Jim Barnett

Jim Barnett: King of the Australian - American Connection

Professional wrestling owes much of its history to Jim Barnett.

Jim Barnett was one of the promoters of Australia's World Championship Wrestling.

Jim Barnett shaped the future of professional Wrestling in Australia when in 1964 traveled to Sydney with Johnny Doyle to inspect the Australian Wrestling scene.

They returned under the banner of "World Championship Wrestling" presenting their first card on October 23rd 1964 at the Sydney Stadium.

The promotion gained valuable publicity through televising programs through Channel 9 which was presented at noon on Saturday's and Sunday's.

An average of 6,500 people attended in the first 3 months of W.C.W, a crowd of 8,000 attended a show on November 7th in Melbourne when the first title change in the new promotion took place as Dominic Denucci defeated Killer Kowalksi.

In 1978, Channel 9 ceased coverage of W.C.W, with no TV coverage promoters were facing financial ruin, thus the death of the 'glory days' of Australian Professional Wrestling transpired.

Today Barnett acts as an advisor for Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).




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