Beaconsfield Mine

Beaconsfield Mine

Media Man Australia wishes to extend its best wishes to family and friends of the late Larry Knight.


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Victims' misery a goldmine for chequebook TV - The Age

Nine lands mine pair coup - The Sydney Morning Herald - The Age - 16th May 2006

Miners advised to hurry and tell, By Helen Westerman - The Age - 13th May 2006

TASMANIAN miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb risked diminishing the value of their stories the longer they put off signing any media deal, say industry commentators.

But public interest in the pair remains extremely high, with close to 2 million viewers tuning in to their appearance on Channel Nine's The Footy Show on Thursday.

Sources said yesterday celebrity agent Harry M. Miller had returned to Sydney. So has Nine Network boss Eddie McGuire.

The focus has now turned to media agent Max Markson, who told The Age no contracts had yet been signed.

Mark Klemens, who negotiated the media deal for freed Iraq hostage Douglas Wood, said the men should sign as quickly as possible as a media frenzy developed around them.

US talkshow Oprah Winfrey has reportedly expressed interest in the men, prompting speculation the men could receive lucrative international contracts.

But Mr Klemens said in his experience the program and other major US talk programs did not pay for appearances.

The two miners and the family of Larry Knight might still be able to secure a total of $1.2 million due to magazine tie-ins, he said.

Sydney-based media commentator Catherine Lumby said she believed the public were bemused by the behaviour of the networks. Ms Lumby said the battle was about which network would be the "station the nation turns to".

Nine is believed to have spent $250,000 putting on the Beaconsfield benefit, after spending $25,000 a day to cover the rescue.

The Footy Show appearance drew 1.96 million viewers nationally, with 44 per cent — 874,000 viewers — in Melbourne. A survey by online monitoring service Hitwise showed online interest in the miners had eclipsed rising interest rates and fuel costs.

SEVEN Sunrise presenter David Koch jumps into the ambulance to greet Todd Russell.
NINE Eddie McGuire buys a round in the Club Hotel.

WINNER Channel Seven

SEVEN Sunrise will hold a special broadcast this Wednesday from Beaconsfield.

NINE The Footy Show exclusive.

WINNER Channel Nine

SEVEN The Russell family are "big" fans of Sunrise, says presenter David Koch.

NINE The pair requested their appearance on The Footy Show.


SEVEN Koch and Melissa Doyle are to have dinner with the Russell family this weekend.

NINE Eddie helps the two men prepare for The Footy Show.

WINNER a draw



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