Big Chief Little Wolf

Big Chief Little Wolf

The name, Big Chief Little Wolf is a name synonymous with the glorious history of Australian professional wrestling.




My Dad - The Big Chief, by David Little Wolf - 12th July 2004

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MR PR Max Markson

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Profiles & Interviews

David Little Wolf - 25th May 2004

Steve Rackman - interview - 25th May 2003

Max Markson - interview - 2nd July 2003

Jake "The Snake" Roberts - 3rd June 2003

Harley Race - 1st June 2003

George "The Animal" Steele - 27th June 2003

Richard Cashman - 25th September 2003

Bruno Sammartino: Wrestling's Living Legend

Mario Milano: The Italian Stallion

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Gary Young

Media Man Australia director, Greg Tingle, on air with 2UE's John Laws - 31st July 2002 (transcript)

The Golden Age Of Professional Wrestling 2003 - ABC Radio National "The Sports Factor" - 11th July 97

Native American Indians


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Big Chief Little Wolf: folklore, folk heroes and professional wrestling in Australia - 9th July 1997 (NLA)

Media Man Australia Shakes Up Media and PR Market - 8th March 2004

Media Man Australia is delighted to have assisted ACP Magazines and David Little Wolf in a media and publicity capacity