Australian Stunt Academy

Australian Stunt Academy

The Stunt Academy's services are world renowned and the training courses are recognized by the National Vocation, Education Training and Employment Commission as a legitimate professional training program. Our Stunt School runs 3-week intensive training courses, tailored stunt seminars, advanced regular training and International Stunt Seminars with emphasis on the most common stunts found in film & television production and live action shows.

Many of today's biggest movies are action packed, explosion filled, car chasing gun fights between us humans and some of the biggest bad guys in the universe. To make this fiction appear real and believable on the big screen it requires a crew of highly skilled professionals including STUNT ACTORS.

The Australian Stunt Academy is one of the world's leading Stunt Schools attracting participants from all over the world. Many of our graduates are now working in theme parks, Film & TV Productions all over the globe.

The Stunt Academy has a team of highly skilled and experienced stunt professionals with credits in blockbuster films like The Matrix, Thin Red Line , Casino Reef, Mission Impossible and action and television shows such as Beastmaster, Flipper, Timetrax, Lost World, Moby Dick and Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. Some of the tutors have been world class athletes, motorcyclists, gymnasts, high divers, racing drivers which has taken years of blood sweat and tears. All are very keen to pass on their knowledge to stunt trainees at the academy.

The Academy also has an International Program of Seminars. Our highly qualified tutors travel to various locations with some select equipment and run Intensive Stunt Training Programs to suit the needs of international groups.

Because of the versatility of our courses, we utilise the resources available and design a course to suit the numbers of participants, the space available and the resources that can be obtained.

Equipment such as our Airbag, Fire Suits, Protective Gear and Weapons can be transported to any location in the world. International seminars can be arranged as required.

The Stunt Training Course is a 100 hour course held over 3 weeks from Monday to Friday and covers many theory and practical elements of a Professional Stunt Performers needs. Activities like Tumbling, Low & High Falls, Horse Stunts, Motorcycling, Abseiling, Water Stunts, Firearms, Fire & Human Torches, Car Hits, Climbing and Fight Choreography. Also the theory components that a Stunt Performer should know such as Safety, Teamwork, Marketing, Acting and on set etiquette.

Where is the Stunt Academy? The Stunt Training is conducted at it's purpose built facility on the Gold Coast, Australia, where our facilities include a High Fall Tower, Abseil Wall, Horse Arena, Motorcycle track, Commando Style Obstacle Course, Kiosk & Toilet facilities and Movie Set Locations. What courses do the ASA offer? The Stunt Academy offers several types of Stunt Training Courses depending on the time of year and the need by industry people. COURSE DETAILS

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Australian Stunt Academy


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Stunt Academy

The Australian Stunt Academy is a professional training school for those who are serious about getting into the stunt business plus those who are just fascinated by it and would like to have a go, but not necessarily enter it as a profession.

The Academy is world recognised. Its purpose-built facility on the Gold Coast has a high fall tower, abseil wall, horse arena, motorcycle track, commando-style obstacle course and movie set locations. The Academy is the official trainer for Japan's Universal Studios Stunt Academy and attracts students from around the world.

The stunt industry works a little differently in each country, with different entry requirements, procedures and promotional methods. The Australian Stunt Academy can discuss the ins and outs of breaking into the profession in all major movie-making countries. In Australia, stunt grading is required by the MEAA (part of the Theatrical Workers Union) before being permitted to work on union movies and television shows.

For those people there are short courses which are run over weekends. There are four or five modules, each containing several elements of skill in motorcycling — manoeuvring, slides, jumps and stops.

Short Course Level One includes Stage Combat 1 — motorcycling, abseil/rappelling, tumbling and wirework. Level Two includes Stage Combat 2 — driving, mini tramp and advanced motorcycling. Level Three includes weapons fights, fire burns, car hits, stair falls and high falls.

Three-week intensive training courses are for those who are keen to be part of the specialised stunt industry. The weeks are made up of intensive training courses, tailored stunt seminars, advanced regular training and international stunt seminars with an emphasis on the most common stunts found in film and television production and live action shows.

The highly-skilled and experienced professionals at the Academy have credits under their belts from blockbuster films such as The Matrix>, Thin Red Line, Mission Impossible and television shows including Moby Dick, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and Lost World. Some of the tutors are world-class athletes, motorcyclists, gymnasts, high divers, racing drivers or from other areas requiring much concentration and expertise. They are all keen to pass on their knowledge and keep their industry professional and incident-free.

The three-week course is run over 100 hours from Monday to Friday. The theory and practical elements of the profession are given as much importance as the actual physical elements. Important subjects such as on-set etiquette are covered and of course, safety.

There are regular weekly training sessions at Southport pool on the Gold Coast each Thursday from 6.30 to 8.30pm. Activities include tumbling, mini tramp, trampoline and martial arts.
Nerang, Queensland's Gold Coast.
The Australian Stunt Academy's weekend courses are $350 per person. Thursday sessions are $10. The 100-hour course is $3600 over three weeks.

Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming (Credit: Channel Nine 'Getaway').

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*Greg Tingle, director of Media Man, is the promoter and agent for Colin Handley and the Australian Stunt Academy. The Australian Stunt Academy has been featured on Channel Nine 'Getaway', ABC Radio, Foxtel and numerous other media appearances.