Australian Indigenous Boxing Team

Australian Indigenous Boxing Team


20 - 29TH OCTOBER 2007
[Team Sponsor - Vibe Australia]

Total funds raised = $24,212.70 + [A HUGE EFFORT]

Firstly, on behalf of the AIAB Team & Management we extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped us achieve our goal - we cannot thank you enough. We raised over $24,000 + from donations plus the contribution of accommodation & transport provided by the Australian High Commission in Suva [Australian Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade] for the team in Fiji during the tour. We are all so overwhelmed by the level of support and have proved there is nothing we can't do - we are black proud and just too damm deadly!! For further info on contributions go to

Secondly, I apologize for not getting this email notice out sooner but we have all literally hit the tarmac running. What can I say - our boys were totally awesome and as Cultural Ambassador I could not be more prouder of the way these young warriors conducted themselves in and out of the ring - they were true Indigenous Ambassadors for our People & Country.
"Real strength is not just a condition of one's muscle, but a tenderness in one's spirit" McCallister Dodds
As Aboriginal men, they looked after each other and especially Timacoy, our youngest. I was impressed by the respectfulness they had for each other and the trainers and coaches and the way they portrayed/carried their culture and respected the culture of the Fijians. I am more than confident that these young warriors will be more than "role models" and young Leaders in their own respective communities. As I said before, this tour was not just about boxing or indigenous boxing but about supporting the health and wellbeing of our People - providing our youth with a healthy attitude, pride and self-esteem - the ability to up-skill themselves and more importantly to become role-models and leaders for our next generation of youth so that we develop a healthy and positive sustainable cycle for our People. WE CERTAINLY ACHIEVED OUR AIM AND THIS TOUR IS TESTAMENT TO THIS FACT.

Don Abnett the Head Coach on tour was very pleased with the Tour results especially the attitude each boxer took into each bout and more importantly what they took out of it as well. Don is the Head Coach from the AIS National Talent Indigenous Development Program where many of the boys are currently training from. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Don and the AIS for their contribution to this tour - their contribution was invaluable and look forward to continuing the association. We have so many good young boxers in this country and would be great if they all could benefit from the NTID program sponsored by the Australian Sports Commission.

We won 19 from 20 fights with young Timacoy [our youngest boxer] only losing by a split point decision [we woz robbed!!] against an opponent who was 7 years older and much taller - he certainly did not let his next opponent off in the 2nd tournament. You can read more online with Rogan's Tour Updates

Before each tournament the Team performed a "Warrior Dance" which they choreographed themselves - it was so strong and powerful - the poor Fijian Boxers did not have a chance after that.

The Team [including Management - even us oldfellas] were treated like "Rock Stars" while in Fiji. We had a lot of media exposure with a Press Conference at the Australian High Commission on our arrival with the Australian High Commissioner, Mr James Batley introducing the team to Fiji which was followed by interviews with Fijian TV - Radio and Newspapers throughout the tour. The boys just loved all the attention - especially from the local females even the "she-men" which was rather amusing!!!!

We have 6 of our boys from the team competing in the Australian National Boxing Titles being held in Brisbane in December [Mansfield Tavern - 7-10th December] - so training is still continuing for them and we wish them all the very best - come along and support our young boxers.

Stephen Pitt
Tyler Johns
Timacoy Williams
Cameron Hammond
Nathan Carroll
Luke Jackson

Adrian Andrews announced his retirement from boxing at the conclusion of the tour and we wish him well with his new endeavours.

A Tour Report from Syl Johns the AIABT Manager will be posted to the website [soon] which will outline the direction for the AIABT and further tours and events. I believe a tour of New Zealand is being planned next year so "WATCH THIS SPACE". A new website for AIABT is currently being developed and will let you know when this happens.

Just to conclude - I would like to thank, once again, all of you who supported this tour and our fundraising campaign whether you contributed financially or lending your support and best wishes - we thank you all very much - this tour could not have happend without this support. It is amazing what can be achieved if we all get together and work together and put culture first. I have never been so inspired than I have been during this fundraising campaign and tour. Someone told me very early in the campaign that it couldn't be done and that maybe I was aiming too high. Well for one, never tell a short little blackfella not to aim too high!!! My father told me "son, always aim for the stars - you may just hit the moon". Well guess what - I have been to the moon and back and there is absolutely NO reason why we all can't be "moonwalkers".

FINALLY - we still have some framed Lionel Rose boxing gloves for sale - great Xmas presents - get online and order now!!

One more thing

If anyone [out there in cyberland] is interested - Sammy Leone - one of our very talented boxers is looking for sponsorship. Sammy is presently preparing his portfolio & CV for presentation and has asked me to help him with his quest to secure a sponsorship. Sammy has just spent the last month at the AIS [straight from the tour] training his little black butt off - sacrificing his wife and family to further develop his skills whilst also completing a TAFE Certificate - if anyone is interested you can please contact me for further details. If anyone deserves this - it is Sammy.

Thank you
Michael Connolly
Munda-gutta - Kullawari

Cultural Ambassador AIABT 2007 Fundraising Campaign Manager

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News from the start of the campaign


I am the Cultural Ambassador for the Australian Indigenous Boxing Team and we are desperately trying to raise enough funds so these boys can participate in an International Cultural Exchange tournament with Fiji in October.  Unfortunately the problem we face is that there is absolutely no support anywhere for National Indigenous Sporting teams.  The Australian Sporting Commission only looks at "developmental" support - if you are a National Team then you are not developmental  - so consequently no funding ALSO the Australian Sports Commission has advised that their funding guidelines, as set by the Dept. Communications Information Technology and the Arts, do not allow them to support Indigenous only teams or events SO WHAT CHANCE DO WE HAVE???? Plus having an amateur status you need a world ranking to get any Govt sponsorship.  We need to raise approx $40,000 by 1st October or our boys miss out.


My idea is to ask 40,000 people for $1.00 each to support the team and we will have our funding - how hard can that be?   We represent 2% of the Australian population which equates to approximately 500,000 Aboriginal & TSI People which is $500,000 so surely we can make our target of $40,000 +.  This opportunity will give them the confidence and experience to be a real contender for the Olympic Team - this will be the stepping stone to the World stage.  Already we have 5 boxers awarded NTID scholarships and currently training at the AIS


Many of these boys have given up drinking - given up smoking - given up taking drugs and committed themselves 100% to being a better person and have become truly great role models for the younger and upcoming players - nearly all of them now have jobs and working real hard both in the work force and in the ring and they have given me a pledge to keep on fighting and I have given them my pledge to do all I can to be able to get them to Fiji - to participate in an International Tournament - a valuable preliminary tournament to the Australian Olympic Boxing trials and believe me - these boys are ready for that Olympic ring.


All I am asking is the opportunity for our story to get some media attention so we can more attention to the fundraising and possible sponsorships/contributions.  This is an Australian Indigenous Team with young indigenous boys from all over Australia so that.

Please can you run our story.


We need to have raised the money by 1st October to be able to confirm our participation - the biggest expense is the airfares to Fiji for 20 [13 boxers and 7 officials]. Can you please ring me for an interview or contact Syl Johns [AIABT Manager 0409091941].


This team is fully sanctioned by Boxing Australia.
Many thanks
Michael Connolly
Cultural Ambassador - AIABT 2007
Fundraising Campaign Manager
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Aussie boxers raring to go - The Fiji Times


Michael Connelly



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