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James Packer - Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest Indigenous Employment Tag Team - 6th July 2011

Crown Casino Aussie Millions; James Packer Special, by Greg Tingle - 24th January 2011

G'day punters, journos, high rollers - casino whales, gambling millionaires and billionaires, poker sharks, entertainment and arts news junkies, media tycoons, politicians, insiders, outsiders, legal eagles... one and all. You know who you are. Today we have a massive Crown Casino Aussie Millions update for you, along with other big news from Crown Casino's parent company, Crown Limited, including the one and only 'Our James' (James Packer) and friends. Media Man and Gambling911 with a jam packed report we think the late, great, Kerry Packer would be proud of, and we hope you're delighted with it too...

Shane Warnie M.I.A At Aussie Millions Yesterday (Including Last Night); UK Connection?...

Champion spinner, celeb poker pro (sort of) and face of Crown Poker, Shane "Warnie" Warne was Missing In Action yesterday, including in nocturnal hours, as fellow hot blooded sportsman, Tiger Woods might say. Yep, no show of Warnie and Aussie Millions, but he wasn't seen on a jet either. Maybe one of Crown's private fleet was commissioned for special delivery. Warnie has been getting up nice and cosy to U.K babe aka "poker babe" Liz Hurley in Los Angeles of late, and we wish the happy couple many more winning hands (and kisses and hugs et al). Warne is full expected to show up at Crown Casino later this afternoon or in the evening, or tomorrow at the latest. Warnie, if you're a little behind schedule, its ok. No detailed step by step - blow by blow explanation is required. Great to see the work - life priorities in order. Poke - er, on and off the felt - way to go son. Stay tuned for more of the life and times of Shane Warne, but sorry, no nude shots here, but inside scoops none the less.

Melbourne, Australia and UK: Aussie Millions Gossip: Did Poker Ace Warnie Poke Her?...

The champion spinner and reported ladies man, Shane Warne, admitted he had been "busted" spending a romantic weekend with English actress - babe Elizabeth Hurley. The cricket legend had been trying to keep the reunion under wraps after making a last-minute dash to Los Angeles to rendezvous with the glamorous movie star. But Warne, 41, was outed by keen News Limited newspaper readers who spotted him on a flight back from Los Angeles on Sunday evening. Approached by the News Limited's Herald Sun at Crown's Aussie Millions Poker charity fundraiser on Wednesday night, Warne grinned and said: "Yeah, I know we've been busted." He declined further comment on the success of his reunion with the 45-year-old beauty. "Er, next question," he replied. But mates at the benefit later revealed Warne had confirmed his weekend had gone "very well" and he had rekindled the flame with Hurley. Their romance has slowed a touch when it was revealed Warne has apparently sent more than 100 text messages to married Brighton woman Adele Angelari. "Let's just say he was pretty happy," said a mate. Hurley made no secret of being in Los Angeles, tweeting about the weather and saying she watched the Golden Globe Awards from her hotel. Shortly after Warne boarded the plane for home, she tweeted: "A great weekend. Best in a long, long time." We think congratulations may be in order for Warnie's speculative "innings" across the water. Yeah Warnie keep row row rowing the boat, life might be such a breeze. May the good fortune of Warnie rub off on you and may every hand and women bring you a champion result. Warnie is not only a solid poker player, but is a face of Crown Poker, and also a keen golf player. It's not known if he has scored a hole in one, but he sure knows how to play them birdies. You know what we mean.

Aussie Millions: A History Of Champions...

Who will win this years Aussie Millions Championship? It may be too early to tell, but Phil Ivey is a hot favorite.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and see who has taken out the big one over the years...

2010 Champion

Tyron Krost
Origin: Australia (Sin City Sydney)
Winnings: $2,000,000
Defeated 746 players
*sponsored by PartyGaming's PartyPoker

2009 Champion

Stewart Scott
Origin: Australia
Winnings: $2,000,000
Defeated 681 players
*sponsored by PartyGaming's PartyPoker

2008 Champion

Alexander Kostritsyn
Origin: Russia
Winnings: $1,650,000
Defeated 780 players

2007 Champion

Gus Hansen
Origin: Denmark
Winnings: $1,500,000
Defeated 747 players

2006 Champion

Lee Nelson
Origin: New Zealand
Winnings: $1,295,800
Defeated 418 players

2005 Champion

Jamil Dia
Origin: New Zealand
Winnings: $1,000,000
Defeated 263 players

2004 Champion

Tony Bloom
Winnings: $ 426,500
Defeated 133 players

2003 Champion

Peter Costa
Origin: England
Winnings: $39,4870
Defeated 122 players

Aussie Millions Player Profile: Phil Ivey; Hot Favorite...

He's arguably the world's most famous gambler, only battling for headlines with living legend, Doyle Brunson. He bets, wins and looses fortunes on the flip of a card, and he's certainly living the American Dream... to be continued at Australia's expense many tipsters stay. The 34-year-old shark (affectionate)... we like you Phil, is playing in the Aussie Millions poker tournament at James Packers' Crown Casino but he states it's not the tourney or its million bucks main event first prize that got him down under - its "the action". Ivey is also rumoured to check out Sin City Sydney's Star City, something we're not sure Crown Limited powers that be wanted to read about, but we have to keep things fair in the world famous 'Australian Casino Wars' right? No, we don't own shares in Tabcorp - not yet anyway.

Ivey is understood to have some similar nocturnal habits to Tiger Woods, who he has sometimes been compared to. He's also widely acknowledged by his peers as the best player on at the planet at all 3 main poker disciplines of the poker: online poker, cash games and of course, tournament! Yeah, he's a killer, and he also excels at other casino games.

Master poker player Chris "Jesus" Ferguson generously shares the following to the press: "In the past that was three different people, but over the last few years the best player was just Phil Ivey, and there isn't even an argument, and that's really unusual in a game like poker.

Howard Lederer, another genius poker nut went on record with "It doesn't matter what the game is, Phil's the best". By the way, Lederer has a side bet with Ivey on whether the champ will win another World Series of Poker in the next two years. The bet is rumoured to be $US5 million.

'Aussie Millions' is Australia's undisputed richest poker tournament, but the organised (official) poker games are often quite the distraction for poker professionals playing private cash games and taking side bets, while they enjoy taking in everything that Australia has to offer, including the beaches, Melbourne culture and of course, the beautiful Australian women (and climate).

Ivey started playing card games at his grandfather's house in New Jersey, USA growing up, later moving to Atlantic City in his teen years. He trained 10 to 12 hours a day playing, under a fake ID of course. Hey, it is poker. Legend has it he went on to develop his game at a regular 7-card stud game run by the Hustler (the skin lad's mag and website) media mogul publisher Larry Flynt.

It was in 2002 Ivey won 3 WSOP bracelets thus establishing himself as the world's best.

The champ also plays table games including baccarat and craps, and is a very keen better on sports.

"I enjoy myself when I'm betting, life's just more fun that way," said Ivey.

This guys is loaded, on an off the felt. What's his fortune worth? No one knows for sure. He shares "can't relate to it and to talk about it seem crass". Industry sources say Ivey has made more than $US18 million in online poker games since circa 2007.

Folks, don't change your dials. The Aussie Millions Poker Championships runs until Sunday, and yes, Packer, Warnie and even yours truly are tipped to make a special appearance, planned or a surprise. Security is the strongest its ever been, so no funny business everyone. Don't try to call our bluff.

Aussie Millions: Sam Trickett Wins $100,000 Challenge Yesterday...

Trickett Wins $1.5 Million to Grow his Career Wins to $3 Million after a Challenging 3-Handed Battle against Tony Bloom and Erik Seidel.

7 of the best players in the world, $100,000 each. Just 1 winner!

The Final Table Chip Counts (with thanks to our Crown Casino friends and spies)

1st Sam Trickett 961,000
2nd David Steicke 622,000
3rd James Obst 571,000
4th Jeffrey Lisandro 454,000
5th David Benyamine 363,000
6th Erik Seidel 169,000
7th Tony Bloom 148,000
8th Chris Ferguson 89,000

James Packer To Get High Roller Super VIP's On The Water Off Perth, Western Australia...

Gambling and media billionaire James Packer has an offer (and a boat ride) for you, if you can afford it.

Welcome to 'Infinity', a $50 million, 40m long Italian-made 'super yacht' to be berthed full time in Perth as part of the Crown's 'World Of Entertainment' offering. It's now tied into Burswood Casino, who are looking to lure in more Asian - Oriental gamblers.

The floating 5 star plus pad (if you can rate the unbelievable luxury), along with its crew of lucky seven will be available for the enjoyment of VVIP (very, very important person) high rolling gamblers.

They will lap up 4 guest rooms, including a huge owner's stateroom complete with his and hers bathrooms.

Infinity was unveiled to a group of Perth business folks this past Thursday, strategically ahead of the opening of the $10 million Rockpool restaurant, a new secret weapon of Burswood.

Packer was quoted by our friends at The Western Australia "We regard ourselves as very lucky to be in Perth. Clearly it's the boom city in Australia. I also personally love Western Australia. "I've spent - for an easterner - a lot of time in the west over the years. I think the best of Australia is found in the characters in Western Australia." It's well know that one of Packer's good mates and close business associates, Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest is also based in Western Australia.

Burswood's makeover is targeted at China's billionaires... all 150 of them! Yes, someone counted them.

Packer is aware of the Burwood's casino and entertainment complex mixed reputation and shares "If we keep investing in the facility and we keep making it better and better, then I think that will change. If you look at Crown (casino) in Melbourne, all segments of society frequent (it) from all different stratas - and that is absolutely our desire for Burswood over time."

Also forecast this year are are two Infinity Mansions...total price tag of $25 million - to be built in the grounds at Burswood and the completion of a new and exclusive Infinity gaming room, currently under way via the rooftop of the Intercontinental Hotel of the complex.

"Our genuine hope is that the mansions will be the two best hotel rooms in the world," Packer said. "That was our brief."

A Media Man Int spokesperson said "Don't bet against James Packer. He's proved the knockers wrong so many times before its not funny. If you had believe the naysayers, Packer would have lost all of his fortune a few years ago. He bounced back in champion fashion in is now regarded as one of the very best gambling and media tycoons on the planet. Apart from that, he's also a heck of a nice bloke who is fair and balanced with his dealing with the press and public, and the universe continues to reward the man and his family for their good deeds. Packer is on a roll and nothing not nobody looks to be able to catch him at the moment, including Tabcorp or anyone else that dare try. Yeah, we're glad we bought shares in his company also, and make no secret about it. Of late, just about everything he touches turns to gold. It's going to be a golden year aboard the Packer express".

James Packer Loves Perth: People, Innovation, Lifestyle, His Casino And Food...

JP told The Sunday Times on Friday, "I love the Swan River ... it's better than Sydney Harbour." Packer who is doing Perth with prime goals including the launch the new Rockpool restaurant at his Burswood complex, flew in from Singapore on Friday and posed for photographs before heading off for an appointment with mining heiress Gina Rinehart (a fellow major shareholding in Ten). "We want to invest more money in Perth. We regard ourselves as very lucky to be here. It is clearly the most go-ahead city in Australia and has an enormous future." Ok, so what else can we tell you? His $350 million plans to upgrade the Burswood resort include revamped rooms, a new pool, a private gaming den, an extra 250 electronic gaming machines aka "one armed bandits" (Aussie slang), 50 more gaming tables and a 40m luxury yacht for entertaining high rollers. Packer advised he was looking forward to digging into a steak sourced from five tonnes of beef on site but did not share the same tastes as his late father, Kerry, who famously walked out of the Barrenjoey House restaurant in the 1980s when Neil Perry, head chef at the time, refused to cook him a well-done steak with tomato sauce. "I like my steak medium-rare," JP said. For the record likes with tomato sauce (so do we). "And Neil doesn't cook enough of them for me." Punters, what are you waiting for. Get yourselves over to Burswood for a bit of 2, 4, 6, 8, dig in, don't wait. And, good luck on the slots, tables, and out on the water, if your lucky enough. Crown Limited powers that be - your throw of the dice.

Take the time to research and learn games before placing down money

Media Man, Casino News Media and Gambling911 are website portals. Not casinos as such, however are recognised as world leading websites that cover the sector and act as central points to games, news, reviews and more.

Readers... er, punters, how did you like our special Aussie Millions, Crown Limited and James Packer report? Tell us in the forum.

If you have a bet, please bet with your head, not over it, and for God's sake, have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a dozen sectors covered

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited



Australian Casino News: Burswood Casino Update, by Greg Tingle - 1st October 2010

A big week for our friends at Burswood Casino aka Burswood Entertainment Complex. Crown Limited head honcho James Packer is back in Australia and is showing tremendous leadership in the Australian gaming and entertainment industry. Media Man treks across to Perth, WA, home of the black swan and West Coast Eagles AFL club with this special report. We've got it all for the loyal and vast audience...

Burswood Casino: Hotbed For Politics, Legal Eagles And Entertainment...

Burswood Casino's 1750 or so gaming machines may sidestep new rules aimed at curbing "problem gambling" (still trying to figure out that) because WA authorities claim they are games more of skill than chance. Yep, its the age old argument of skill VS chance, first championed in poker and online poker circles.

In an interesting development to PM Julia Gillard's promise to roll out "pre-commitment technology" for poker machines by 2014, gaming officials claim Burswood's machines are not pokies.

They state they are electronic gaming machines, which may be excluded from a national clampdown on problem gambling requiring machines to be fitted with technology that will force players to set a limit on how much they choose to lose.

"EGMs must have player interaction and it must not be possible to play the machine without the player making a choice of strategy or predicting an outcome prior to completing the game," a spokesman for the Department of Liquor, Gaming and Racing said.

Conventional poker machines that dominate pubs, clubs (pokie palaces) and casinos up and down Australia's east coast are games of chance, and can be played with one button press per spin, making it easier for players to loose their moolah.

Both the department and Gaming Minister Terry Waldron said they were waiting for more details from Canberra to see how the Prime Minister's pledge would affect WA's machines.

"The Gaming Commission is the gaming regulator in WA, it will respond to any Federal proposals and it will advise the State Government if a proposal is received," Waldron said.

Burswood Casino, which is controlled by one of Australia's wealthiest men, James Packer, declined to comment. On a sidenote, Packer is also friends with Perth billionaire, your friend and ours, Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest (usually holding the #1 position on the Aussie rich list). Forrest, Packer (and Media Man), are known for their passion and support of GenerationOne initiatives, which also include employment in casinos (inc tourism and entertainment) and in the mining sector.

Let's swing into the political aspects...As part of a deal to hang on to power, Gillard verbally agreed to key independent Andrew Wilkie's demand to mandate pre-commitment technology for poker machines by 2014, either in co-operation with the States or legislating over the top of their objections. Exactly how much of the verbal become a legally binding document is now known, but leading Australian legal eagles say the Aussie government may have entrapped itself and will not be able to follow up on its promises to the "casino haters" and "bible bashing" sector.

Wilkie said it was unclear how pre-commitment technology would affect WA's machines, but he planned to visit the State to consider the different specifications.

"If there are any aspects of the WA EGMs that need to be reined in, then they will be," he sprouted off.

Burswood Casino is the only venue in WA allowed to have gaming machines, and recently applied to add another 250.

The machines are the casino's biggest money-spinner, raking in about $210 million in 2008-09.

A Productivity Commission inquiry into gambling earlier this year found Australians lost $19 billion per year on the great Aussie tradition of having a punt.

Online slot games and online sports betting are a couple of the main growth areas, and switched on land based casinos such as those ran by Packer continue to ramp up the entertainment and tourism tie ins, spreading risk, adding value, and creating a more widespread appeal. Packer has a 50% holding in Betfair. PartyGaming are understood to be keen to lock down an online b2b deal with Crown, with talk being a Shane Warne, Underbelly and Kerry Packer themed slot game would being in record business. A Shane Warne poker room deal is on the cards for Crown Casino, however that's not related to any dealings with PartyGaming or any other igaming firm. The Packer - Warne friendship and business mentorship situation has been in place for many years. Both gents are understood to be part of the 'Aussie Gumleaf Mafia', a phrase coined by Media Man International last year, and the rumour mill says the group is currently recruiting new and highly qualified individuals. A certain Bondi Beach beach based world acclaimed photo journalist is on the want and to do list, as is an actor who played a significant role in recent episodes of Underbelly, and another legend of the Australian entertainment industry who also owns a pub and is known for his fund raising for Indigenous Australia and other worthy causes. Hint, that bloke recently celebrated a birthday party where the said Bondi Beach photographer and Media Man was spotted at! No bluff here.

A Media Man spokesperson said "Smart operators such as Crown adapt to the ever changing landscape. It's not just about pokies and casino games anymore. World class acts, be it Crusty Demons, Hulkamania, Puppetry of the Penis, Englebert Humperdinck and Metallica. In Macau Packer concern City Of Dreams has the famed 'House Of Dancing Water', so that may be a sign of things for his Australian casino establishments also. A casino themed reality tv show is also being chatted about by Network Nine and Crown folks who are in the know. Rest assured casino and gambling lifestyle is as solid as ever in Australian culture, despite a small but vocal group of casino haters. Punters are lapping up the casino and entertainment offerings at Crown, and the strong patronage, reviews and revenues are a solid indicator of this."

World Class Gigs At Burswood...

16th October

Crusty Demons

Thirst 4 Destruction Tour
Headlining with Australia's own Evel Knievel - Robbie Maddison!!

Get ready for the most exhilarating, electrifying and action packed Crusty Demons tour to date, featuring a three hour, full choreographed, extreme spectacular.

See the world's greatest freestyle motocross riders performing the most death-defying stunts, including insane black flip combination tricks, minibike chaos, ridiculous stunts, the stunning Crusty Babes and more!

22nd and 23rd October


World Magentic Tour 2010

The long wait is finally over! Hard rock gods Metallica are coming to Australia; their last stop on their epic world tour. Get ready for over two hours of mayhem as Metallica perform material spanning their entire career on a custom built round stage. During the last decade alone, Metallica have played to a collective audience of more than 3.5 million fans and have become one of the most influential bands in the world. Your show ticket entitles you to FREE public transport on the night. Find out more closer to the date.

3rd November

Englebert Humperdinck

Four decades since his debut on the world's stage, Engelbert Humperdinck has sold a staggering 150 million albums worldwide and is now heading to Perth for one show only. With numerous hits to his name including 'Please Release Me', 'Last Waltz' and 'Quando Quando Quando', he reigns as the only artist to keep The Beatles from the top at the height of their fame.

5th November

Puppetry of the Penis

The boys have been getting it out all over the world from the West End of London to Broadway in New York, and now they are heading to Burswood Theatre showcasing the ancient art of genital origami. Come and see the new cast of member manipulators perform the famous Hamburger, the Wristwatch, and the Windsurfer, just to name a few...a hilarious night out for all to enjoy. This is an 18+ only event.

6th November

Brothers in Arms

Classic Albums Live presents the acclaimed best-selling Dire Straits album Brothers in Arms, as performed by ten of Australia's finest musicians. Featuring some of the greatest songs ever including 'Money for Nothing', 'So Far Away', 'Walk of Life', 'Sultans of Swing', 'Romeo & Juliet' and many more, make sure you don't miss this all-star recreation of a truly classic album. See guitar heroes Phil Emmanuel, Stuart French and Rex Goh alongside Kevin Bennett, Andy Bickers, Floyd Vincent, Tony Mitchell, Clare O'Meara, Nik Pringadi and Chris Whitten.

So punters, how did you enjoy today's casino news, Western Australia cowboy style?. What sort of other Aussie special features would you like to see? Tell us in the forum.

The Late News...

Australian 'Gumleaf Mafia', Media Man and Gambling911 crew hear of yet more employment opportunities at Crown Limited - namely Burswood Casino and Crown Casino, while at the same time strike action threatens Tabcorp's Star City Casino in 'Sin City' Sydney, despite an ambitious and expensive revamp of Star. What happens in Perth and Sydney does not stay there, and is surely going to make its way to Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida and beyond, with significant influence from the Gambling911 powerhouse. Surfs up kangaroos, koalas, goannas, and all manner of Aussie and Yankee critters. Media Man 'Online Casino Of The Month': PartyCasino

Oh, friendly reminder... bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.



Arrest Made in Burswood Casino Firearms Case, by Greg Tingle - 22nd May 2010

Loyal readers, Americans, Australians, Canadians, Asians... the world over... it didn't take long for Burswood Casino aka Burswood Entertainment Complex, to make the news again (for the wrong reasons). It's not the casinos fault again, a mug punter tried to sell a gun there. Didn't the ratbag every hear of security? Media Man and Gambling911 attack the situation with baton and plastic handcuffs in hand...

A 22-year-old punter was arrested this morning after he "allegedly" attempted to sell a gun on the gaming floor no less, at James Packer owned Burswood Casino. Burswood is in the Crown Limited portfolio.

Burswood security officers aka "bouncers" called police to the casino premises around 3.30am. It's those wee hours of the morning when a lot of serious crime happens in society, under the darkness of night. Crims are also known to drink a bit before committing crimes in an attempt to drum up a bit of "Dutch Courage".

Events Following:

Police searched the punters quarters at Burswood Hotel, where they are understood to have located a handgun and a quantity of ecstasy (illegal and popular drug) tablets.

The mug has been charged with possession of a firearm and possessing a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply.

Cobber, you've been watching too many episodes of 'Underbelly' and 'Gangs Of Oz'.

The apparent smallish time criminal has been refused bail and is expected to appear in court today or Monday.

No shots were fired, but as Gambling911 and Media Man readers would know too well, things can change in a hurry when it comes to criminal behaviour at casinos, hotels and resorts. This year there's been dozens of arrests and gun shots at Australian, European and American land based casinos and clubs.

We commend the Burswood casino staff and management, and WA Police for taking care of this fella before things further escalated.

Not sure about visiting your local casino or club? Check out the casino and online casino profiles at Gambling911 and Media Man International. Last week a comprehensive report on Australian - Asia Pacific casinos was filed. Media Man online games of the month: Cleopatra and Sinatra, neck and neck. MM 'Online Casino Of The Month' winner: PartyCasino.com

Media Man Land Based Casino Of The Month winner: Crown Casino, Melbourne Australia (extra points to Crown and James Packer for leading the charge with GenerationOne), helping employ thousands of Indigenous Australians, as the continue to get trained up. Mr Packer also gets the "sympathy vote" for copping an "ear bashing" at the hands of rock legend and fellow humanitarian, Bob Geldof, who alluded to numerous "rich bastards" at a recent GenerationOne conference in Western Australia.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man http://www.AustralianSportsEntertainment.com is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a dozen industry sectors they cover.

*The writer owns shares in Crown Limited (and others)


2009 Sapphire Series Poker Challenge

3 February to 29 March

Get set for a big season of Poker tournaments!

Burswood's Sapphire Series Poker Challenge returns this summer with an estimated $100,000 in prize money up for grabs.

You can qualify from as little as $60 to gain entry into our two-day final in March, plus we've also got some exciting standalone events to get your blood pumping.

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Burswood Entertainment Complex


The Burswood Entertainment Complex is located on the Swan River some five minutes from the city of Perth, Western Australia, and is owned by Crown Limited. The complex includes a 24-hour casino, seven restaurants, eight bars, a nightclub, two international hotels (a luxury 5-star InterContinental and a 4-star Holiday Inn), a Convention Centre, Theatre and the Burswood Dome. Burswood Train Station, near the Burswood Dome, provides a public transport link to the Perth CBD.



In 1984, the Western Australian Government proposed at the suggestion of Perth businessman Dallas Dempster that a casino complex be constructed at Burswood Island on the Swan River, 3km east of the Perth city centre. This was the site of a large landfill facility, which posed difficulties in the proposal, design and construction phases due to the risk of subsidence resulting from decomposition and also the risk of release of effluent into the adjacent river as a result of pile driving for the construction.

The winning bidder to build the complex was Tileska Pty Ltd, a joint venture between Dallas Dempster and Genting Berhad, a Malaysian casino operator. At the time, there were allegations by rival bidders of misconduct between Dempster and his friend, Western Australian Premier Brian Burke.

This consortium planned a two-stage construction. The first stage was initially expected to cost A$200m, and involved futuristic-looking buildings comprising a 135-table casino, 400-room hotel, 18-hole golf course, convention and exhibition centre, tennis courts, amphitheatre and other amenities, together with a beautification of the Burswood Island area.The second stage of the plan involved the A$100m construction of another hotel on the site, but no time schedule was ever set for this and the second hotel was not constructed until two decades later.

The Tileska joint venture took up 60% of the capital in the Burswood Property Trust, which was to own the complex. Genting would run the resort, having experience operating casinos in Malaysia's Genting Highlands.

Construction of the resort was approved by the Western Australian Parliament in March 1985. It was hoped that the hotel-casino complex would be ready in time for the 1987 America's Cup race, to be hosted by Perth and construction was to be to a tight schedule in order to achieve that deadline.

The Burswood Property Trust was listed on Australian stock exchanges on 30 May 1985.

When it opened on 30 December 1985, Burswood Island Casino (as it was then known) was the largest in Australia, and third-largest in the world. It was expected to receive two to three million visitors per year and have an annual gross profit of A$100m. The public interest in the casino proved so much in its early months of operation that it posted a gross profit of A$1 million per day for its first two months, far outstripping expectations. In its early weeks of opening, people were reportedly forced to queue at the entrance for hours as the gaming floor was at its full legal capacity.

The Burswood Island Casino was opened several months ahead of schedule, and the other parts of Stage 1 (including the hotel, conference centre, theatre and indoor stadium) remained under construction throughout 1986 and much of 1987.

By January 1987, the complex recorded its three millionth visitor. Not sharing in this financial success, the Burswood Property Trust encountered financial difficulties and sold the hotel operations in the under-construction Burswood Island Hotel to Japanese investor Brisney Pty Ltd, a joint venture between investment company Yunan Development Co Ltd and hotel operator Kanematsu Trading Co Ltd.

On 28 August 1987, the Burswood Dome indoor sports stadium was opened to the public, and was noted as being by far the largest auditorium in the southern hemisphere.

The hotel's opening was delayed by 85 days, largely as a result of inclement weather and industrial disputes. This delay meant that the hotel and conference centre was not available during the early stages of the America's Cup race, necessitating refunds to overseas visitors.

Although the 417-room Burswood Island Hotel opened its doors to the public on 4 October 1987, the hotel's management reportedly allowed one of the casino's highest rollers to stay there a day early, during which time he won A$1.4 million,[16] which was believed at the time to be the highest amount ever won by an individual in an Australian casino.

The Burswood Convention Centre was opened on 20 November 1987, and on 8 April 1988, the entire Burswood Island complex had its official opening.


The casino was expanded in 1990, and an improved International Room (for high-rolling punters) was unveiled in 1995. 1998 saw the corporatisation of the Burswood Property Trust, and also saw the complete renovation of the Burswood Theatre.

In 1999, the management of Burswood undertook an extensive refurbishment program of the hotel rooms, to maintain Burswood's reputation as Perth's best hotel.


In 2000, a $96 million resort renovation and improvement program was undertaken.

2001 and 2002 saw the opening of the Ruby Room nightclub and Champion's Bar, both within the casino, and also the opening of the Grand Ballroom.

In 2003, Burswood entered into a deal with land developer Mirvac Fini for the residential development of vacant land between the complex and the Graham Farmer Freeway.

Picking up from the long-neglected Stage 2 of the Burswood development plan, in the early 2000s the management of Burswood made various plans to build a second hotel on the site. Eventually, in 2003 they entered into a joint venture deal with the InterContinental Hotels Group to run the existing Burswood Resort Hotel (to be re-branded as Burswood InterContinental Hotel) and a new, 291-room Holiday Inn hotel to be constructed adjacent to the Burswood Theatre.

In 2004, PBL acquired full control of the Burswood International Resort Casino, and in 2005 re-branded the site as "Burswood Entertainment Complex".

On 1 August 2005, the Holiday Inn Burswood opened for business after 29 months of construction.[18] Construction finished three months early and was A$2 million under budget.[18] The promoters proclaimed that it was "Perth's first purpose-built hotel in more than 12 years".

In 2006, Burswood closed its renowned fine-dining Windows Restaurant in order to make way for a newer, expanded VIP room for high rollers. This new facility, called The Pearl Room, opened in late 2006 featuring 180 degree Swan River views. It replaced the old International Room which closed its doors following the unveiling of The Pearl Room.

In 2007, Burswood opened The Riviera Room - a new gaming room featuring higher stakes open to the general public. The Riviera Room is located at the site of the old International Room, and has been refurbished to feature a contemporary design.

MINQ, an exclusive late night bar, accessible only by a hosted lift at the entrance of The Riviera Room, opened in August 2007. Carbon Sports Bar opened in December 2007 and features a giant 12.5 x 4m wide screen and 16 x 52-inch plasmas.


The Casino at Burswood Entertainment Complex operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is the only casino operator in Perth, Western Australia. There are 1,500 coin operated game machines with a variety of games such as Keno, Video Poker and others involving dice, dominoes and balls. Jackpots are linked to many of these games. The reel-slots popular elsewhere in Australia and the rest of the world, operated with a pull down lever, are not permitted in Western Australia.

The table games include Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker (Texas Hold'Em, Omaha), Three Card Poker, Casino War, Progressive Texas Hold'Em, Ultimate Texas Hold'Em, Four Card Poker, Pai Gow, Money Wheel, Sic Bo and Caribbean Stud. The Blackjack tables in the main casino use Continuous Shuffling Machines, but in The Pearl Room most of the Blackjack tables offer hand shuffled 8 deck games dealt from a shoe. All Australian Blackjack games are played without a hole card.

The Casino at Burswood Entertainment Complex is a smoke free venue with designated semi-outdoor smoking terraces near most bars. The terraces lead outside but do not allow patrons to exit the premises. Although Perth now has a law that bans smoking inside of all pubs and clubs, the casino implemented this rule long before they were legally obliged to. The Pearl Room (for VIP guests), is the only area inside the casino that allows smoking on and around the gaming floor. To cater for this exception, a state-of-the-art ventilation system was installed during its construction.

Burswood Park

The area surrounding the Casino is known as Burswood Park and is managed by the Burswood Park Board. Originally a rubbish tip from the mid 1940s, the construction of the casino complex also saw the parklands regenerated into a public recreational facility. Today the park contains wildflower displays, a heritage trail with various statues, and the Burswood Park Public Golf Course.

Burswood Dome

The Burswood Dome is a large enclosed venue for entertainment, sporting, or special events. The dome is 8,800 square metres in size, with seating for 13,600 people (or 8,000 during tennis matches). The whole arena is pressurised so that the fibreglass roof is suspended 35m above the ground.

It has played host to a range of international and Australian performers and shows including Michael Jackson, Iron Maiden, U2, Coldplay, Mariah Carey, Elton John, The Boy From Oz, Guns N' Roses, The Wiggles, Justin Timberlake, Billy Joel, AC/DC, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and more.

The Burswood Dome was originally due to be demolished after hosting its last contracted Hopman Cup in 2007. Due to the Burswood Peninsula apartments being opened, it was announced the Delta Goodrem concert in July 2005 would be the last concert held at the Dome. The WA government have since come to an agreement to hold 10 concerts a year up till December 2007, and extend the Hopman Cup contract till 2008. This was later extended to 2011, until the completion of Perth Arena.

The Perth Wildcats basketball club have also played occasional games at the Burswood Dome when their regular venue was unavailable.

The A-League football (soccer) team Perth Glory is considering using the Dome as their home ground during the 2007-08 season, although the club in negotiation with regards to capacity at the indoor venue, as they are aiming for an average of 12,500 people at each home game. (Credit: Wikipedia).


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