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Imogen Bailey, (born 7 July 1977 in Canberra Australia)is an Australian model, actress and singer. She is currently based in Sydney and is best known in her home country for her many appearances in the men's magazines Ralph and FHM. In 2001, Bailey won the title of Australia’s sexiest model in Ralph and was said by the editor to be "winning by a large margin".

Imogen Bailey has also posed nude for Playboy and Black+White magazines, her personal belief about nudity being expressed by the following words of hers: "I believe that the human form is a wonderful creation. Any nudity that I have chosen to do has always been beautiful and tasteful."

She also appeared as a weekly columnist in Australian Magazine, Zoo Weekly (from the publishers of FHM), giving advice to guys about their girlfriends while wearing her bikini.

Media appearances

Bailey has competed in several reality shows including Popstars - Australia (Season one), Celebrity Big Brother, Skating on Thin Ice and Celebrity Survivor, which was set in Vanuatu. Bailey placed third on the show which was aired during 2006. In 2005 she appeared in the comic book adaptation of Man-Thing, which was shot in Australia.

Animal rights

Bailey is outspoken on the subject of Animal Rights and has lent her likeness to many PETA campaigns. She also recently appeared caged in a make-shift battery hen enclosure as part of a campaign for the Human Battery Cage. The rights to sit in the cage with Bailey and Lindsay McDougall (guitarist for punk band Frenzal Rhomb), were auctioned off on eBay by Animal Liberation NSW. Imogen has also just launched a new project, which focuses on drawing attention to the abuse and cruelty towards animals that goes on in our world.

Music career

Bailey's vocals were featured on the 2003 single "If You Want Me" by dance musician Michael Woods. The single made it to number 1 on the UK dance charts & continues to sell online & play in clubs world wide. (Credit: Wikipedia).


After much deliberation, we have created a profile, all be it, a short one, on one of Australia's most high profile, media savvy models, Imogen Bailey.

Those "in the know" are aware that Imogen is a most media and sales and marketing savvy model.

Models are a "dime a dozen" in Australia, but Imogen just "has it"!

What "is it"?

It is looks, brains, motivation and the desire to be the amongst the few who want it that bad.

For more information on this modeling sensation, visit Imogen's official website.

Imogen Bailey - the model who makes news every time!

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News: Imogen Bailey competed in Network Nine's Skating On Ice.

News: Imogen Bailey is red hot in Zoo Weekly.


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