Mick Butz

Meet "No Bull" Mick Butz

Have farm at Goulburn. Read local paper, with Town and Country Insert on 4/11/03 and saw his picture with a story about how he was going to enter the food chain. Decided to go to sale at Moss Vale Saleyards and attempt to buy if he was anywhere as big as he looked in the paper. He exceeded expectations and was soon a member of the family. Upon letting my wife Kai know that I had been successful at the sale, she remarked that if she was able to get her hands on a knife, he wouldn't be the only steer in the family!

He was only at the farm for a few days when he decided he was lonely and walked through a number of my fences which have only held "honest" sheep before. Luckily he ended up at place owned by a friend of mine, Mr Gary Young, who is also a movie producer. He has a herd of young steers of normal size, and as Gary says" makes normal beasts look like pygmy goats" We left him at Gary's place for a few weeks, as he seemed to like the company of that herd. Gary then mounted his Palomino mare and we drove him back through various paddocks, and also put a couple of the young steers in with him to keep him company.

All was well for a few weeks until he decided to go walkabout again, this time to Bill and Helena Cooks property over the road. I then decided that it was getting beyond a joke and Gary and I electrified the fence around his paddock, and Gary came down again on the horse and brought him back. Since electrifying the fence he has become a very honest steer! He has obviously had dealings with them in the past. Gary reckons that the whole episode was so funny that he wants to make a movie featuring it.


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Press Release: World's Largest Steer - No Bull!