Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens

Beauty Queen 38th Anniversary

Association St Joseph are looking for role models with a personality for a Charity event to raise funds for Association Nissorini San Giueseppe Italy.

We are looking for 12 fun and cheerful models to be selected on the 17th of March 2007 with the winner to be the face of the St Joseph Beauty Queen Calendar 2008.

Selected models will be interviewed in a screening process this competition is open to Sydney residents only.

It is not essential to be a professional model to enter this prestigious event.

Entry criteria are as follows:

Between 16 and 25 years
Not currently pregnant and has never given birth
Interested in Religious issues
Must be available on the 17th March 2007 in Sydney

To register please send 2 recents photographs and a biog to:

Association St Joseph Beauty Queen
Po Box 427
Five Dock 2046 NSW




Hello and welcome to the Beauty Queens Calendar Contest!

In order to make this experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible I have included all the information you will need to get you there, explain how things will be run and what we require from you as a Finalist for the Beauty Queens Calendar model Search.

The filming and Search will commence on the 17th March 2007.

Please be aware of the call time for your episode and be punctual. There will be many people to organize and move into place, so it is very important that you are on time!

I have attached an "Pass" with the date of the show and the time you will be required. Please print this out and bring it with you to the venue. Once you arrive at the Castle Doro Center please present this Pass and mark off your name.

On entering the Castle Doro, you will see a section of the foyer that is reserved especially for the Beauty Queens Calendar Finalists. Once everyone has congregated in that area we will usher you over to the opening of the ceremony each contestant will be introduced by the mc and you will parade elegantly to the Judges and walk back to the finalists waiting room.

The Castle Doro has a policy of audience screening which means that if you are carrying a bag, it will be checked before entering the venue. Anyone carrying a sharp object or weapon will not be permitted entry and will be asked to leave.

We also ask if you could turn your mobile phones off on entering the Venue.

Once we begin recording you will not be permitted to enter or leave the Venue. As a result of this - we recommend that you eat something before you come as no food or soft drink is permitted in the waiting finalist area (bottled water and lollies are an exception). A visit to the bathroom is also recommended as three hours is a long time to wait….

The recording/contest of the show will go for approx 2-3 hours, in which time we hope that you get involved, and most importantly enjoy yourselves!

No Video or audio/photography are permitted into the venue.

If you have any further questions or to purchase tickets for family and friends please don't hesitate contact us on or on 0296706126

Diana Hunting
Beauty Queens Calendar Search

How To Get There?

Great North Rd and the majority of street parking and plenty of side street parking.

By Train - You can catch the train to Burwood Station and catch a bus to the venue.

What to Bring

Elegant evening gown and high heel shoes.

Evening Gowns must be not be shorter than knee or ankle length. (Miss World or Jennifer Hawkins style) gowns are only to be worn.

All Raffle tickets sales and butts must also be returned with your name and amount of tickets sold clearly labeled.

Hair and makeup must be already applied before you arrive to the venue.

Please read all terms conditions below

In Beauty Queens Calendar Search of being allowed to participate in the The Contest (the "Program"), produced by Hunting for Australian Models (the "Producer") for broadcast by Luigi Cantali, I agree to the Beauty Queens Calendar Search Finalist Terms and Conditions, understood by me to be as follows:
1. I realise and agree that:
(a) The Producer's decisions will be in the inerests of the Program and will be final in all matters;
(b) I will not transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, or reproduction of the Program,
(c) The Producer has no obligation to make or exploit the Program, or to use me in the Program, and I will not bring any claim against the Producer for loss of opportunity in relation to the Program.
2. I grant to the Producer all rights, title and interest (including present and future copyright) in all media (now known or hereafter devised) and formats for the full period of copyright (including any extensions and renewals thereto) and thereafter insofar as is possible in perpetuity:
(a) To all recordings of my name, appearance, likeness and voice on film or videotape arising out of the Program including, as may be required of me at the Producer's discretion, my taking part in any "trailer" or photograph (taken on its own or as a 'still' from the recording) designed to publicize the Program (the "Recordings"); and
(b) To use, edit, modify, alter or exploit in any way the Recordings at the Producer's discretion and use my name, likeness and voice and any biographical details - including without limitation, any "personal information" as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the "Act") or otherwise ("Personal Information") - photographs and recordings of me separately from or in conjunction with the Program or the sponsorship thereof in all media (now known or hereafter devised) and formats throughout the Universe without restriction including without limitation on Program-related web-sites or other online media and in advertising, publicity, sponsorship and exploitation material and without any payment to me and I will make no claim against the Producer or against any third party for such use. I irrevocably consent to the Producer (and persons authorised by the Producer) transferring Personal Information about me throughout the world to related body corporates and third parties associated with the Program and to use the Personal Information for all other purposes contemplated herein.
3. Neither the Producer nor the Associacion are liable for, and I release the Producer in respect of, any misadventure, accident, injury, loss, damage or other claim that may arise:
(a) During the recording of the Program;
(b) Connected with my participation in the Program;
(c) Because of the broadcast of the Program, including any statements made by any host, judge, contestant, staff member or other audience member; or
(d) Otherwise in any way from any effects or results of my participation in the Program.
Without limiting the foregoing, I agree that my participation in the relevant episode/s of the Program as an audience member (including any related travel in respect of such attendance) is entirely at my own risk and at my own cost.
4. In respect of my ticket for entry issued by the Producer (the "Pass) and acknowledge that:
(a) The Pass is only valid for the episode to be recorded on the date indicated on the front of the Pass and for the specific person that the Producer has registered as the ticket Pass holder;
(b) The Pass will be invalid if the Producer's requirements for confirmation of attendance have not been met to the Producer's reasonable satisfaction;
(c) The Pass is not transferable, not redeemable for cash, may not be sold or offered for sale, may not be reproduced or duplicated and can not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed;
(d) Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, controlled substances, cameras and recording devices of any kind may not be brought into the premises;
(e) The Producer reserves the right to refuse entry to me and to eject me from the premises if my conduct or speech is deemed by the Producer to be disorderly or disruptive or I otherwise fail to comply with the Producer's reasonable directions; and
(f) The date and time of the recording of the episode of the Program to which the Pass relates is subject to change without notice.


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