag. Foremost among the cyclists came the Hope Valley team, four celebrity riders from ABC Television and the Cannaboard pack.

This years Sydney Body Art Ride was one of the highlights of the New Mardi Gras Arts festival and had a particular emphasis on the Australian spirit of inclusiveness. Organised entirely by volunteers, the ride is staged on a modest budget provided by Randwick City Council so that 100% of the money raised can go to the Charity. The UV proof, biodegradable body paint is provided free of charge by the Matisse Derivan paint company.

Beachgoers at Maroubra thought they must have been dreaming when the hundreds of painted figures came marching over the dunes and into the water. The riders came in every size and shape and their ages ranged from 2 years old to 66. The organisers also gained two world records for Sydney, the most painted people and the most painted people on bicycles.


Media Man Australia public thank you to Cannaboard, Jake Lloyd-Jones, Eva Rinaldi (Cleopatra Productions), Maroubra Chamber of Commerce, Bill Ranken, Sydney Stunts, The Southern Courier, The Sydney Morning Herald, Guinness World Records and everyone else involved in the success of Cannaboard and the Sydney Body Art Bike Ride.